Top 10 Best 3D Printing Companies

Best 3D Printing Companies

Top 10 Best 3D Printing Companies

Welcome to our list of the Top 10 Best 3D Printing Companies!  Once limited to niche applications, 3D printers have taken various industries by storm. It opens up the possibility of rapid prototyping, customized manufacturing, and medical applications. 3D printers brought the excitement of reducing prototyping cycle drastically and printing human organ with new tissues. And these are some of the best 3D printing companies that are leading the trend.

List of Best 3D Printing Companies

1. Prodways

Best 3D Printing Companies - Prodways

Prodways is no stranger when it comes to 3D printing. With over 25 years of experience, Prodways was in the industry before 3D printers have gone mainstream. Various industries like automotive, dental, medical and aerospace use professional grade 3D printers that the company specializes in.

One of the greatest concern on the 3D printing industry is the relatively slow speed of the printers. Prodways offer an effective solution with its hallmark MOVINGLight® 3D printers, that boast superior speed and precision. In 2017, the MOVINGLight® technology was improvised, as it strives to meet the growing demands of dental laboratories.

The company also started development of its Rapid Additive Forging Technology, to enable 3D printing with titanium parts. This indicates Prodways’ foresight into the tremendous potential of 3D printing in the aerospace industry. Besides 3D printers, Prodways innovations also result in new printing materials. It recently announced the ultra high shock resistance PA612-GB 3800 powder for the automotive industry.


2. Nano Dimension

Best 3D Printing Companies - Nano Dimensions

3D printing can revolutionize the electronics industry in a great way and Nano Dimension is pioneering the effort. Nano Dimension focused on producing electronics 3D printers that are able to print electronics PCB from scratch. It literally reduces PCB prototyping to hours instead of days.

One of the best 3D printing companies for the electronics market, Nano Dimension introduces its first electronics 3D printer, Dragonfly 2020 in 2016. It rivals modern PCB manufacturing machines with features like the ability to print blind vias on a multilayer PCB. The printer uses organic conductive ink that is highly conductive.

The Dragonfly 2020 has been widely popular amongst various electronics companies and educational institutions alike. In 2017, the University of Technology Sydney has purchased electronics 3D printers from Nano Dimensions. The Dragonfly 2020 continues to receive due recognition, winning the NPI awards in 2018. It is a prestigious award by the Circuits Assembly and Printed Circuit Design (PCD) and Fab Magazines.


3. 3D Fuel

Best 3D Printing Companies - 3D Fuel

With 3D printers grabbing the limelight most of the time, companies leading the innovations of 3D filaments deserved a mention. 3D Fuel is not your typical 3D filaments manufacturer. Besides typical PLA filaments, 3D fuel grabs attention with its specialized filaments. They are made from unconventional materials like beer, coffee, hemp, and trash.

3D Fuel changes the perception of ruggedness in 3D printing with the Pro PLA filaments. It is engineered to have higher impact strength than standard PLA and a heat resistance equal to ABS. Companies that sought sturdier 3D printing materials can find them in the form of Pro PLA.

The company is well known for filaments made from the eco-composites material. For instance, the coffee element is made of coffee leftovers. It delivers a natural impression of brown color with natural grain. 3D fuel also displayed its unique knack of turning garbages into 3D filaments using pyrolysis process.


4. Shapeways


While some companies position themselves as leading manufacturers of 3D printers, others leverage on 3D printing technologies to offer a new range of services. Shapeways is one of the best 3D printing companies that will bring your product ideas to life literally. It is arguably the largest 3D printing service provider in the world.

Various investors like Union Square Ventures and Lux Capitals funded the company. To date, it has printed more than 10 million products from over 1 million creators. The company operates from its HQ in New York with a factory based in Netherland. It is also boosted by partners around the world.

It’s pretty simple to print your products with Shapeways. It involves creating an account, uploading the 3D model, and selecting the material. Then, the team at Shapeways will process and deliver your printed 3D products. You can easily print dimensional letters and logos for your own business needs with Shapeways.


5.  Apis Cor

Best 3D Printing Companies - Apis Cor

Mention 3D printing and most consumers would imagine printing coffee mugs or custom decor from desktop 3D printers. Apis Cor shattered that perception with its giant-sized 3D printer that is capable of printing building from scratch. It is one of the pioneers in 3D printing in the construction industry.

