Best CorelDraw Alternatives

Best CorelDraw Alternatives

Best CorelDraw Alternatives

Regardless of whether you’re seeking a budget-friendly illustration software or you have unmet design requirements, this list of the best CorelDraw alternatives will be of great help.

Few graphic designers would recall the day when CorelDraw was born in the 1980s. However, none would dispute that CorelDraw is one of the best vector illustration tools in the market. One of its latest program tools is the LiveSketch which provides a natural drawing environment for professional artists.

Graphic designers who love to sketch on their tablet computers will find Corel Draw a natural fit for intuitive sketching. Its collection of filters and illustration tools enable graphic designers to make quick changes to their design. However, the rather high cost of the license could put some graphic designers off.

Here are some great of the best CorelDraw alternatives that will get your illustration projects up and running.

1. Adobe Illustrator CC

Best CorelDraw Alternatives

The Adobe Illustrator is undisputedly the best vector drawing application in the graphic design industry. The latest update released in 2018 offers graphic designers a rich set of delightful enhancement that will enrich their designs. Besides providing superior performance, the updated Illustrator delivers an improved Properties panel and a new Puppet Warp tool.

Graphic designers would also find adjusting the onscreen controls a more natural process. Adobe has made a brilliant decision to make powers like anchor points and handled visibly more significant on the screen. Despite the multiple updates, Adobe Illustrator’s precision drawing remain uncompromised.

With the aid of the Pen Tool, you can create impressive vector paths right on your screen. The addition of 6 new typefaces serves as more reason to install the Illustrator right away. Of course, being the best amongst its peer, it comes at a somewhat premium price on a subscription basis.

2. Inkscape

Best CorelDraw Alternatives

One of the best CorelDraw alternatives that you can own at no cost is Inkscape. It is a formidable vector illustration tool that would give the best-paid programs a run for its money. You can expect a broad selection of vector editing tools that match those in CorelDraw.

Inkscape uses the SVG as a native file format while providing extensive support for other popular formats like EPS, PostScript, PNG, and TIF. The advanced editing tools allow you to make changes to nodes easily and execute complex path operations. The software also includes a command line interface where you can run tasks smoothly.

This vector editing software has a rich set of color selector schemes supporting RGB, HSL, CMYK, color wheel, and CMS. Of course, the best part of Inkscape is that it’s available for free download and works on major operating systems.

3. Xara Designer Pro X

Best CorelDraw Alternatives

Zara was one of the pioneers that produced game-changing software technologies since the 1980s. The Designer Pro X is its signature design suite that offers more than mere vector illustration. In fact, it could be the only software you need for executing various projects.

The Designer Pro X distinguishes itself by its superior processing speed, thanks to the underlying advanced vector rendering engine. It boasts an intuitive set of editing tools that allow you to add effects like transparency or shadows onto your design with ease.

Besides being an ideal software for creating vector graphics like logos, the Designer Pro X also optimizes for a web-page, or social media oriented designs. It has a collection of quality templates that you can utilize for effective online branding.

4. Affinity Designer

Best CorelDraw Alternatives

Affinity Designer is a relatively new entry in the illustration software industry monopolized by well-established giants. It is unfazed by the competition and is proving to be a decent option for graphic designers who are working within the Mac environment.

The software offers a bright and modern interface for graphic designers. Its tools are arranged in an organized manner, thus reducing the learning curve for new users. You’ll find necessary editing tools like the drawing pen and complex vector editing tools readily available.

It features an extensive set of perfect geometry where you can customize shapes to your liking in the workspace. A unique feature of Affinity Designer that deserves mention is the ability for graphic designers to switch from vector to pixel to work with layers and raster brushes within the same application.

5. Scribus

Best CorelDraw Alternatives

CorelDraw may be an all-powerful vector design suite, but when you are working correctly for print publishing, a more economical option is available. Scribus is one of the best CorelDraw alternatives that is made available for free for major operating systems.

Scribus is a desktop printing program that helps designers to create stunning brochures, newsletters, books and posters with its specialized features. It optimizes for getting your design publisher ready with color management and PDF generation. In fact, Scribus is the first desktop publishing program that supports the technical PDF/X-3 specification.

In the case of corrupted design files, recovery is possible as Scribus uses a human-readable format. Despite being an open sourced application, Scribus has a vibrant community that you could rely on for support and a wiki to get your way around in creating your first design.

6. Skencil

Best CorelDraw Alternatives

Skencil may be an unfamiliar name to some graphic designers, but this vector drawing tool has been around for quite some time. It was formerly known as Sketch and is available for download under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

The application is on the Phyton programming language, and this means that plugins created by the community are readily available. Besides loaded with the standard vector editing features, Skencil allows users to bend the text on a long path.

Accessing the tools on the software is further simplified with supported keyboard shortcuts. You’ll also find that it is possible to import and export raster and postscript images reliably. It may not be the most potent vector editing around, but it does fine for basic editing needs.

7. Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

Best CorelDraw Alternatives

One of the best Corel Draw alternatives that you’ll expect to pay for is now free for individuals. Sketchbook Pro, developed by Autodesk is a powerful sketching application that works for computers and mobile devices. It made drawing on a digital canvas a painless experience.

The user interface of the Sketchbook Pro is intuitive enough that hides the panel until you’re about to select a tool of your choice. It can hold a 100mpx canvas where you can draw with high precision and speed.

You’ll be spoilt for choice as there are over 190 different markers, brushes, pens and other editing tools. You can draw precise lines or curves with the various types of rulers available. Finished drawings are exported easily to popular formats. It is everything you need to turn a concept into finished pictures.


Best CorelDraw Alternatives

Vectr is another one of the best CorelDraw alternatives that wouldn’t hurt your budget. Available for free, you can either download the software to your computer or launch the web version right from the browser.

Either way, you’ll get access to a simple and intuitive interface for vector graphics design. It allows you to create blur-free images with essential vector editing tools. Adding shapes, lines, and text is a hassle-free process with the neatly organized layout. It encourages collaborative efforts by assigning a URL to each design.

Vectr also provides some useful tutorials that help designers to navigate around the application and create various types of designs. It’s probably not in the league of the heavyweight’s vector drawing competitors, but there are potential for it down the road.

9. ZeusDraw

Best CorelDraw Alternatives

ZeusDraw presents a decent option for Mac loyal graphic designers who are in need of a proper vector drawing software. It has a sleek and smooth interface where they arrange tools for accessibility. To run ZeusDraw, you require at least a Mac OS 10.4 or higher.

It’s advanced editing features allow you to view the object as you’re moving or to rotate it. That is much more convenient for graphic designers than a moving boundary box. It’s selection of brushes that includes flat brush, multi-hair brush and shaded brush allows painting a wide range of vector objects.

The path tool provided by ZeusDraw enable easy manipulation of shapes and greater control of the nodes. You’ll be able to produce color-rich graphics with either the CMYK or RGB color model.

10. Gravit Designer

Best CorelDraw Alternatives

Gravit Designer deservingly made it to the list as one of the best CorelDraw alternatives that work on both browser and popular operating systems. It is developed on a powerful rendering engine and supports advanced features for vector design.

You can start working on your design after creating a Gravit account. Besides creating basic shapes, lines, and polygons, you can leverage on the more advanced filters, layer and path editing tools.

With a fully rendered CMYK color space, your design will be ready for print instantly. Built with compatibility in mind, Gravit Designer allows you to import and export to popular file formats. Besides that, it’s cloud workspace enables you to share and collaborate with your team quickly.

Did we miss out a deserving entry for this list? Share your best CorelDraw alternatives in the comment below.


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