The 25 Best Company Logos of All Time

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The 25 Best Company Logos of All Time

Which are the 25 best company logos of all time? With so many brands out there, it is no easy task to pick out the best. What the best company logos all have in common is that they are simple. A combination of simplicity and repeated exposure is the key to good branding. With that in mind, let us have a look at some of the most successful company logos. Maybe you will even be inspired to revise your own!

Best company logos #1: Nike

Nike was founded in 1964 as an import company called Blue Ribbon Sports. Seven years later, it rebranded to Nike and got its famous Swoosh logo. The graphic designer, Carolyn Davidson, was only paid $35 for designing the logo, and the co-founder Philip Knight did not even like it. Today, the logo is so popular that Nike does not even need to put their name next to it — people know.

Best company logos #2: Coca-Cola

Always Coca-Cola! The famous logo saw the light of day in 1886 when the company was founded. It was not designed by a graphic designer, but rather the then bookkeeper. The font used in the logo is Spencerian type, which was the font people wrote in back then.

Best company logos #3: Ford

They say that it takes twelve failures for every success as an entrepreneur. For Henry Ford, it only took two failures before be launched Ford Motor. And one of those failures went on to become Cadillac. The Ford logo was simpler in 1903 but took on its iconic shape in 1927.

Best company logos #4: Apple

Apple’s logo can be found on most smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktop computers these days. It has undergone several revisions since its incarnation in 1976. The iconic logo was inspired by the story of Newton’s discovery of gravity.

Best company logos #5: Pepsi

Founded a few years after its arch-rival Coca-Cola, Pepsi has unfortunately always been a bit behind the other caramel flavored drink. It does not make its logo any less recognizable, however. The famous logo went from a doodle made by the founder Caleb Bradham to a worldwide phenomenon.

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Best company logos #6: Mercedes-Benz

Few logos have undergone as many changes as the Mercedes-Benz logo. No wonder, since both DMG and Benz & Cie had popular logos prior to their merger. It underwent several revisions before the company in 1996 decided to return to the sleek star we all know.

Best company logos #7: McDonald’s

The Golden Arches of McDonald’s are so famous that there is even a political theory named after them. As with the other logos, it has undergone some changes before the management settled on the plan yellow ‘M’ that we all know from… well, all over the world.

Best company logos #8: Levi’s

Levi’s should actually get two spots on this list, given that they have two famous logos in circulation. One is the simple Levi’s font in white on a red background resembling bat wings. The other is the Two Horses logo, which is still being used on Levi’s jeans in its original form.

Best company logos #9: Burger King

Burger King is to McDonald’s what Pepsi is to Coca-Cola. Ever the arch-rival, it nevertheless has an iconic logo. It was in 1969 the hamburger fast food chain introduced the two burger Bun Halves design. The blue ring was added just twenty years ago, in 1998.

Best company logos #10: Google

Much younger than any of the previously mentioned companies, Google has nevertheless managed to cement its logo as iconic in a short space of time. Although it was envisioned in 1988, it was not introduced until 1999. Very few revisions have been made since.

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Best company logos #11: Walmart

Walmart has always liked simplicity. Back in 1962 when the logo was first introduced, the font was randomly chosen by the person printing the advertisement material. Throughout the years, the logo has undergone a few changes. To this day, however, Walmart has kept it simple.

Best company logos #12: Warner Bros.

Another company that has stayed true to its roots is Warner Bros. Although the logo has undergone numerous revisions over the years, the shield logo has always stayed there. The text around it has changed, but the big superhero shield is what people recognize.

Best company logos #13: IBM

Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company is a mouthful, and it does not lend itself well to branding either. When the company became International Business Machines (or IBM) it was a bit easier to design a logo. The striped letters have dominated the IT space ever since.

Best company logos #14: American Airlines

One of the logos that have undergone a radical change is the American Airlines logo. Initially, it was an eagle, a globe, and two red As. This stayed with the airline in some form or another until 2013, when they went bankrupt and launched a new logo. The eagle is still there, but you need your specs on to see it.

Best company logos #15: NASA

Like Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company, the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics does not roll off the tongue very easily. Fortunately, it was shortened to NASA and was given an iconic logo to go with the name. President Eisenhower approved the logo, and President Kennedy later changed it slightly.

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Best company logos #16: MTV

Remember back when MTV was a channel where they showed music videos? Although the logo was first designed in 1981, it has never really remained constant. Colors and space have always changed frequently, and even the famous “M” itself has been filled with other images.

Best company logos #17: Microsoft

There was a time when Microsoft dominated the market for personal computers, and Apple was a niche brand. Today the world looks very different, and so does Microsoft’s logo. The famous four squares we know today were first presented in 1987 after previous logos were ditched.

Best company logos #18: 7-Eleven

What can be found on every street corner today was a humble business starting out of the Southland Ice Company before the Great Depression. It was after WW2 it became 7-Eleven, but it was not until 1970 that it presented the iconic logo we all know today.

Best company logos #19: Adidas

Pedantic grammar police may dislike names that are not capitalized, but Adi Dassler did not care. He came up with the three stripes himself in 1949, and it remains a status symbol within the sports community to this day. The Trefoil logo was added in the 1960’s to complement the three stripes on the Adidas sportswear.

Best company logos #20: NBC

The National Broadcasting Company, or NBC as we know it, has changed its logo several times since 1926. It has included microphones, America, sound waves, a xylophone, and a mallet. It was in 1979 where the second incarnation of the peacock logo we all know made its debut.

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Best company logos #21: Rolex

If you have ever been to a watchmaker, or if you are fortunate enough to own a Rolex, then you will be familiar with the logo. “A Crown for every Achievement” is the company’s slogan and is embedded in the famous logo that includes a crown over the Rolex font.

Best company logos #22: Starbucks

Starbucks Coffee, Tea, and Spices’ was the company that decided to look into Norse history when looking for inspiration for their now famous logo. While designing it the siren in the logo was showing a bit too much skin. They revised this several times to make it more modest.

Best company logos #23: UPS

As with Warner Bros., the iconic shield used in the UPS logo has remained there since it was first conjured up in 1916. Maybe there is something about shields that is everlasting. Nevertheless, the famous logo can be seen in most cities, eagerly awaited by customers all over.

Best company logos #24: WWF

Another founder that already had a logo in mind when creating his organization was Sir Peter Scott. The panda has always been the defining logo of WWF since 1961. Any revisions have been minimal, and the panda is still with us today to remind us of how precious the different species are.

Best company logos #25: Volkswagen

Porsche issued a competition which is the reason for generating this logo. The winner of the competition was the same person who would later design the Beetle engine. Although the Nazi era symbolism has been taken out of it, the Volkswagen logo remains pretty much the same today.

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Ready to compete with the greats?

If you have been inspired by this list and are looking to get into the logo design business yourself, maybe you should check out How To Learn Graphic Design. In addition to a good logo, you will also need a captivating font. Have a look at Popular Fonts We Can’t Live Without to see which ones catch your eye.

Already have a great logo?

Maybe you are already in business and have a logo you are happy with. Why not have it printed on your company T-shirts? Or, like UPS, you can temporarily put your logo on your vehicles with car magnets! Remember that the key to good branding is to have a simple design and repeated exposure.


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