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Barbershop Signs| stereotypical barbershop signs

A barbershop is a special place. It’s a haven for getting your haircut and having a casual chat with your barber and the regulars that happen to be in that day. The stereotypical barbershop signs that we envision when we talk about barbers is that barber pole sign. The barbershop spinning sign signifies a friendly spot where you can get a shave and/or your haircut. You can go back to your childhood to encapsulate precisely how those vintage barbershop shop items made you feel. So, it makes sense that you are here, on the hunt for some old barbershop items. You can create a custom vintage barbershop sign to match your vintage barbershop memorabilia.

Barber Pole Sign

Sadly, the barber pole sign seems to be fading into the past. It’s a vintage symbol that modern barbers have let go of. However, the barber pole sign comes with an unusual and unusual history that makes us want to bring it back to popularity! To you, it may be the universal symbol of a haircut and a close shave. Every main street across small-town America had a barber shop with a pole sign. It was sandwiched in between the local diner, the pharmacy, supermarket, and the shoe store. The traditional barbershop, along with its barber pole sign became a nostalgic symbol of small-town America.

Once upon a time, though, barbers practiced medicine. They weren’t academic surgeons, but the barbershop was where people turned up for or a bloodletting, tooth extraction, and other non-emergency medical problems. The barber would wrap up the patient, and wash and hang the bloody rags out to dry. As they dried, they would flap in the wind and wrap themselves around the pole located outside the shop. So, when someone was in need of a barber-surgeon, they would keep their eyes peeled for the bloody bandage wrapped barber pole sign. Of course, while you were there, you could also have that cut and shave.

That led to a forward-thinking genius (somewhere around the 1500s) to paint a pole with the white and red stripes of the typical barber pole sign. This allowed barbers to advertise their services regularly, not just after they have treated some bloody illness. So, the next time you see a barber pole sign or neon barbershop signs, you can share the crazy beginnings of the barber pole sign.

Barber Signs and Graphics

So, now barber pole signs are just as rare as traditional barbershops themselves. The majority of customers are going to professional stylists and having elegant styles. Thus, the barbers that are still in existence need to up their game with their barber signs and graphics. Your barbershop may have a group of loyal customers, but how can you spread the word with others and gain new customers? Barber signs and graphics, of course! You can shop barbershop decor and create a unique aesthetic to rival the look of old-school African barbershop signs.

It’s easy to forget that barbers hold a specific set of unique skills. Some state laws require barbers to hold a license for straight-edge shaves. In many states, there is legislation requiring barbers to display the barber pole sign vintage style of years gone by. So, while the traditional pole may be increasingly rare, there are still states holding onto their presence. It’s more of a nod to the past than an active sign. However, personalized barber shop signs can fix above the pole. Or, you can mount an antique barbershop sign flat against the wall. For a more modern look, you can order a neon barber shop signs.

Neon Tube Signs For Barbershops

While we highly recommend that you opt for the vintage barber pole, you will also need additional signage to display the name of your business, as well as opening times, deals, and more. Your customers will be glad you aren’t hiding leeches out back to treat their illness, but you can still enjoy the use of vintage barbershop memorabilia. Neon tube signs are a great way to personalize your business and stand out from the other stylists on the block. You’re already running a rare operation, why not celebrate it with a unique option like neon tube signs.

Barbershop Sign

Use your barbershop sign to advertise, let customers know you take walk-ins, whether you require an appointment, what deals you offer. You can completely customize your signs, whether it’s neon barber shop signs or vinyl lettering for your window. What other barbershop sign options do we offer?

  • Banners
  • Vinyl lettering
  • Vinyl Decals
  • Brushed aluminum
  • Window Clings
  • Shop fascias
  • Reflective aluminum
  • Sidewalk signage
  • Window graphics
  • Backlit letters
  • Digital signage
  • Health and safety signs
  • Card payment signage
  • A-frames
  • Opening times signage
  • Vehicle signage

You need to choose a selection of vintage barbershop signs to customize and let us know what else you might need. If you need more help with promoting your business, we can help you create flyers, brochures, business cards, stickers, and more.

Barber Signs Designs

We offer a range of templates to choose from when you create your barber signs designs. You can stick with the classic neon barber shop signs that highlight you are an operating barber shop. Or, you can customize your neon tube signs to highlight the name of your business. It doesn’t matter what type of barber signs designs you opt for, but you should be consistent in your use of signage. Consistency is vital in every aspect of your business, but especially in your signage solutions. So, stick to your color scheme, use the same font types in all of your signage. When you create a new piece of signage, look at your existing signage and make decisions based on that. If you want to create a brand new theme, then you will likely need to replace all of your barbershop signs.

Vintage Barbershop Signs

Once you have an antique barbershop sign, you can begin the search for antique barber tools for sale. You can use vintage barbershop memorabilia to set the tone for your business and finish the look with your barbershop spinning sign. You can keep the look vintage or incorporate certain vintage pieces and create an overall modern style with a nod to the old-school. Today’s generation does not know the wonder of the old-school barbershop, but you can bring back those feelings by incorporating some seriously cool vintage barbershop signs.

Clever marketing can boost your business, and it’s something that Millennials, in particular, respond well, too. That’s the crowd you want to attract because it’s them and their children that will sustain your business in the long run. So, be creative with your barber signs designs. Settle on your identity and use your barbershop signs to enforce it.

Barber Shop Sign Ideas

Do you need barber shop sign ideas? Take a look at our templates and customize the ones that resonate the most with you. Of course, if you have a fresh design idea, we can run with that, too. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer an antique, vintage or modern look. We can create barber signs and graphics that will help you stand out from the competition. You can use an image of a bearded man with a slick haircut to create your vintage barbershop signs. Or, you can create catchy phrases, slogans, or taglines to include on your barber shop signs printing.

So, embrace the barbershop spinning sign to let passersby know what you do. Use neon barber shop signs to let people know you’re open, the name of your business or just for a cool decorative piece. Consider incorporating vintage barbershop signs to create an antique aesthetic. Or, opt for floor decals to create a retro space. You may also want to use wall decals or murals as a way to decorate. That is ideal if you rent your space or want to avoid damaging the walls. Once you remove a mural, you may need a fresh coat of paint. However, they do not damage walls.

Barber Shop Signs Printing

It doesn’t matter what type of barbershop signs printing that you need, we can handle it. If you want to discuss barber shop price signs or order vintage barbershop signs that will complement other vintage barbershop items in your shop, we can help you with that, too. You can contact us to discuss your barbershop sign needs.