Best Computer for Graphic Designers in 2019 (Complete Guide)

Best Computer For Graphic Designers

You needn’t be so fussy when choosing a computer for basic document editing.

But when it comes to getting a computer for graphic design, you need to ensure that it has what it takes to run resource- demanding applications. This is why we have created this guide for choosing the best computer for graphic designers.

How To Choose The Best Computer For Graphic Design

Not all computers for graphic design are created equal. Some may cost lesser than others.

But if you’re deciding on mere price factor, you may end up in getting a unit that’s insufficient for your needs. Here’s what to consider before purchasing a computer for graphic design.

Processing Power

The combination of CPU, graphics card and RAM will determine how well your latest computer could run the latest versions of graphic design software smoothly.

While most modern computers have sufficient CPU speed, you’ll want to ensure there are at least 8GB of RAM to keep applications responsive when you’re multitasking heavily.

Hard Disk

Rather than being concerned with storage space, you’ll want to pay attention to the type of technology that power the hard disk.

The trend is shifting towards SSD or Solid State Drive where there are no moving parts involved in the construction of the hard disk.

The result is a more durable physical drive and a significantly faster data rate. If you are creating large print files for Dibond Signs, Car Wraps, and Foamboard Posters, you will want to make sure you get a hard drive with a lot of storage space.


Some computers have options for you to select your preferred monitor.

While you’ll need at least 1280×800 resolution to work on, higher resolutions are preferable if you have sufficient budget.

A higher pixel density is also a great-to-have element when it comes to choosing a monitor. We ensure that our graphic designers work with monitors with at least 4K resolution when designing products like acrylic signs.


The best computer for graphic designers is often associated with extreme performance and a costly price tag.

But there is some decent range of computer that does not blow your budget while delivering decent performance.

You may want to list out the suites of software you’re using and seek the most affordable computer that could run the applications

Form Factor

Some graphic designers prefer a huge workstation sitting majestically on their workspace. Others may prefer a compact but equally powerful computer for their space-constrained environment.

This individual preference can be sorted out easily by checking out the dimensions of the computers from various brands.

Top 10 Best Computer For Graphic Designers

We have always insisted that our graphic designers use only computers with the highest performance in the market. Here’s a list that of shortlisted models fits for any graphic designers.

1. Apple iMac 5K Retina

Best Computer For Graphic Designers - Apple iMac
Apple iMac 5K Retina

Graphic designers who happen to be loyal fans of Apple should have this powerful machine in their office.

It has a stunning 5K display that can produce up to one billion colors, thanks to Apple’s spacial and dithering technology. It’s also worth mentioning that the retina display is unbelievably bright.

Powering the machine is an Intel i5 Quad Core 3.7 GHz processor and an equally powerful Radeon Pro 580 graphics card. You’ll have ample of storage space to work with as the iMac 5K Retina is equipped with a 2TB Fusion drive.

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2. Microsoft Surface Studio

Best Computer For Graphic Designers - Microsoft Surface Studio
Microsoft Surface Studio

This impressive desktop PC from Microsoft is worth checking out despite its exorbitant price.

You’ll get to enjoy the 10-bit colors from the 28 inches display that boast a higher than 4K resolution. It sports a modern design with a thin bezel outlining the display making the visual looks more appealing to the eye.

The most expensive configuration runs from an Intel i7 processor with 32GB of DDR4 RAM. Thanks to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M graphic processor, it’s indisputably the best computer for graphic designers to create their next masterpiece.

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3.  HP Envy 34

Best Computer For Graphic Designers - HP Envy 34
HP Envy 34

What’s better than an AIO PC with a large monitor? Challenging the conventional flat screen by curving it elegantly just like the HP Envy 34. The HP Envy 34 features a powerful Intel i7 processor and an NVIDIA Geforce GTX GPU.

It also offers a generous 2TB of HDD storage with an additional 256GB of SSD for faster loading speed.

The massive 34” display is a little bit short of a 4K resolution, as it’s only capable of projecting  3,440×1,440 pixels, which provides a decent image. Overall, it’s a desktop PC that can easily be your best companion in demanding design works.

