The Ultimate Guide to Adobe Creative Suite 2019

Learn everything about Adobe Creative Products and why you should use them.

Guide on Adobe Creative Suite
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➜ What is Adobe Creative Suite?

Adobe Creative Suite (CS) is a software suite of graphic design, video editing, and web development applications developed by Adobe Systems. Each edition consisted of several Adobe applications, e.g., Photoshop, Acrobat, Premiere Pro or After Effects, InDesign, and Illustrator that are the industry standard applications for many graphic design positions.

Of the many professions that each and every industry domains require, having a creative artist who can work on the graphics, various images, videos, and the host of other marketing and promotional materials is a mandate.

As with the changing dynamics of the market and the ever growing competition, the brands have to go all out and about to promote their offerings of products and services.

And as we are discussing designing and all the related creative aspects, how can we not talk and discuss the glorious and very famous Adobe Suite that offers an array of software programs and applications that have been the best friends of all the creative professionals.

List and in-depth explanation of Adobe Software Programs

1. Adobe InDesign

Adobe Indesign CC

Adobe InDesign works wonders on the creative front as it helps in curating the page layouts for newspaper advertisements, magazine ads, and periodicals amongst other artworks required for the product promotion.

It works on an added advantage of letting the user preview the design before the final submission or printing plus the designs can be produced for the printable versions as well as for the digital mediums as well being compatible with the devices such as tablets, mobile phones, smart televisions, and desktops amongst others.

Its features such as amalgamating various layouts in one frame, the latest HTML version for publishing purposes on the web, and the impeccable play of fonts and color schemes make it a favorite one of the creative professionals over the Photoshop software.

2. Adobe Illustrator:

Adobe Illustrator CC

Many of the companies and the brands require the artists to work on the vector arts and there is no better tool than the Adobe Illustrator.

It is known as the Photoshop of the vector images and can be run on an independent level resulting in the final version of the artworks that are truly amazing.

The main attribute of vector images is that they don’t require much of the detailed strokes and carvings plus they can be resized to any required size without any loss of the image quality.

Another plus point that the software has that the vector image can be easily converted into a raster file but it is a one-way transfer and designers need to be careful with the same.

The vector image comprises of fine lines, curves, and geometric data plus there is no restriction on the size of the artwork as compared to the raster images as they are composed on the individual pixels.

3. Adobe Bridge:

To be very simple and precise, Adobe Bridge is not a designing by your favorite software brand, but it is the one to manage and organize your images and artworks in the most precise manner.

I feel, the program has been specially designed by Adobe with a thorough understanding that images and artworks are one of the biggest assets of the designers and creative professionals and many a time we have hunt down the artwork that was curated years back and Bridge is the perfect tool for the same.

The program works as a handy assistant of the professionals having features such as batching, filing, and renaming the files in an organized manner.

4. Adobe Dreamweaver:

Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Also known as the graphical adaptation of Notepad++, Adobe Dreamweaver has one of the best features of showcasing the rough preview of your code displaying its actual output with the added advantage of using this feature at the same time of using the program for your work.

It is an actual coding program for the computer software geeks and apart from the same, it doesn’t have much of the features but it integrated quite well with the other software programs of Adobe in a seamless manner.

5. Adobe Fireworks

Adobe Fireworks CC

Replicating the success and the creative glory of Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks is the best friend of the professionals who work on web and mobile applications that demand to work on heavy interactive graphics, wireframes, and object behaviors.

The program is more used by developers rather than creative artists but it does work on the vector graphics and some marginal amount on bitmap editing work.

It works wonders in curating websites, interactive mobile and web applications, user experience interfaces, and more working as a mandate for including the program in the Adobe Suite package.

6. Adobe Prelude

Adobe Prelude CC

Adobe Prelude is primarily a video clipping and editing software program and is used for screening clips from a long video, organizing them in an efficient manner, cutting and editing the video before the final and advanced processing of the same, and saves a lot of time and resources of the video making professionals.

It can also help you to hunt down a specific scene from a long video plus can also log, tag, and transcode. But do keep in mind that the tool is not for heavy editing.

7. Adobe After Effects:

Adobe After Effects CC

If you are a professional working since the early years of the ’90s, you will know and understand that Adobe After Effects has been one of the best and leading tools in the industry of video compositing.

Right from adding attractive visual effects, animations, complex texts, complex characters, adding clips, and overlaying green screens; there is hardly any stuff on the video making stuff that this yet another gem by Adobe cannot do and achieve.

It has some of the most amazing and useful attributes such as Rotobrush that helps you to automatically paint any character out of the background within the play of few minutes saving a lot of your time and resources along with hard work and efforts.