Apis Cor mobile construction 3D printer supported by a crane and covers up to 132 m2 printing zone. It has a relatively short setup time considering the scale of the 3D printer. The printing process ensures zero wastage by using fiber concrete or geopolymer.

Utilization of Apis Cor mobile 3D printer can save up to 40% of construction cost. Walls and floors are smoother compared to conventional methods. Apis Cor is a relatively new 3D printing company in Moscow. But its technology is definitely sending shockwaves throughout the industry.

6. Wiiv Wearables

Best 3D Printing Companies - Wiiv

Tired of walking in footwear that causes more pain than comfort? Wiiv Wearables is one of the best 3D printing companies that bring the benefits of 3D printing for the general consumers. It offers customized insole made from 3D printers that suit every individual customer.

Wiiv captures the dimension of your foot using its proprietary app that can is downloadable to your mobile device. The Wiiv manufacturing facilities in San Diego then print the digital 3D map of your foot. Customers can expect to receive their insole within 10 days from their order.

Founded in 2014, Wiiv has continuously break funding records in its kickstarting campaign.  The latest feat in 2017 makes Wiiv the Most Funded 3D Printed Project ever. With a solid business model on 3D printed insoles, the company has shifted its attention to producing 3D printed sandal.

7. Divergent3D

Best 3D Printing Companies - Divergent3D

Divergent3D literally changes the way cars are manufactured, or printed. It offers a revolutionary approach to automotive manufacturing with its own 3D printed joints technology or NODE™. The technology allows connecting carbon fiber structural materials an hence allowing the build of superior world-class chassis.

The technology, demonstrated in the supercar Blade, which made its appearance in trade shows attracted more investments. In late 2017, Divergent3D announced a Series B funding of close to $65 million. This further boost the company’s growth in its automotive 3D metal printing technology.

Cars printed with its technology are 90% lighter than conventional manufacturing process, yet offering stronger and safer structure. The 3D metal printing process reduces environmental pollutants. Massive cost reduction is also a factor that made Divergent3D one of the best 3D printing companies in the automotive industry.

8. Sculpteo

Best 3D Printing Companies - Sculpteo

Sculpteo is another 3D printing service company that is well established in the industry. Based in France, the company offers 3D printing services for a wide range of materials. The company offers common printing materials like plastics, metal, and resins. Besides that, Sculpteo is one of the first company that utilizes Carbon’s CLIP technology.

The company supports printing need for prototyping and low volume production and provides a detailed guideline for the different materials. One of the recent addition to its choices of material is the Carbonmide. It is a high resistance mix of carbon fibers and fine black plastic polyamide powder used in the automotive industry.

Besides 3D printing, Sculpteo also offers laser cutting services for its customers. Sculpteo offers its own cloud-based 3D printing software, Fabpilot that lets customers take charge of the 3D prototyping process. It allows 3D files optimization before the selection of printing materials.


9. Zortrax

Best 3D Printing Companies - Zortrax

Zortrax is arguably one of the best 3D printing companies where professional FDM 3D printer is concerned. The company is a leading 3D printer manufacturer in Europe. Thousands of professionals around the world use its products for various applications. Zortrax’s 3D printers are well known for possessing a high level of quality and durability.

Its M200 and M300 models have gained encouraging reviews shortly after they hit the market. Zortrax follows up on the success with the Inventure. It is a double nozzle 3D printer that features automatic switching of the printing materials. It’s Dissolvable Support System ensure that no residues remain after the print process.

Zortrax has also updated its 3D printing software, Z-Suite, with better options to support the 3D printing process. Besides a neat looking intuitive interface, the software also features auto mesh repair. It fixes any defects on the 3D model before printing. The software also automatically detects walls on the model that is too thin for printing.


10. Stratasys

Best 3D Printing Companies - Stratasys

Stratasys is definitely is one of the best 3D printing companies around with almost 3 decades of 3D printing experience. Its printer has been widely used in different industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical, dental and consumer products. Its 3D printing technology has helped McLaren in testing new designs quickly.

Besides industrial-grade 3D printers, Stratasys also offers desktop 3D printer in the form of the Mojo Desktop. It allows product designers to easily create concept prototype from the ease of their workstation. The Wavewash 55 support system easily removes any residues from the printing process.

Stratasys also provides its own 3D printing materials and a professional software to aid the 3D printing. The company definitely have all the right products in place as it cements its reputation as a global leader.

We hope this list of the best 3D printing companies has given you a great insight into the shakers and movers of the industry.


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