Adhesive Vinyl Letters at Urban School

Adhesive Vinyl Letters at Urban School

Adhesive Vinyl Letters in San Fransisco

We talk a whole lot about how vital signs, stickers, and labeling are for businesses. It isn’t just a business that can use these solutions, though. Sometimes it’s an educational institution that needs signage. Whether it’s to decorate blank wall space in the hallways or brag about the school teams, increase school spirit or get yourself noticed. Flags and banners are an instrumental part of the school experience. Just as big signs with game scores and upcoming events are. We can do all of that for you. There is a wide range of options available, from directional signs to monument signs. However, one of the most popular choices for use in school sports arenas is adhesive vinyl letters!

Urban School, San Francisco

adhesive vinyl letters

Something that we pride ourselves on is our ability to guide our customers to purchase the perfect product for their purpose. One of those clients was the Urban School of San Francisco. The Bay Area institution came to us in need of a signage solution for the school gym. While dimensional letters would have been a beautiful choice, they would have quickly and quickly damaged by stray balls. Vinyl lettering, of course, was a much more appropriate option.

Why Balls can’t damage it, and they look outstanding, too. Dimensional letters and adhesive vinyl letters are great for branding purposes and even for use in lobbies and reception areas. However, you wouldn’t want to install them where they are at risk of getting hit. They might be durable, but not many signs could put up with that kind of treatment.

The Beauty Of Adhesive Vinyl Letters

Urban School adhesive vinyl lettering

Of course, that’s the beauty of vinyl lettering. It is applied directly to the wall and is suitable with most smooth surfaces. If you don’t have a flat surface, get in touch with us directly to discuss other options. The Urban School started back in 1966, and in 2015 they expanded to add an academic & athletic center right across the street from the main building.

You may be familiar with the Haight Asbury; it’s a historic district that attracts tourists from all over the world. The school’s Mark Salkind Center opened in late 2016, with new classrooms, study areas, offices, and a new gym. (Mark Salkind is the Urban School of San Francisco’s Head of School).

This is where we come on! We had the joy of creating their Whose House? Blues House? sign for the gym wall. The signage also included the logo of the school. Imagine just how amazing players and guests feel when they walk onto the court and see such a motivational slogan on the wall? It would prepare anyone for a battle royale. Plus, it just looks great.

Nonstop Adhesive Vinyl Letters

If you’re interested in installing a stunning sign that you don’t need to worry about damage. Then you may want to consider adhesive vinyl letters. Also, they are the perfect signage solution for schools, universities, sports arenas, and even nurseries. You can stick with the name of the school, or you can also think outside the box and create a cool slogan, a motivational quote or something inspirational. There are plenty of options and nothing is stopping you from doing all of those things!

It might just be your bedroom, office or garage! That’s cool, too. We can create whatever you want. However, you want it, and in no time at all. Adhesive wall art is growing in popularity because it removes without leaving damage to the paint beneath it.

Vinyl Floor Signs

So, it makes sense that renters are turning to this type of art. More and more landlords are banning tenants from putting holes in the walls. So, adhesive vinyl is the perfect compromise to get what you want, without risking damage. Yes, it’s possible to create an elaborate mural using adhesive vinyl. So, if you’re an artist or just an art lover, you can design something extraordinary to decorate that massive, blank wall. Also, it’s an ideal way to decorate a new baby’s room.

There is more than just adhesive vinyl letters to choose from while looking for ways to display your logo. You may be interested in a vinyl logo as well. Or, perhaps adhesive vinyl floor signs. You see these in supermarkets and other retail stores. However, they can also work in school hallways. They’re an excellent way to increase school spirit by having the school name and logo emblazoned on the main walkway, inside or out. It doesn’t matter what you plan to use them for; vinyl adhesive signage solutions are an affordable product that offers durability and a great finish.


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