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Top 10 Best Business Podcast

Best Business Podcast

Ready for the Best Business Podcast list?  Knowledge is power, they say. But when you are trying to start a business, you don’t need just any old knowledge. You need tried and tested strategies, from qualified experts in their field. A good business podcast can be a great source of information. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work of sifting through the numerous business podcasts there are on the web and found the Top 10 Best Business Podcasts you need to tune in to right now.
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Best Business Podcast #1: The Growth Show

HubSpot is one of the go-to places for inbound marketing and sales software. It is also one of the places where you can get yourself some nifty certifications in marketing. But did you know that they also produce a podcast? Of course, they do! It is called The Growth Show, and as the name implies, it is a business podcast where you can listen in for tips on how to grow your business. The podcast covers pretty much every angle of growing your business and does so with an array of fascinating stories (or case studies, if you will) and interesting guests who share their own experiences with growing their business.

Often, you can listen to business professionals talk for hours on end, about how they achieved their success. And yet, in the end, you are still left wondering just how they did it. Not on The Growth Show. While you will, of course, get the ‘what’, the interview style puts much more focus on the ‘how’. The best part is that each episode will only take up 20 minutes or so of your time.

Best Business Podcast #2: Smart Passive Income Podcast

Who would not like to have money just roll into their account? Having a passive income is the dream of many an entrepreneur. As a matter of fact, many entrepreneurs work 80 hours a week, so they do not have to work 40 hours a week. Meaning, of course, that they are aiming for their many hours to eventually pay off in the form of a passive income. It is tempting to think that if someone stumbled across the goldmine which is a passive income, they would keep it to themselves. Not Pat Flynn.

Pat Flynn knows that making a passive income is not a zero-sum game and that there ample opportunities for everyone. That is why he shares his tried and tested methods with listeners every week on his Smart Passive Income Podcast. And why not? One of the reasons for having a passive income is to free up time for things like hosting a business podcast. Nothing is held back here – Pat even tells you exactly how much he makes in passive income! The Smart Passive Income Podcast is a great resource for learning how to make money online.

Best Business Podcast #3: Unemployable Podcast

Einstein is famously known for having been a terrible student. Not only did he drop out of his school in Munich, but he also flunked the entrance exam to his polytechnic school in Zurich. Many successful entrepreneurs will nod in agreement to this story. That is because it is possible to be a bad student or employee, but a great teacher or leader. Hence the name for the Unemployable Podcast.  Brian Clark is by no means an unsuccessful person. You may have heard of Copyblogger, the go-to place for all copywriters. He founded that, and seven other successful businesses. So when you tune in to his business podcast, you know he speaks from personal experience.

The road to success is often long and hard, and it is easy to lose hope and confidence along the way. As a matter of fact, one of his main points is that freelancers and entrepreneurs should believe in themselves. Along with pep talks, he also provides insight form his personal career. Since he is not alone in being successful, you can also enjoy some very interesting interviews with other successful business people.

Best Business Podcast #4: Jocko Podcast

Jocko Willnik is not a businessman. At least, business is not where he started. However, Jocko’s long career as a Navy SEAL puts him in the perfect position of authority when it comes to leadership and survival skills. And if there are two things a business needs to be successful, it is leadership and survival skills. After retiring from his first career, Jocko went on to form Echelon Front, which teaches “practical, experience-based solutions to complex problems based on our own lessons learned through a myriad of dynamic leadership challenges.” The Jocko Podcast came about after he himself featured on a series of podcasts to promote his book Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win (which is also worth a read!). Tune in for no-nonsense advice from a guy who does what it takes to win.


Best Business Podcast #5: Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Series

Stanford University needs no introduction. It is the home of countless thought leaders in numerous fields of expertise. The Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Series is perhaps slightly different from the other business podcasts in this article, as it does not have a central recurring personality to ties everything together. Rather, the podcast features a string of experts in their respective field. The philosophy behind the podcast is that many people think innovation cannot be taught. The Stanford lecturers beg to differ. Sometimes you just need the right kind of mental stimulation to create the magic spark that will eventually become your business idea. But it does not stop there. The Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Series will also share great insights on growth, technology, and leadership. This podcast is for everyone in business, at any stage of their business.

Best Business Podcast #6: The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is a quirky character. He likes to do things in four hours chunks. Tim Ferriss will teach you how to shave down your workweek to four hours, how to become a bodybuilder in four hours, and how to become a master chef in four hours. Tim Ferriss also likes to practice what he preaches and leading by example. In addition to immersing himself in subjects and writing books on how to do them in four hours, Tim Ferriss also has a podcast. The Tim Ferriss Show features an array of guests, including entrepreneurs, athletes, scientists, actors, artists and many more kinds of experts. While not a business podcast per se, you will not listen to an episode of the Tim Ferriss Show without learning something fascinating. Want to know how you can apply chess strategies to your business? Tune in.

Best Business Podcast #7: Mixergy

Andrew Warner is a resourceful guy. After he graduated college, he wanted to start a business. The only problem was that he was broke. Flipping through a J Crew catalog, he noticed that they did not have an expiration date on their refund policy. Not even for used clothes. Andrew Warner had a lot of used clothes from J Crew. His first business started with the money he got from that refund. That is resourcefulness. Many projects later, he started Mixergy. Today, that is where entrepreneurs of all kinds come together to share their stories. People like the Wikipedia founder. That caliber. Tune in to Mixergy to find the inspiration you need for your startup business, and to help you dream even bigger.

Best Business Podcast #8: Entrepreneur on Fire

John Dumas is not a shy guy. If you go to his website, you will see how much money he made in the upper right corner. Why does he show that? More importantly, how does he do that? You will have to listen to his podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire, to find out. It is a business podcast that will introduce you to a new entrepreneur for each episode, and inspire you to emulate their success. They will discuss the challenges they came across, and how they overcame them. More importantly, they will save you a lot of time by teaching you how to avoid those very same challenges in the first place. The podcast is geared towards self-starters and small businesses looking to go big. Tune in at your own risk – and keep a fire extinguisher at hand.

Best Business Podcast #9: Quick and Dirty Tips

You would be forgiven for thinking that short of winning the lottery, there are no shortcuts to success. You would also be wrong. Some of the best solutions to problems are born out of pure necessity, Stever Robbins knows that because he has been there. That also makes him a great voice when it concerns coming up with the solutions you need right now. Quick and Dirty Tips is a business podcast that will teach you just that. For anyone too busy running their business to take the long and hard road, this podcast is for you. Stever helps you take shortcuts without compromising on quality. Stever will help you get things done, cope with your workload, and stop stressing so much over everything. Tune in for the lazy person’s guide to being productive.

Best Business Podcast #10: Freakonomics Radio

The book Freakonomics was a very interesting collaboration between an economist and a journalist. It taught readers to think about everything from drug dealing to climate change in completely new ways. The book and its sequel SuperFreakonomics are well worth a read. Whilst not specifically a business podcast, Freakonomics Radio is equally interesting. It features a host of fascinating topics, including sports, crime, family, and business. Naturally, it also features a string of interesting guests, from entrepreneurs to Nobel laureates. As with the Tim Ferriss Show, you will not finish listening to an episode without coming away with some freaky (but fascinating) knowledge. Who knows what out-of-the-box thinking can inspire you to make your next business move?

Best Business Podcast
Best Business Podcast

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