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4. Asus Zen AiO Pro Z240IC

Best Computer For Graphic Designers - Asus Zen AIO
Asus Zen AIO Pro Z240IC

Asus rarely disappoint when it comes to producing a reliable performance-driven computer. The same holds true for the Asus Zen AiO Pro Z240C desktop. Driven by an Intel i7 processor, gaming graphics and 32GB of RAM, you’ll have an effortless experience working with complex design.

The full metal design gives it a stunning look that more than matches competing machines. It’s also worth mentioning that the 23.8” 4K display is also touch-capable, offering you an alternative way to navigate around. On top of that, Asus fitted an Intel RealSense 3D camera on top of the display, that allows gesture-based control on the PC.

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5. Dell XPS X8700 Special Edition

Best Computer For Graphic Designers - Dell XPS
Dell XPS X8700 Special Edition

While the Dell XPS 8700 bears an ordinary design, the internal components pack a processing power that would satisfy most graphic designers. Dell fitted the latest i7 processor into the computer and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 for optimal graphics performance.

The highest configuration lands you with a 32GB DDR4 for heavy graphics work. You’ll need to purchase a separate monitor as Dell does not ship one with the desktop unit. The XPS 8700 may not match up with some of the top performing computers in the market, but it’s definitely an economical option that still does the trick.

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6. Alienware Aurora R7

Best Computer For Graphic Designers - Alienware Aurora
Alienware Aurora R7

The Alienware Aurora R7 is a perfect machine for graphic designers who are developing the next generation of virtual reality contents. It’s a pure gaming computer that oozes power and speed from an NVIDIA gaming graphic card. Besides the equally powerful Intel i7 processor, you’ll enjoy up to 2TB of HDD and 512GB of SSD for storage.

The exterior screams a gaming PC from afar and with 15 USB ports, you’ll never have to fumble around for a USB hub. Graphics-intensive games sailed smoothly on the Alienware Aurora R7 and you can expect the same experience when working with your VR design.

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7. HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop

Best Computer For Graphic Designers - HP Pavillion
HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop

The best computer for graphic designers to work on game content is on a gaming desktop itself. HP’s offering of premium gaming desktop is a great fit for graphic designers even if they spent little time in gaming themselves. For a start, you’re able to configure the desktop with graphics cards from either NVIDIA or AMD.

Unlike most gaming desktops that feature daring and bold design, HP opted for a sleek and elegant outlook to disguise the powerful machine within.

As the HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop supports to 64 GB of RAM, you’ll never experience sluggish multitasking ever again. This desktop is yet to be released at the moment of writing, but you’ll want to check it out again when it does.

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8. Lenovo IdeaCentre 720

Best Computer For Graphic Designers - Lenovo Ideacentre
Lenovo IdeaCentre 720

Buying a new computer for your graphic designs need does not always have to result in a major damage to your budget. At least, not with the Lenovo IdeaCentre 729. Underneath its modest exterior is hardware powerful enough for running your graphic design software. With the latest Intel i7 processor and 8GB of RAM, they serve the basic needs of most graphic designers.

The choice of either NVIDIA or AMD RADEON graphic cards offers a diverse yet powerful choice of graphics performance. It’s a great computer for graphic designers who need a decent computer to work with at a reasonable price.

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9. Asus G11CD

Best Computer For Graphic Designers - Asus G11CD
Asus G11CD

Yet another powerful gaming PC delivered by Asus in a compact futuristic casing. It’s a great fit for graphic designers who are into gaming themselves or juggling various gaming design projects. Enhanced by the NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards and the latest Intel i7 processor, you wouldn’t be disappointed by the performance it delivered.

Its compact design means it’s the best computer for graphic designers who’s workspace is already crowded to start with. With up to 2TB of hard disk space, there’s plenty of room for your design files in this small but powerful tower computer.

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10. Asus ROG G20CI

Best Computer For Graphic Designers - Asus ROG G20CI
Asus ROG G20CI

The year 2017 sees major VR headset manufacturers perfecting their products. The demand for VR driven application demands a computer like the ASUS ROG G20CI for graphic designers. Powered by an Intel i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU, it is ready to provide seamless VR experience on the Oculus Rift.

Contained in a small and beautiful design casing, this powerful machine carries a rather expensive price tag. But when VR experience is concerned, this is definitely the best computer for graphic designers to check out.

Have you found the best computer to aid you in your graphic designs project? Share your personal choice with us in the comment below.

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