Almondina Trade Show Banners

Almondina Trade Show Banners

Are you a frequent trade show visitor? Do you often pitch up at exhibitions and other events? Then, you should know just how valuable signage of all types can be. Namely, the banner! What display booth would be complete without a stunning trade show banner to highlight your business and offerings? They come in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and designs, so you can completely customize it to your needs. With banners, you can choose to be as simple or complex as you wish.

For example, you may want a giant banner to serve as the backdrop to your booth. In this case, you may want to also consider the photo opportunities of the banner. Is it something that will look great on social media, as well as in print? Will a hashtag help you get your name out there? All of these are great things to consider before you design your banner. Our client, Almondina, chose to do it right.

Sweet Almondina

If you want delicious, sweet cookies that are made from all-natural ingredients, then Almondina brand is exactly what you’ve been looking for. They expertly combine toasted almonds and raisins to create a ridiculously delicious snack. While all cookies look alike, you will soon realize that there is nothing on the market like Almondina’s cookies. Once you pop… well, you get the picture. Better yet, they’re non-dairy, Pareve, Kosher, and contain no added coloring, fats or salts. The toasting process draws out the natural almond flavor and provides it with a delightful crunch. You will find their products in every state and even internationally!

What’s the story behind the recipe? A generations-old recipe that came from Grandma Dina Zaliouk. The recipe was a secret until owner Yuval Zaliouk’s mother received it when his grandmother passed away. The man himself is a world-renowned symphony conductor and a gourmet chef. These cookies are near and dear to his heart, which is why he chose to share it with the rest of us.

For now, their original cookie is the biggest seller. However, they have added a variety of flavors to their offering. All of them are almond, but with infusions of lemon poppy, cranberry, sesame, and even coconut orange. If you can’t find them in your local grocery store, don’t panic too much! Luckily, you will be able to purchase them online.

Banners Ahoy

A quick look at the banner we produced for Almondina shows exactly what you can achieve with a humble piece of signage. Not only is their brand front and center, they included photos of their products, the website information, and their social media handles! It really doesn’t get better than that when it comes to designs. Everyone who visits their booths will know exactly where to go to learn more about the business and to order their products. Why would you spend days searching every grocery store in the area to find these delicious cookies when you could just order them online? Exactly – they’re doing you a favor!

So, what type of idea did you have in mind to design the ultimate banners? They aren’t just perfect for exhibitions and trade shows. If you’re holding a local event a banner is a great way to advertise it in the run-up to your dates. Of course, you can also use a banner at the entrance to the event. It can provide people with ticket information, as well as any other relevant informative banners you may want to share with your guests.

People Often Take Signage For Granted

But there’s more to it than meets the eye. When they are done well they fit seamlessly into the surrounding aesthetic. While they are noticeable and immediately capture people’s attention, they don’t affect the experience if they’re done right. Getting it wrong, though… well, that can lead to disaster. A poor design will only lead to confusion. Imagine designing a banner to advertise a design and leaving the dates off. Or, not including a phone number or website for people to find out more and book tickets. There are plenty of ways you can go wrong with the design of your banner.

Let us walk you through the process to ensure you include all of the relevant details. This is what we do, we’re as passionate about your business as we are about our own. We do more than banner printing, we offer a wide range of printed products. If you need branded pens, embroidered hats, t-shirts, plaques or business cards, we have you covered. We’re a one-stop shop.

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