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Channel Letters

Channel Letters

Maximize your brand’s exposure with stunning channel letter signs.

    • Long-lasting, rust-proof aluminum returns
    • Vibrant & durable acrylic face plates
    • Professional Installation Services


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Channel Letters

Channel letters are the professional choice for high-impact outdoor signage. They’re clearly visible 24 hours a day and guaranteed to draw people’s attention. Not every channel letter is the same, many use neon tubes as the light source while more modern units have moved on to LED. The four basic types of channel letter signs are front lit letters (the most common option), reverse lit letters, front and backlit letters, and open face letters. Whether you run a retail outlet, restaurant, gas station, hotel, spa, or any business really – channel letters will draw the attention you need.



Why do I need these?

All channel letter signage consists of an internal channel (hence the name) that houses the light fixture. The walls that make up the sides of the channel are called the return. The difference in the four types of channel letters is how they’re lit and how the channel is covered.


Front lit channel letters have their light source facing forward and covered by a faceplate.


Reverse lit channel letters are the opposite, with the light pointing backward.
High-quality reverse lit channel letters will also have a faceplate covering the illumination source.


Front and backlit channel letters or front and reverse lit are exactly what they sound like.
They use a combination of light sources to produce truly stunning displays.


Open face channel letters are becoming less and less common because they tend not to last as long as their covered counterparts. Like the name suggests, these letters have an open face or in other words, they’re lacking the faceplate that covers the illumination source. Because they lack a face plate, virtually all open-face channel letters use neon illumination.


There are two common methods for installing channel letters, individual and raceway. Like it sounds, individual installation means you install each letter one at a time. It’s not the most convenient method, but sometimes it’s the only way. Raceway installation is just a fancy term for using a cabinet to mount your channel letter signs. The use of a raceway cabinet makes mounting the letters much more convenient.


Why Non-Stop Signs?

So, now that you know all about channel letters, why should you choose Non-Stop Signs to make yours?
We’re certainly not the only place that provides them.


We use only the highest quality, lightweight, rustproof aluminum to make our returns and durable, yet vibrant acrylic for our faceplates. We can produce channel lettering in any shape, size, or color, and install them ourselves. All of our channel letters use LED illumination to ensure a low energy bill, long lifespan, and maximum return on investment. But most importantly, we take pride in our work.


Non Stop Signs consists of a team of printing, signage, and graphic design experts who treat every project they work on like it was going to their own front door.  Now, are you ready to see what a Non-Stop Channel Letter Sign can do for your business? Then call us at 1.800.205.9005

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