ATA Engineering Stickers Designed For Success

ATA Engineering Stickers Designed For Success

Stickers are a powerful tool in the business world. Not only can you use them as a promotional gift to help establish your brand, but they also make a great calling card. While many clothing brands use stickers to advertise, there is a different way to proceed. For those in the trade industries and machinery businesses, a sticker can be used to remind customers whom to call when they need assistance. Of course, if you include your contact information as well as your logo and company name, you can use them as business cards. Stickers can be used as product labels, gifts, flyers, handouts, and of course, you can even sell them. They are truly a versatile promotional tool that you can design and fully customize to your exact specifications. We are happy to introduce you to one of our incredible customers and how they use their stickers.

ATA Engineering & Beyond

We worked with ATA to produce full-color stickers. They chose a white background to establish their logo and company name. How they use these stickers is to place them on equipment. Which means that any time there is an issue with the equipment, the customer will get a reminder that it was ATA who helped them. Which ensures repeat custom and provides an advertisement for any other contractors that may come through. It has a professional design, a simple sticker that speaks to strength and professionalism.

This engineering services firm runs tests on a variety of equipment. Not only do they work in with firms in the defense industry, but they also test equipment in aerospace, mining, robotics, and structures at theme parks. That’s just a small taste of what ATA Engineering do. It’s their advanced software that searches for issues in the design of these structures. When detecting a problem, they find a way to solve it. They can also help with the overall design and function of a variety of machines.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that they are the leading independent company in the United States for modal and dynamic aerospace testing. It’s even more impressive when you learn that this is a small, company-owned business. They truly are a testament to the American dream. Beyond the US, though, they have also undertaken testing in a multitude of countries. This company is one of San Diego’s fastest growing companies, so if you’re interested in learning more about ATA Engineering or, you want to obtain their services – you can find them online. They have been in business for 18 years and operate out of 7 locations with over 125 engineers.

ATA Engineering Stickers

Nonstop Signage Stickers Solutions

There are a wide variety of options when it comes to designing your stickers. It’s up to you whether you stick with a white background, opt for clear or choose a different color. You can also choose the shape. For example, if you want to create warning stickers a triangle shape is an excellent choice. It’s also possible to produce die-cut stickers, which is cut to the exact shape you want. Which means if you want a star, we will cut the actual star shape once the sticker is printable. It’s also possible to choose the appropriate finish.

Equipment As ATA Engineering

There are paper stickers which are perfect for temporary use indoors. However, you may want something sturdier if you want it to stand up to heat, wind, rain, and abrasions. It really depends on whether you plan to use your sticker as a product label, a business card or on equipment as ATA Engineering does. If you want to create stickers for use on car windows or bumpers, then you will want to consider UV rays and beyond. Don’t worry, all you need to do is get in touch with us to discuss your sticker needs.

Let us know what you have in mind and what you plan to use them for, and we can recommend the perfect size, paper stock, and finish for you. When it comes to design, it’s important to get the size right so that your message is clear. If your logo is the main attraction, make sure to choose a background color that will ensure it pops. Is it a text message you want to get across? Think about the font that will be easy to read, and what size the sticker and font should be to be visible from a distance. The best part is, we don’t expect you to place a minimum order. If you want to order a single sticker, you can! Which is a great way to explore your design options and order one of each.

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