Best Blogs For Entrepreneurs 2018

Best Blogs For Entrepreneurs

Best Blogs For Entrepreneurs

Welcome to our collection of the best Blogs For Entrepreneurs!  You’ve probably come across articles that recommend best-selling books that every entrepreneur should read. The harsh reality is, you simply don’t have the luxury to finish a single chapter when you are busy juggling the various aspects of your fledgling business. But also that doesn’t mean you should ditch reading completely. In fact, reading is probably the most productive activity that you can indulge in when you’re not working on your business. Until your business is generating great profit consistently, you’ll find reading some of the best blogs for entrepreneurs a smarter choice instead.

Instead of randomly listing any blogs on entrepreneurship, we handpicked the ones that we personally love according to their respective aspects of entrepreneurship.

1. Best Personal Branding Blog

Entrepreneurs often make the mistake of focusing so much on the branding on their products and so much little on personal branding. When you’re yet to establish yourself in the industry, a strong personal branding conveys trust and credibility to potential clients, suppliers, and funders.

William Arruda is a personal branding guru who featured in major publications like Times Magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur as well as Wall Street Journal runs The Personal Branding Blog that features useful tips from various personal branding experts.

Our so as best pick from one of the best blogs for entrepreneurs to stop you from hurting your personal brand.

Looking to Elevate Your Personal Brand? Here Are 5 Things You Need to Quit Now

2. Best HR Blog

What’s worse? Hiring the wrong talent or having difficulty retaining as so high-performing employees. We knew that HR issues are one of the biggest concerns of entrepreneurs. Instead of taking chances, we follow the best advice from The HR Capitalist. That’s how we have a team of awesome designers who’s been around for years.

The HR Capitalist is operated by Chris Dunn, an HR expert who’s thoughts are sought after by Fortune 500 companies and also startups alike. He has helped his clients get the best candidates for their positions in his remarkable career.

If you struggle to get the best out of your team, read this

Why “Get Focused/Do Better/Play Harder” is a Horrible Coaching Strategy

3. Best Productivity Blog

Best Blogs For Entrepreneurs
Stop procrastinating and start getting things done.

If there’s anything that we’ve learned to maximize productivity, it’s about decluttering our to-do lists. nd of course, stop procrastination. Procrastination is the silent killer of productivity and as we strive our best to turn ideas into action by practicing some of the tips from Getting Things Done.

The blog is owned by David Allen, a productivity guru famous for his methodology that stops procrastination in its track and will also help maximize productivity. Expect no-nonsense direct approach productivity hacks from David Allen’s blog.

If you’re overwhelmed by your to-do list, here’s a helpful article.

Get a Grip On Your Process, Or Give It Up

4. Best Sales Blog

Even our best sales team do have their jittery moments when pitching our products in a presentation. Rather than taking our attention away from our business of making cool signs and graphics, we borrowed the best advice from Brian Tracy’s blog.

Author of Million Dollar Habits as well as a respected entrepreneur who conducted more than 5,000 seminars around the world, Brian Tracy is a genius at closing sales. His strategies have helped thousands of companies set clear sales goals as well as to execute them efficiently to achieve them.

Here’s a must-read article if you feel your business can do with more sales.

The Golden Rule Of Selling Like A Brilliant Sales Professional

5. Best Marketing Blog

Like it or not, marketers play a prominent role in determining the success of a budding business so much more than ever. As you step into the shoes of a marketer, there’s no one better to learn from than one of our favorite marketing guru, Gary Vaynerchuk.

Gary Vaynerchuk established himself as one of the best entrepreneurs by increasing his family wine business sales from $3 million to an astounding $60 million in just 5 years. He is now the owner of VaynerMedia, providing digital services to the largest companies around the world.

If your Instagram marketing strategy is hitting the wall, here’s an article that helps.

The $1.80 Instagram Strategy To Grow Your Business Or Brand

6. Best SEO Blog

Best Blogs For Entrepreneurs
Does Google love your website?

Unless you are selling to people who live in the dark ages of the internet, your website needs to have a presence on the web. Rather than spending blindly on dubious SEO experts, it pays to learn from a true SEO guru himself.

