Backdrops For Seamless Events

Backdrops For Seamless Events

In business, events are a given. It doesn’t matter what size of the company you work for, you will inevitably be invited to attend some type of conference. There are those regional meetings that everyone in the company sends a delegate to. Not to mention the national ones that are held on a larger scale. Then, there are the ones that include every business in the industry and is launched over a three-day exhibition stage. For the people who attend the meetings, it’s just another day.

Seamless Events

For the people who plan them, it’s another story. There’s a lot to think about for the event planners – one of the things they have to ensure is that the event looks great, which means ordering custom signage. One of those companies is Seamless Events, and we just happen to work with them to create that signage.

Seamless Events

Seamless Events was established in 1998. They are a creative audiovisual production company – and they strive to ensure you (and your event, of course) look amazing. It’s up to them to ensure your live event goes off without a hitch. How do they achieve that? They enlist only the best professionals in each of their technician categories. These professionals are always on top of the latest processes and available gear.

They don’t stop there, though. When professionals work with Seamless Events, they undergo extensive training in customer service – if they’re wearing one of the Seamless Event company’s shirts, then they’ve had the training. They value professionalism and knowledge. You can’t have one without the other, at least, that’s how Seamless Events operates. If you visit the website, you can use the contact form to learn more about what they can do for your next big event.

Our work with them included a sign that would fit in with the scenic element of the stage background. Much like pieces of lego, it snapped right into place amongst a stunning series of pieces. It just shows how daring you can be with signage – it isn’t just a simple board with a name and logo on it. Even if that is the sign that you create, you can still elevate it in unique and creative ways.

Backdrops & Nonstop Signs

Backdrops & Nonstop Signs

Whether you are an events company, planner or just the person in charge of organizing an event – we can help make your life easier. There is a lot to consider when you order signage. If you are welcoming people from different offices or areas, then you may want to consider creating directional signage.

The venue itself may already provide signage to point people in the right direction for parking and restrooms. However, you want to make sure your guests know exactly where they are going inside. So, consider creating a welcome sign that lets people know they’re in the right place. From there, you can direct them to the correct room.

If you have interest in multiple pieces of signage, you should ensure that your theme is consistent. So, if you decide that the colors for your signs will be black and white, carry that throughout each sign that you create. You should include the colors that connect to your business or event, though.

It’s important that you establish that and weave it throughout the event. Additionally, don’t go crazy using a variety of typefaces. If you have a set font for your company name, stick with it and use it for the headlines on all your signage. You shouldn’t use more than three fonts on one sign – it just creates confusion.

Think How Big Your Signs Are?

Just think about how big your signs should be and ask yourself whether the size, style, and color of the font will allow people to easily read your message. If not, stop right there and make some changes. What’s the point of printing signs if no one can read them? Just think about how often you walk by a business and struggle to figure out the name because they’ve chosen an odd font. Or, how often tattoos go wrong because of the choice of font and size – it’s an expensive investment that you want to get right from the start.

In addition to the typical signage, we can also produce presentation signage for you. Now, for larger venues, it’s likely a screen will be used. However, for smaller venues, you may not need to deal with technology. Instead, you can simply use foam core boards for key bullet points that correlate with your presentation. If you need any signage, we can help you – get in touch today.

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