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Dimensional Letters



Order dimensional letters custom-made for your business.

    • Easy DIY installation template for quick setup
    • A number of material choices for every need
    • Next day turnaround for custom cut lettering

Size (H x W):



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Dimensional Logo Signage Rush Shipping Available

Dimensional Letters & Logos

  • Backlit Dimesional Logo
    Back-Lit Aluminum dimensional Logo
  • (Video) Metal Finish Options
    Watch this video for more information on finish options
  • Simple 3 Step Installation
    1. Remove Adhesive Tabs
    2. Place on Wall
    3. Remove Template
  • Dimensional
    Brushed Silver Sign
    Conference room dimensional sign for Automotive Distributor
  • Aluminum Dimensional Sign
    Remax Real Estate office reception Dimesional sign in Miami, Florida
  • Full Color Acrylic Dimensional Sign
    Insurance office reception dimensional sign in Los Angeles, California.
  • Custom dimensional letters are one of the most used forms of advertising. These can be made out of a metal, plastic, foam , pvc , acylic and much more. We can provided you with the dimensional letters you want .
    Aluminum Dimensional Lettering
    Break room Dimensional sign for a technology company in San Diego, California
  • Brushed Gold Dimensional Lobby Sign
    Waiting room Dimensional sign for pet hospital in San Francisco, California


About Dimensional Letters

Your company name is an essential part of your brand. Custom dimensional letters &  lettering give you a professional, graphic edge on your competitors. Let us help you look good. There are multiple different materials and uses for dimensional lettering in your office or workspace. When designed and produced properly Dimensional signs add a level of professionalism to your office that few other signs can offer. The quality and look that you get from a well crafted dimensional letter sign is like none other, getting creative with the use of multiple materials and colors will stand out and catch the eye of your new or existing customer base.


We manufacture all of our dimensional letters using the highest in flatbed printer technology and CNC routers available. What does that mean? We can print directly onto any flat material– including metal– and cut the material to any shape. This ensures that you have clean, professional lettering every time. Whether you’d like solid red block letters or white script lettering with a metallic border, we can print and cut your dimensional letters for you. We carry four different substrates in-house for your immediate use:


Dimensional Letters & Materials Available

  • Foam Core

    This is your cost-effective option and the least durable material we offer. Perfect for temporary indoor dimensional letter signage or mounting onto another substrate.

  • Gatorboard

    A lightweight material with a hard plastic veneer that is resistant to warping and crushing. Because of its weight, gatorboard is perfect for dimensional letter signage that requires frequent handling (such as trade show lettering), or very large letters. Best for indoor use.

  • Dibond

    This material gives your dimensional letters an architectural or industrial look. Dibond has a metal facade that comes in brushed gold, bronze, copper or brushed aluminum finishes. Best for indoor application, but can also be mounted outdoors.

  • Acrylic

    Acrylic has a glossy, glass-like look to it, giving your dimensional letters a clean, sophisticated and modern look. This is the most expensive option, but it is also the most durable and best-looking one. Acrylic dimensional letters are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.


Uses for Dimensional Letter Signage

While the most common use of Dimensional Letters is for entryways and other main business signage, they provide a stunning alternative to virtually all of your signage needs. Dimensional letters can be used for your Accessibility signs, to label specific areas like your reception desk or to promote your product or service. The versatility of Dimensional Letters makes them a perfect choice for virtually all of your permanent signage needs. They can be used for temporary and portable displays, but it’s recommended you have a portable mount to attach them to.



Our top-of-the-line digital printers can handle a wide variety of substrates with varying thicknesses. We print directly onto most materials with long-lasting, environmentally friendly UV ink. UV ink is the best choice for large-scale printing because it dries immediately and emits absolutely no toxic fumes. We can print images up to 1440 DPI resolution and always print in full color. What this means is that you’ll never be forced to simplify your image to save money. We also offer vinyl mounting when direct printing just won’t do the trick. When your image is printed, have it laminated with a matte or gloss finish for maximum visual appeal.



Shapes & Sizes

The default sheet size of our dimensional letter materials is 8’ by 4’, but our precision die-cutters can produce 3D Dimensional Lettering of literally any shape and size.  When designing your sign, it’s important to consider how it will be mounted so you can incorporate the mounting hardware into your design. Thankfully, our talented design team is available to walk you through the entire process.


To ensure you get the longest lifespan from your Dimensional Letter Signage, be sure to clean them regularly. For raw metal signage we recommend using warm soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth to clean your sign. Please avoid using harsh chemical cleaners as they may degrade the quality of your material. For printed metal signage use a very fine cloth and warm water, rub gently to remove any dust or stains but be sure not to apply to much pressure as to not scratch the printed surface. We recommend to never try and clean a foam dimensional sign with any liquid, If you must clean it be very precise and be sure not to remove the paper surface. With proper care, your sign should last a minimum of five years.


Dimensional Letter Installation Options

For smaller projects, we package dimensional letters in a foam core template for easy DIY installation. When you receive dimensional letters from us they are pre-loaded with an installation template. Firmly place the template on the wall. Press on each letter to make sure it is attached to the wall and gently remove the outer template. If you are unsure or need help during the installation process, call one of our friendly staff.

For larger projects, we would love to install your dimensional lettering for you. Call us at 619.297.7446 for more information. Also Note: If there are specific materials you’d like to work with that you do not see listed on our site, please give us a call at 619.297.7446 to hear a list of materials we can custom order for your project.



Dimensional Lettering FAQ’s

  • Can I use a custom font for my dimensional sign?
    •  Absolutely, our talented design team can help you produce completely unique Dimensional Letters.

  • Do you offer color matching?
    • Our talented design team and high-quality printers can perfectly match any color for an additional fee.

  • Can you use custom artwork?
    • The design options for Dimensional Letters are quite literally limitless. We can produce any size, shape and color.

  • Will it cost more to print complex images?
    • We charge based on size, type and quantity of material used, so you’ll never be forced to simplify your image to save money.

  • How long will my sign last?
    • Outdoors you (metal) sign should last a minimum of five years. When installed indoors and cared for regularly, the lifespan is almost indefinite.

  • What is the turnaround time for your 3D Dimensional Lettering?
    • We generally ship our orders 3-5 business days after the final design is approved for production. If you’re in a pinch we also offer same day and next day rush printing services. 

  • Can I install the same Dimensional Letter sign both inside and outside of my building?
    • Our custom (Metal) Dimensional Letters are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

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