It is indeed a smart work tool but with more software’s coming into the market such as Flame and Smoke Advanced, it has taken a sort of backseat in the creative industry but it is much more affordable than the new ones on the block.

8. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro is yet another program specially designed for the video professionals and its main tasks is to edit and cut the required videos and transfer them to the desired location in the system and format in an easy and seamless manner.

It has an amazing and lucrative project panel that helps you to grab the individual clips, adding them together, and creating a fully fledged movie.

Plus its attributes such as adding titles, correcting the colors wherever required, and accelerating the overall process makes it one of the most desired video tools in the industry.

9. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop CC

Does this infamous software by Adobe need any sort of introduction?

The more we say, the less it is as it has been one of the handiest and favorite tools of the graphic designers all over the globe.

Right from manipulating with the images creating a lot of meme’s and other creative images, giving detailed compositions to the images, image touch-ups, 3D designs, garnishing the images with all the required drama to also creating artworks to a certain level; the program has literally been a boon to the creative industry for the host professionals such as graphic designers, photographers, DTP artists, fashion designers, and more.

Read this post to get 27 free Photoshop brushes.

10. Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash Player

Heads up to all you new to the field of video creativity and software required for the same? Whenever you play wish to play videos on YouTube on your new computer system or tablet, it gives the notification to install Adobe Flash.

I guess, that pretty much sums up the strength and popularity of Adobe Flash.

And all those funny and interactive videos that are high on animations that we enjoy on Facebook and other gaming and social networking sites are created in Flash. It is default player for YouTube plus is used to create various videos and movies by the creative professionals all across the globe.

11. Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is actually an audio program and is used with the prime purpose of editing audio files, mixing sounds and fine-tuning and re-mastering varied types of soundtracks.

It was used by the radio stations with an intention of cutting the soundtracks and adding sound effects.

12. Adobe Speed Grade

Adobe Speed Grade CC

Adding the edge and required the amount of depth, emotion, grading, and character to the videos and pictures is one of the mandates of the creative industry and here is when Adobe Speed Grade comes into the picture.

13. Adobe Encore

Coming as an integral part of Adobe Premier Package, Adobe Encore is the authoring package for the professional producers in the industry and has the attributes of DVD and Blu- ray Disc.

It can produce videos in multiple formats, create DVD menus, and edit them using Photoshop.

14. Adobe Flash Builder

Wish to elevate the efficiency and the overall effect of mobile and desktop applications with the development software environment that is top notch in nature? Adobe Flash Builder is your answer, my friend.

The program is used for rich internet based applications across an array of platforms.

15. Adobe Acrobat X Pro

Adobe Acrobat X is one of the best and finest programs for creating heavy PDF files with the ability to set background, foreground, individualize and resize the pages as per the need and creative requirement.

It also has the attribute to add interactive videos and audio notes in the PDF documents.

16. Adobe Media Encoder

Adobe Media Encoder is the program that allows you to save your created media for almost any of the system screen or device supporting several formats such as FLV, F4vV, and H.264.

When should I use Adobe Photoshop?


As mentioned earlier in the article, the software program Adobe Photoshop literally needs no introduction and whenever we think of playing up with the images and pictures in the most creative and magnificent manner, Photoshop is the answer to all the queries and even tough questions.

And let’s accept the matter of the fact that, the software is in the system of each and every creative artist and is used on an almost daily basis.

Adobe Photoshop graphic designing tool
  • Right from editing, color correction, re-touching, playing with the fonts, giving the light effects to the host of other elements that the tools of the software have; it holds quite an important place in the life of a graphic designer and creative artists.
  • Want to retouch the images or need to color correct the sky from blue to pink or any other surreal color? There is no better tool that Photoshop my friend. Just go ahead, download and let the creative juices flow.
  • You have a client that is quite finicky about the artworks and demands a lot of changes and amendments as per his whims and fancies, what to do then? Photoshop is one of the finest tools to even make a line, shadow, texture, and a design pattern in its prim and proper place making you win the trust of your tough nut client.
  • Considering the era of digital marketing and social media, Photoshop comes quite handy and useful in creating digital banners for Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms. The size result is correct plus you can optimize the same for various devices and platforms.
  • Before working on the properly coded website for your client, it is always advisable to submit the framework of the website with all the tabs and sections along with the design theme and elements that go with the brand. And to create the same, Photoshop is quite renowned in the creative industry. It can be concluded that Photoshop software is the first stop of all the creative artists and designers before moving ahead to other applications and software.
  • Photoshop also has a unique feature to add text, filters, graphics, and animation to a video making it even more attractive and enigmatic in nature. The more we say and discuss the wonders of Photoshop, the less it is.