Neil Patel’s brilliant SEO strategy has helped giant companies like Amazon, GM and NBC to increase their annual revenue. It doesn’t hurt to put some of his tips into practice and get more organic leads to your business website.

Taken from one of the best blogs for entrepreneurs on SEO, here’s an in-depth guide that helps you increase your business visibility in the local search results.

How To Optimize Google My Business And Leverage It For More Sales

7. Best Finance Blog

Bad finance management can lead to cash flow problems for both the business as well as the entrepreneurs. We knew what it’s the worse nightmare for entrepreneurs scrambling for cash to pay their employees.

We turn to NoobPreneur to get the best financial advice. So especially for tips on cutting expenses. Also, maximizing profit in our business. It features specific advice from business experts in their respective industries.

If you need a boost to your business revenue, here’s a blog post that helps.

How Can You Maximize Your Small Business Revenue?

8. Best Stress Management Blog

You’ve probably seen enough of the glamorous side of entrepreneurship. But nothing could prepare you for the extreme level of stress that comes with it. If you’re not managing stress well,  your business, as well as health, could take a toll. is one of the best blogs for entrepreneurs to create positive transformational changes around the world. At the same time, it also offers brilliant resources to help entrepreneurs persevere in the stressful environment.

Entrepreneurship can be a rather lonely journey. Here’s how to help you feel connected.

Feeling Lonely as an Entrepreneur? Try These 4 Sources of Community


9. Best Social Media Blog

Best Blogs For Entrepreneurs
Leverage on the diverse social media platforms

Love it or hate it, you have to take your business to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest they are an essential part of your customer’s life. But it instead of publishing random photos that get no tractions, we tweak it as suggested by Jeff Bullas.

Jeff Bullas went from being unemployed in 2009 to one of the best social media strategists in less than a decade. Recently recognized by Forbes as one of the Top 20 Influential Chief Marketing Officers, his guides definitely came in handy in any of your social media efforts.

Here’s a mammoth list of strategies from one of the best blogs for entrepreneurs to increase your business presence on social media.

34 Tips and Tactics to Rapidly Grow Your Social Networks

10. Best Personal Development Blog

Your business can only grow to the so much extent that you do. As an entrepreneur, you’ll often come to a standstill when as your self-imposed limits put a halt to your progress. We just love how Tony Robbins help us to unleash our potential with his so much inspirational blog.

None is more qualified than Tony Robbins to help entrepreneurs to grow. He is both a motivational speaker and a business guru. He has a proven track record of success in various industries.

Read this blog post on how you can achieve a better lifestyle so as simply by tweaking your habits with words.

Change Your Words, Change Your Life

11. Best E-Commerce Blog

Chances are, you’re turning to e-commerce to sell your products or services if you haven’t done so. However, setting up an e-commerce page is not rocket science. But so as failing to stand out from competitors or getting the much needed traffics can spell an end to your online store.

You’ll find no better help than reading the articles at A Better Lemonade Stand. It is an online incubator for e-commerce entrepreneurs. It offers great tips and helps you avoid blind spots that will cost your business dearly.

Get started with this article if you’ve yet to decide the right e-commerce platform for your business.

E-commerce Platforms; Choosing The Best E-commerce Software For Your Business

And We’re Not Missing Out Your Favorite Blogs

If you’ve thought that we have missed out your favorite entrepreneur blogs, so then you’re pretty much mistaken. It’s just that we felt that they are so outrageously popular that we decided to draw your attention to hidden gems that we find helpful.

Anyway, here are the major entrepreneur blogs that are worthy of a mention in this article.

These publications cover a wide range of business-related topics. We are sure that you’ll definitely find helpful as you grow your business along.

We definitely hope that you’ll find our list of the best blogs for entrepreneurs helpful in juggling the various aspects of your business. Finally, share this article as if you feel your fellow entrepreneurs could benefit from it.


We hope you enjoyed our article on the best Blogs For Entrepreneurs.  Here are a few more Entrepreneur articles that we hope will help you make Millions!

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