Best Blogging Platforms in 2018

best blogging platforms

Best Blogging Platforms

Looking for the best blogging platforms?  Creating a blog doesn’t require coding knowledge. It requires an understanding of the best blogging platforms available to bloggers.

The best bloggers know that building a professional website can be easy. For this reason, they use website builders designed for bloggers. Firstly, these website builders allow you to create a fancy website without having to take coding courses. Secondly, the website builders have built-in features. These features are paid now buttons, email list integration, and social media buttons.

Using the best blogging platforms, bloggers are able to create websites that portray their brand and elevate their content.

The best blogging platforms for bloggers are:

1. WordPress


WordPress currently powers 20% of the Internet. This makes it one of the best blogging platforms. Mostly, the reason for its success lies in the ability for users to customize every aspect of their website. So, this differs from the following website builders. Bloggers can buy WordPress templates and fill in their own content within each text, image, and social media block. Then, users can add plug-ins and widgets. Also, they can further customize their website and add the features they desire.


WordPress is the most difficult blogger platform for beginners. Novice website builders can struggle with a template, plugin and widget glitches. For this reason, expert website builders fair best with the host. Important to note, that those familiar with the code will have the easiest WordPress experience. So, this makes WordPress one of the best blogging platforms for bloggers looking to hire a web designer. Bloggers looking to build their own website will be able to build a professional website with the following website builders.


Free plan with WordPress domain, 3GB of space and free templates

$4.00/month USD for a custom domain name, 6GB storage, and free templates

$9.00/month USD for a custom domain name, 13GB storage, and advanced design customization

$27.00/month USD for a custom domain name, unlimited storage, site monetization, SEO tools and more

For beginning bloggers, the best option is the $9.00/month package. First, this package allocates a good amount of storage. Second, it also has the ability to customize the website with brand themes and fonts. Although, for more experienced bloggers, the $27.00/month package is a good option. This package will help increase traffic, provide analytics and install any necessary plugins. Important to note, there is always the option to upgrade if necessary. So, choosing the first plan and upgrading to the second is available.

2. Squarespace


Squarespace has taken the plug-ins and widgets out from the WordPress and integrated them into easy to use blocks. For this reason, Squarespace is one of the best blogging platforms for inexperienced bloggers. First, designing an aesthetic and professional website on Squarespace is extremely easy. Important to note, it is easy even for beginners. So, unlike in WordPress, users can choose a template for free. Each hosting service comes with your choice of template. It also has the option to change the theme whenever you wish. Novice website builders will find that Squarespace gives them the ability to create the website they wanted. They won’t have the hassle of glitching templates, widgets or plug-ins. For this reason, it’s one of the best blogging platforms.


Squarespace makes building websites easy, but it comes at a cost. Important to note is that SEO robots can struggle to categorize a website or webpage. For example, if you create a website to sell your grandmother’s infamous pasta sauce but you only use text blocks and images within your Squarespace site, you might have trouble ranking in search engines. The robots that scan websites and decide if a webpage should appear for a specific search won’t be able to read your image or text block. For this reason, Google won’t put your webpage on the first page of Google. Although, you can avoid this by adding ALT tags to all images. Also, you can go into the Squarespace backend and input a meta tag for your website.

As a blogger, most search engine users will find you by searching for your blog name. For this reason, ensure your blog name is on your website many times. First, the robots will be able to recognize the website. Second, they’ll be able to rank you in the search engines. 


$12.00/month USD for a free domain, unlimited bandwidth, and mobile optimization

$18.00/month USD for a free domain, unlimited bandwidth, e-commerce and $100 in Google Ad credit

The best option is the $12.00/month package. First, this option is great for bloggers not looking to sell products. Second, it offers unlimited bandwidth and pages to avoid content limitation. Although, bloggers interested in selling products through an e-commerce store can take a look at the online store packages.

$26.00/month USD for the features of the $18.00/month package and unlimited products

$40.00/month USD for the features of the above package plus gift cards and abandoned cart auto recovery

Unless an online store is a goal or sole income of your blog, the $18.00/month package suits bloggers looking to sell products. Important to note, bloggers attempting to sell many products can buy the $40.00/month package but it is not necessary.

3. Wix


If Squarespace and WordPress had a child, it would be Wix. First, Wix has the customizing power of WordPress with the easy to use the format of Squarespace. Second, Wix allows users to build unique websites. This makes Wix one of the best blogging platforms. Templates are included in the initial hosting price. Bloggers are warned that once you choose a template you cannot change it. Wix’s easy to use builder makes it a good option for bloggers without web development experience. For this reason, bloggers can build a professional website without any prior experience. Also, they can reach out to Wix customer support on Twitter with any concerns. Important to note, Wix is the best blogging platform for a blogger looking to integrate functionality and customizability. 


Since Wix uses blocks like Squarespace does, it can be hard for SEO robots to read and translate a website. As with Squarespace, this won’t necessarily be a problem. For this reason, it’s important to add ALT tags to each image. Also, include the blog name in text blocks on the webpage. Another con of Wix is that it may be slightly overwhelming to a new website builder. For this reason, Wix users should be aware of an upcoming learning curve. Important to note, Wix offers various Youtube videos and an in-depth FAQ on their website. Also, users should also be aware that most of the Wix templates are not responsive.

So, if a user makes the webpage smaller in their browser, the webpage will not change text or pictures to fit the new size of the browser. This may not be a problem for most bloggers but is important to note when thinking of the user’s experience. 


$4.50/month USD to connect a domain and have 1GB of bandwidth

$8.50/month USD for a free domain and 2GB of bandwidth

$12.50/month USD for a free domain and unlimited bandwidth

$16.50/month USD for a free domain, unlimited bandwidth, and e-commerce

$24.50/month USD for a free domain, unlimited bandwidth, e-commerce and email campaigns

New bloggers can start with the $8.50/month package. Although, experienced bloggers should purchase the $12.50/month USD package.

4. Weebly


Weebly is similar to Wix in that it allows for a full range of customizability without prior knowledge of HTML or any other type of coding. For this reason, it’s popular amongst new web designers. Also, it allows a blogger to personalize branded colors and fonts. Their templates all have a drag and drop feature that brings elements on to the webpage. These elements include text boxes, newsletter forums, tables and more. 


Even though Weebly is one of the best blogging platforms, just as with Squarespace and Wix, it can leave error for SEO. Although, a website ranking for a particular blog name shouldn’t have a problem ranking. Important to note, there may be a ranking problem if the blog name is a saturated keyword.


Weebly has a free plan with a Weebly domain name

$4.00/month USD to connect a domain

$8.00/month USD for hosting and a free domain

$12.00/month USD for hosting and a free domain with bandwidth and website visitor capacity

$25.00/month USD for hosting, free domain, even larger bandwidth and website visitors

For new bloggers, the $8.00/month package is a good place to begin. For experienced bloggers with a larger audience, the $12.00/month or $25.00/month package is the best choice. This ensures your website doesn’t crash due to too many visitors.

As always, there is an option to upgrade as your blog grows.


Important to note, the decision for what website builder to use is the user’s preference. How much customizability do you want and how easily do you want to be able to create customizations?

However, if customizability on the coding level is possible, WordPress is the best option. Even if as a blogger, you don’t have to have the ability to create this coding on your own. The option to outsource the code is always possible. Freelance platforms can connect you to expert WordPress website builders. 

If creating a website on your own is necessary, Squarespace, Wix or Weebly is the best option. Use these website builders to create your blog. 

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