Use a different app when:

  • With the boons of Photoshop, there are some of the downsides to the same such as you really can design a fully fledged and a resizable brand logo or a printable artwork for your high-end client. It will be pixelated and make it look blurry and low on the parameters of quality. Here, Illustrator comes into the picture.
  • At quite many occasions on the creative front, huge scale banners, hoardings, and print ads require a lot of play of fonts and typeface such as headlines with sub headings, and other such aspects especially when the entire design artwork is typo based in nature. In such cases, give a backseat to Photoshop and use Illustrator or InDesign software.

When to use Illustrator?

After the glorious Photoshop, another tool from the Adobe’s package that is the most lucrative and useful in nature and is one of the best friend’s of the creative artists and graphic designer is the Adobe Illustrator.

Illustration created using Adobe Illustrator

Its work is sheer magic, my dear friend, right from curating amazing logos, working on the designs required for billboards, hoardings, banner ads, print and magazine advertisements, business cards to even the tiniest of the thumbnails; you can create it all under the sun in the most efficient and marvelous manner.

And did we mention product brochures, leaflets, 2 and 4 pagers, and the coffee table books? You can be innovative, outlandish, and amazingly creative with the Adobe Illustrator.

Illustrator is quite a very powerful tool but it does come with its own set of limitations that need to be taken into due consideration.

Use Illustrator when:

Logo created in Illustrator
  • To be honest, where Photoshop fails, Illustrator comes as a savage. If you want to create brand logos, mascots, animated graphics, and all the other creative artworks mentioned in the above paragraph, Illustrator is the best tool. You can scale and size the artworks in varied sizes for the various marketing and promotional mediums.
  • Many a time we need artworks in a single print piece rather than distorted in various pieces, and in such cases as well, Illustrator makes you ace up your creative and makes you win all the acclamation and accolades from your boss and client alike.
  • Logos can aptly be type set with its powerful and incredible features. Text can be edited in any font, altered, and stretched in any form and size.

Use a different app when:

  • Let us mind you of one important thing that also works as one of the major distinguishing factors between Illustrator and Photoshop. You just cannot edit images in the Illustrator such as color correction, adjusting brightness, contrast, and more such elements. In such cases, Photoshop is the best tool.
  • Illustrator is the best tool by Adobe to create single page artworks such as print ads, hoardings, and more. But if you want to curate a multi page document such as a brochure taking care of the aspects such as numbering, master templates, and more, InDesign has better functionality and features for the same.

When should I use InDesign?

Let’s all agree to the fact that Adobe has created lot many gems for all the creative and designer artists all over the world and InDesign is yet another masterpiece from the brand that helps us to carve and curate another masterpieces such as books, novels, brochures, coffee table books, newspaper ads, flyers, and more.

Yes, Illustrator also has all the features and qualities to create all of these artworks, but InDesign is a notch higher. Its features such as automatic numbering, renumbering of the pages, duplication, and adjusting text styles, margins, columns, and more makes it more ideal and desirable in the overall creative approach.

InDesign was actually built and designed with some of the very specific uses in mind for the users.

Use InDesign when:

InDesign CC
  • If your artwork is text heavy plus have quite a number of pages in its layout and it requires publishing on both the mediums namely print and digital space, we always recommend you to use InDesign.
  • The intricate carving, detailing, and finesse that is attained using the software is unmatched and unparalleled as compared to Illustrator by Adobe and software by other brands.

Use a different app when…

  • For all the smaller jobs such as designing business cards, flyers, and one pager artworks, use Illustrator. Keep this gem from Adobe for heavy artworks and designs that require a lot of detailing and attention on the front of innovation and creativity.
  • Just like Illustrator, you cannot edit the images as it has limited scope and abilities for the same. Photoshop is your go to tool for the same.
  • Keep this point in mind that InDesign cannot design creative logos as it has the limited number of shapes and other required elements. Go for Illustrator for the brand or product logo jobs.

Not many of us know that Adobe has so many software applications as the widely used ones are Photoshop and Illustrator. InDesign has slowly and gradually carved its place in the minds of creative artists such as graphic designers, art directors, photographers, 3D designers, and others.

Even brands and their marketers are quite aware of the latest offerings to the creative world and insist on designing on some of the creative artworks in specific software’s to attain that required quality and class of the final product.

Hence, it is quite necessary for the artists and designers to appraise them with the latest and modern technologies and advancements in order to stay relevant in their respective domains and fields.

And through the above discussion, it can be concluded that Adobe has magic wands for one and all through its variety of software applications.


Of all Adobe’s tools that are available in its package, Illustrator is one of the most sought after and is discussed most often, and for a very good reason.

Indisputably it is the industry standard tool for vector drawings and illustration and it is used by a wide variety of creative professionals such as brand identity designers, textile designers, graphic designers, art directors, and other professionals.

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