Barhyte Specialty Foods For Tradeshows

Barhyte Specialty Foods foam core cutouts For Tradeshows

Barhyte Specialty Foods For Tradeshows

As a company that relies on getting brand attention at high traffic tradeshows, to promote products in a way that will make people remember the name, Pendleton; Oregon-based high end/gourmet condiments producer Barhyte came to us for a solution. When you are building a brand and require marketing materials that are eye-catching but stay within your brand image; there is no better way to create something unique than with our foam core products like the ones for Suzie’s Organics, by Barhyte. As a condiment supplier, what better way to show what they were selling than to use oversized high-quality printed foam core versions of their products. As a company that has multiple associated internal brands, they required a solution that stood out. Suzie’s Organics are a brand within their brand. When they required marketing material for trade shows, our foam core products were a customizable product that is both easy to transport, and use. Trade shows require a lot of set up time. And when you have such a broad range of products like this great company, you need to be able to streamline the setup and pack down times. Foam core is perfect for this type of marketing. Below is a bit more information about the company. And from the image, you can see how useful the foam core products are at standing out in a large trade show display.

About Barhyte

Barhyte Specialty Foods calls the town of Pendleton, Oregon home. It was here, in one of America’s top 10 true western cities, that a local family began creating some of the world’s most delicious mustards, marinades, wing sauces, and other gourmet condiments. Since its humble beginnings, Barhyte has gone on to create a large and loyal following across the United States and Canada. Also, their customers keep coming back for the unique flavors. And love to enhance the taste of their food without overpowering it. Here’s a little bit of history about the company: Way back in the eighteenth century, Jacobus Barhyte, a Southern German immigrant and pioneer settler of Yaddo, – now known as Saratoga Springs, New York – created the original Sweet n Sour Mustard Sauce. This original recipe was passed down through the generations and even traveled west over the Oregon Trail. Back then, Jacobus’s name was spelled “Barheyt.” But when he enlisted in the American Forces for the Saratoga Campaign of 1777, General Gates’s secretary recorded the name as “Barhyte.” Patriotic pride has kept them using that spelling ever since. Jan and Susan, also known affectionately as Mom. First shared their mustards to the public in the late 1970s at a local deli. These were developed through the generations prior and were an instant hit. In fact, people loved them so much, and they kept coming back for more. And so began the journey of Barhyte Specialty Foods. Today, they are promoting their brand with the help of NonStop Signs.

Choosing Foam Core Signs

One of the cheapest and options for any marketing campaign signage or tradeshows is to our Foam core signs. Foam core signs can be cut and shape to any size, are attractive and can also be printable in full color.  Because they are incredibly light-weight, foam core signs are an excellent option. Particularly useful for hanging at trade shows without requiring specific hanging systems. They are so diverse in the display options that we recommend using as a self-standing marketing product. They are durable. And they are easy to store and transport. Foam core is an excellent option for counter-top marketing. And they can easily be altered to suit any marketing campaign. Foam Core signs are customizable and the installation process gets quickly and easily by one person. Just like Barhyte, you can quickly create custom-branded marketing materials that get attention at any event. They are available in many sizes and can cut to shapes of your brand logos or products with ease. Foam core products are available in many sizes, for any range of products in any industry. The only limit to a printed foam core is your imagination. Foam core signs can also print on both sides. So, like Suzie’s Organics. If you have many products that look similar. You can print different products on each side of your foam core to make the most of your marketing dollar. If, like Barhyte, you need quality marketing solutions to promote and build your brand, visit our Business Sign page today. Here you can see how our foam core products can be the solution you’ve been seeking any tradeshows.  

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