The 20 Best Business Facebook Groups

Best Business Facebook Groups

Best Business Facebook Groups

Networking is critical in the world of business, which is why you should join the best business Facebook groups. Not only will it help you connect with like-minded go-getters, but Facebook groups are also an invaluable source of articles, tutorials, and motivational support.

Best Business Facebook Groups #1: Read With Entrepreneurs Book Club?

Knowledge is power, which makes books some of the most powerful tools around. The Read With Entrepreneurs Book Club is a Facebook group dedicated to the subject of sharing great literature. Not any research, of course. As the name implies, the group focuses on books that relate to entrepreneurship and business. Join this online reading club and get inspiration for your next Kindle purchase.

Best Business Facebook Groups #2: Intrepid Entrepreneurs Community

As an entrepreneur or at least an aspiring one, you need a network of supporters and mentors. The Intrepid Entrepreneur Community is an excellent bet in this regards. Here, you can ask more experienced entrepreneurs for advice. You can also share any projects you are working on, and get some useful feedback. Finally, this Facebook group will help motivate you when times are tough.

Best Business Facebook Groups #3: Freedom Hackers Mastermind

Freedom Hackers Mastermind is one of the largest Facebook groups for business. It currently counts over 40,000 members, and one of the main focuses of the group is to share success stories. If you are not at the stage where you have any to share, you are also welcome to ask the group any questions you might have. It is also a great place to network and collaborate with successful entrepreneurs.

Best Business Facebook Groups #4: The Creative’s Corner

Being a successful entrepreneur requires not only business understanding but also a modicum of creativity. The Creative’s Corner offers a wealth of creative approached to business. As with the other groups on this list, there is also a relentless stream of posts with tips, articles, tutorials, and graphs to help you on your way. Members are also welcome to promote their businesses, products, and services.

Best Business Facebook Groups #5: Humans of Online Business

Are you a rule-breaker? Are you a trailblazer? Most importantly, are you a human? Then head over to Humans of Online Business, as you are just the type of person they want. Whether you are thinking of starting your own online business, or have already begun, this Facebook group has plenty to offer. Go, Independent, the team behind the group provides free courses that will help you attract new clients and sell more products.

Best Business Facebook Groups #6: Savvy Business Owners

The Savvy Business Owners is exclusively for female entrepreneurs sorry guys! Over 10,000 female businesswomen use this Facebook group to motivate and support each other. The team behind it has created a well-structured schedule. This schedule includes Monday Motivation, Share & Care Tuesday, Wednesday Weekly Mixer, Thursday Talk, and Fist Bump Friday.

Best Business Facebook Groups #7: 60 Second Persuasion

Do you have an elevator pitch for your business? Is it more than 60 seconds long? It does not need to be. 60 Second Persuasion is a Facebook group that does what it says on the can and much more. You need a good pitch to sell your business, and the group actively encourages members to pitch each other and give constructive feedback. Additionally, expect to find articles on business psychology and persuasion.

best business facebook groups
Get more likes by joining the best business
Facebook groups.

Best Business Facebook Groups #8: Coffee With Dan

Who is Dan, and why should you have coffee with him? Dan Meredith has created a more relaxed atmosphere with his Facebook group Coffee With Dan. Comfortable, in the sense that members do not take themselves too seriously and can have a laugh. What they do take seriously, however, is getting things done. Join this group for some banter, and reliable business advice to help you on your way.

Best Business Facebook Groups #9: Entrepreneur Hustle

After you have had some coffee with Dan and his friends, it is time to hustle. Entrepreneur Hustle is the Facebook group that will get you into the right mindset. Here, you will find a mix of newbies in the business world and seasoned business veterans. What they all have in common is that they believe in the hustle. If you do as well, then you will find yourself in great company here.

Best Business Facebook Groups #10: Freelance To Freedom Project Community

As the saying goes, “entrepreneurs work 80 hours per week to avoid working 40 hours per week”. In other words, many entrepreneurs and freelancers do what they do because it will ultimately give them more freedom. The Freelance to Freedom Project Community is a Facebook group created to help you achieve that goal. In addition to advice and support, you can also promote your venture to the group every Friday.

Best Business Facebook Groups #11: Rising Tide Society

If you are looking for more diversity in Facebook groups, then the Rising Tide Society might be for you. While entrepreneurs form the backbone of the over 60,000 members; there are people from many walks of life. Here, you can find copywriters, graphic designer, business photographers, and other creatives that can help you develop your business. This group has so many photographers that you will never need to look anywhere else.?

Best Business Facebook Groups #12: Super Hero Entrepreneurs

If you are looking for a rags-to-riches story, the creator of Super Hero Entrepreneurs is the one. Back in the day, Dan Henry delivered pizzas. Today, he makes more money every month than most people make in a year. If you want to learn how to make $2m a year from the online business, this is the group for you. Even if you do not get to speak to Dan himself, t-e 19,000 other members of the group can help you out.

Best Business Facebook Groups #13: Digital Nomads Around the World

Digital nomads are roaming all across the world, and every year they grow in number. 38,000 of them in the Facebook group Digital Nomads Around The World. What they all have in common is that they are unrestricted by location, and can make a great living online. In this group, you can learn from their experiences, and share your own. Topics cover life on the road, travel advice, and online business development.

Best Business Facebook Groups #14: Being Boss

If you listen to business podcasts, chances are you have come across called Being Boss. It is full of great business advice, and now it has a Facebook groups set up for listeners to discuss the learnings. As with other groups, this one offers a lot of guidance on best social media practices and business tools. Where it sets itself apart is the industries the members work in crafts are big here! If you are in that industry or are thinking about it, check out Being Boss.

best business facebook groups
Networking is a breeze when you join the best business Facebook groups.

Best Business Facebook Groups #15: The Startup Chat

The Startup Chat was started up by two self-starters who have developed successful startup businesses. Many entrepreneurs who start Facebook groups are often too busy to participate actively. Not these two. Join this group if you want to expand your knowledge on how to raise funds, and put together a successful team for your startup business.

Best Business Facebook Groups #16: BAMF

Badass Marketers & Founders, AKA BAMF, is a well-rounded Facebook group for, well, marketers and founders. The groups offer its members freebies in the form of courses, how-to guides, and other useful materials. As with the other groups, you will be in good company with like-minded business people when you join BAMF.

Best Business Facebook Groups #17: Harvard Business Review

The name Harvard is compelling enough on its own. Everyone knows that it sets the bar at a certain level. Harvard Business Review, in addition to being a reputed publication, also has a Facebook group. Join in to hear about the latest news in business, analysis of new startups and success stories, as well as links to useful educational resources.

Best Business Facebook Groups #18: Millionaire Mindset

Success in business starts with the right mindset. If you are an entrepreneur, the hours can be long and the environment lonely. That is why motivation is key to maintaining momentum. Millionaire Mindset is a Facebook group that will help you get in the right frame of mind. The group is full of motivational quotes, as well as interviews with successful entrepreneurs.

Best Business Facebook Groups #19: Business Advisor

Rather than focusing on one niche, Business Advisor is a more general Facebook group. Here, you will find a host of video tutorials, blog posts, information about business events, and more. The discussions revolve around how to grow your business, and there is plenty of help to find for when you feel stuck.

Best Business Facebook Groups #20: YEC

The last one on our list is the Young Entrepreneurs Council AKA YEC. The Facebook group is only one part of what the council does, as well as the majority of the details you can find on their website. It is an invite-only organization, but however, once you are in, the benefits are endless. YEC offers a goldmine regarding guidance as well as networking opportunities.

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