11 Advertisement Design Tips that Turn Heads (2019 Update)

11 Advertisement Design Tips
The stream of Advertising always has its platter full of creativity, novelty, and innovation. As long as there are varieties of products being launched in the market, there will be a host of advertising ideas and platforms to promote them to the target market. With the changing times and technologies, even the field of advertising has been reinventing its wheel in the most innovative and enigmatic ways. Rather than following the traditional routes that have been run of a mill now, marketers are now adopting various ways and means such as teaser campaigns, direct reveal, beating around the bush, and open-ended advertisements amongst others; leaving much more to the imagination of their audiences. And the main reason behind the same is that the market is quite cluttered nowadays with the growing competition, and customers have scaled up their expectations from their favorite brands putting a lot of onus and pressure on the brand. So, the question arises, how do we meet these growing expectations….? We have curated some amazing tips and tricks that are mentioned below herewith, that will help you craft some awesome advertisement campaigns.  

1. Keep It Sharp and Simple

When there are a lot of elements and definitions in an advertisement, the audience tends to get confused as what the brand is actually trying to the display, convey, and sell eventually. Understand the power of minimalism and the theory of less is always more. Extravagant colors, too much of text, and, an array of design elements takes away from the actual selling proposition. Always keep your product, offer, and the selling proposition as the main HERO. And keep it crisp, simple, and classy to the core through the minimalistic manner as you have just a few minutes or maybe a fraction of seconds to get registered in the minds of your audience. Take an instance of the latest advertisements of Apple I-Phones, there are actual images shot from the phone on the hoardings and signages with the name of the person and his country of origin who has clicked the same. It is such as the strong way to promote the camera and picture quality of the phone.

2. Always Include a Call to Action

Your design strategy has been placed, the creative output has been just amazing and lauded by one and all in the company, the parameters of the corporate guidelines have been fulfilled, color and font check is done by getting the test prints; but you have forgotten the main functional attribute of your advertisement- CALL TO ACTION. And if this is forgotten or bleak in nature; all your hard work goes for a toss. How will your audience get in touch with you and why will they get in touch with you…? Imbibe a pull factor in your advertisement with the strong and glaring statements such as LIMITED PERIOD OFFER, BUY NOW OR REGRET LATER, HUGE DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE, and others depending on your marketing and sales strategy. Another element to keep in mind is that contact details such as address, contact numbers, social media handles, and website address should be loud, clear, and easily visible as that’s how you will be able to generate quality and potential leads. https://www.nonstopsigns.com/blog/branding-strategies/

3. Appeal to the right target audience

It is very important to plan, design, and execute your advertising campaigns keeping your actual target audience in mind rather than catering to the general public in total or being vague as marketing requires a lot of investment in terms of money, efforts, and resources. Hence, it is vital that your advertisements should be very specific to your target customers. Right from the tonality of the language, offers, visuals, imagery, colors, fonts, and even the selection of media channels has to be done accordingly. For example, the advertisement of Audi promotes the unique features and attributes of the car whilst a mid-segment car will highlight the mileage, price, and other such details of the car catering to the mid-segment audience.

4. Play with the White Space

Many of the marketers even who are quite experienced in the stream fail to understand the power of minimalism and fill their advertisement creative with so many elements and typefaces that it gives the entire artwork a lot of definitions and the overall message and the sales proposition fails to get ingrained in the mind of the potential customer. Hence, it is always advisable to keep a breathing space in the entire creative so that your main selling proposition and your offering gets highlighted in the most magnanimous and beautiful manner. Read this post to learn how to design a brochure. Take a cue from the advertisements of BMW and Mercedes; they use the open and breathing space not as a design feature but for the functional reasons so that their main product and proposition gets highlighted in the best possible and creative way.

5. Play with your brand colors and palette

When the brand is able to carve a niche for itself in the market through its advertisements and other creative’s, it gets recognizable through its color shades, typeface, imagery, and the various design elements. Of all of them, it is the element of color that easily gets registered in the minds of the customers and they are able to recognize the brand with the play of colors on that specific advertisement. It also works as the best recall factor that enhances your brand value in manifolds.

6. Never forget the Advertising Mandates

It is an age-old saying that God lies in the Details. Within the pressure and brouhaha of coming up with the best, finest, novel, and the most creative advertisement, many a time under pressure, we tend to overlook the mandatory details that are a must as a part of our corporate brand identity. Mandates such as the proper scale of the logo, tagline, correct imagery, corporate typeface, color shades, call to action, and designing the artwork as per the correct and actual media size; should become a natural process checklist before designing any of the advertisement creative. Even if one of the above-mentioned mandates is skipped or overlooked, it affects the brand value in a negative way.

7. Don’t shy away to Exaggerate a bit

Exaggeration is one of the most amazing and fantastic tools in advertising, but when used within a specific reason. Showcasing and implying that your product can do something unique and outlandish that it can’t is a fine line to tread, and one way to make sure that your advertisement stays funny or impactful and not misleading is to introduce a little hyperbole into your overall design.

8. Add a tinge of Surrealism

Always try to showcase that is something very close to dreamy or quite surreal in nature by manipulating with your imagery and pictures a little bit. It definitely attracts a lot of eyeballs as many people love the idea of escapism and that is the main reason sci-fi and mythological movies a big hit of late. So why not, add a tinge of surrealism to your advertisements and follow the latest trends. Check the television commercials of Apple, right from the visuals to the music and all the other elements; there is a subtle dose of surrealism and escapism in a right blend.

9. Keep Your Copy Short and Crisp

Apart from the imagery and the visuals used in the advertisement, it is the play of copy and typeface that grabs the attention of the target audience. Rather than going overboard with the copy, limit the same to just five to 10 words maximum and rest for the call to action. And those 5 to 10 words should convey your selling proposition in the most creative and catchy manner including the offer if any. Long copies and contents should be better left for blogs and social media posts that have enough shelf value. You will have to understand that your advertisements in print and television have limited shelf value so you have to be smart, crisp with your copy. This example for Land Rover uses just two strong and vital words of copy and a super strong visual to create an attention-grabbing, clever and smart advertisement. They focus on one feature of the car and put a simple amount of punchiness to the same.

10. Be Consistent

Ever heard the phrase “out of sight, out of mind”? You cannot win the trust and confidence of your target audience and get your cash registers ringing by just releasing a single ad … and being happy by enjoying the beginner’s luck. Understand this, customers get curious and excited by seeing your very first ad and will definitely inquire about the same. You have to embrace the attribute of consistency to get your brand and its offerings registered in the minds of your customers and market as a whole to gain that required momentum and potential leads.

11. Work on that one Signature Brand Element

Your brand needs to get recognized with that one specific, special, and innovative element that gets attached to your brand being an integral part. It can be the mascot, jingle, color shade, tagline, or slogan. But it is very necessary to have one within your brand architecture. Take a cue from the jingles of Intel and Britannia and Apple’s lit up logo on its laptops.  


To break the clutter, it is quite vital to be innovative, novel, edgy, and outlandish to a certain extent with the design and creative artworks. To generate potential leads and enhance your brand value in the market, keep in mind the aforementioned advertisement design tips and thank us later…!

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