The 10 Best Cryptocurrency Logos

Best Cryptocurrency Logos

Best Cryptocurrency Logos

Unless you’re oblivious to the development of cryptocurrencies, you’ll be aware that over a thousand different cryptocurrencies are introduced since Bitcoin. And it’s not a coincidence that the thriving ones bear some of the best cryptocurrency logos.


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What Is Cryptocurrency And How It’s Changing Industries

When Bitcoin introduced almost ten years ago as an alternative digital currency, Due to which many were skeptical while some believed in the future where it is heading too. Of course, believers who invested in Bitcoin were laughing to the banks years later, as the value of Bitcoin skyrocketed.

Since then, the introduction of a horde of other cryptocurrencies has taken the industries by storm. The underlying technology of cryptocurrency ensures that all the transactions track in multiple nodes of a decentralized server. This is contrary to what we’ve been used to in regular monetary transactions.

For a detailed, and yet simple explanation of how cryptocurrency works, check out this article at Coin Central.

Financial institutions over the world are split on their decisions to accept cryptocurrencies as a valid currency, especially Bitcoin. However, Some private companies are quick to take Bitcoin as a legitimate payment method as they realized the fraud-prevention mechanism of the cryptocurrency.

Why Designing The Right Cryptocurrency Logo Matters

When it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies or transacting in one, trust truly matters. That is understandable when you’re trying to part your hard earned cash for digital cash where its mechanism is beyond the understanding for most people.

Within thousands of cryptocurrencies vying for attention, and possibly survival, branding is of utmost importance. The professionalism involved in getting the logo right speaks volume of the identity and trust the particular cryptocurrency is trying to convey to potential investors.

The basics of a well-designed logo are that it communicates clarity and simplicity. Therefore, the image of the logo must be able to project a trusted brand to the consumers. That involves the right choice of colors and shape that draws the right emotion from people. A great cryptocurrency logo conveys the brand message effectively.

Tips For Designing A Cryptocurrency Logo

Designing a cryptocurrency logo shares similar principle to logo creation for other niches. It requires the same considerations just as creating a logo for a business card or website. For a start, you’ll need to understand the nature of the business, in this sense, the cryptocurrency and the values to the users.

You can start by designing the wordmark, using an appropriate form that goes along with the theme and style of the cryptocurrency. Also, it’s essential to deliver a unique identity for the wordmark involves modifying the letters creatively.

The next step involves designing the unique mark, which usually consists of a symbol that evolves to represent the cryptocurrency identity. It should be simple, unique and memorable to users of the cryptocurrency.

Both the wordmark and unique mark must be able to co-exist harmoniously to form the final version of the logo. A choice of colors that reflects trust and credibility is helpful, as cryptocurrencies involve monetary transaction in a digital form that many may feel alien to.

10 Best Cryptocurrency Logos Analyzed

It’s almost impossible to comment on the entire range of cryptocurrency logos. Therefore, we’ve picked ten that made a great first impression when we first set our eyes on them.

1. Bitcoin

Best Cryptocurrency Logos - Bitcoin

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency introduced to the world. As a result, it has enjoyed great popularity due to the massive implosion of its value in recent years. It’s no coincidence that Bitcoin has one of the best cryptocurrency logos that enhanced its brand.

The logo features an intelligent design that merges the capital letter B with the double horizontal line of the dollar sign. Another key point the orange circle is a clear representation of a coin that Bitcoin derives its name from. It uses a simple italic font that conveys the vigorous growth of its value.

2. Litecoin

Best Cryptocurrency Logos - Litecoin

Litecoin provides peer to peer payment facility with its internet-based currency. It has a significantly faster transaction and confirmation time than competing cryptocurrencies. Thanks to its improvised critical functions for this reason Litecoin enjoys decent trade support and trade volume.

As a rival to Bitcoin, Litecoin logo shares the similarity of using the first letter of its name. Instead of a standard capital ‘L,’ it carries inspiration of the sterling pound sign £. The silver background denotes the traditional mode of currency that is comparable to Bitcoin’s gold.

3.  NEM

Best Cryptocurrency Logos - NEM

NEM features a comprehensive blockchain platform that combines speed and scalability optimization. Its Smart Asset System allows various applications to implement NEM with ease while maintaining security and stability. Another key point It provides an attractive solution to firms seeking to implement private blockchain architecture.

Its logo is a perfect example of how simplicity defines the best cryptocurrency logos. A 3 letter representing the company’s name is set in Helvetica font while a distinct symbol of interconnecting shapes provides the vibrant focus to the logo. It fits nicely with NEM’s similarly minimalist website design.

4. ZCash

Best Cryptocurrency Logos - ZCASh

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, ZCash protects your transaction history from the prying eyes of the public using a technology termed ‘zero-knowledge cryptography.’ This new level of open security doors to an entirely new possibility of applications. Another critical point users of ZCash will have the peace of mind knowing their private information are always safe.

The ZCash logo brings immediate focus to the ‘Z’ symbol which bears a similar style as Bitcoin where a vertical stroke accentuates the letter. However, the symbol combines the word ‘cash’ to form the complete identity of the cryptocurrency.

5. Iota

Best Cryptocurrency Logos - IOTA

Iota shows tremendous potential to be the next giant in the cryptocurrency world. It utilizes IoT to verify its transactions and depends on a unique tangled architecture of operations to maintain integrity and security. The advantage of the tangled network is the increased efficiency invalidating sales when the traffic grows.

The creative team of Iota designs its logo with futurism in mind. It uses a minimalist font to indicate its position as the upcoming cryptocurrency in the future. Rather than the typical circle, its inter-circular shape delivers a touch of elegance to the design. It’s one of the best cryptocurrency logos around.

6. Ripple

Best Cryptocurrency Logos - Ripple


Ripple’s advanced blockchain infrastructure applies in top financial institutions and payment gateways around the world. Hence, it is a reliable global payment system with a focus on reliability and safety of transactions. Ripple allows multiple payment networks to interoperate safely.

Modern and trust are the core of Ripple’s logo design. The use of blue brings element trustworthiness to its potential users. Also, the logo features three individual circles that connect at the center, which may imply how Ripple is bridging the traditional payment network.

7. Dash

Best Cryptocurrency Logos - Dash

Dash position itself as a digital currency that is both superior in speed and security. It regulates its transactions by 200 TerraHash of X11 ASIC computing powers and has a network of over 4500 servers around the world. Another critical point it is one of the fastest growing digital cash networks since its inception in 2014.

You can find pure ingenuity in the creation of the Dash logo. Derived from digital cash, the letter ‘D’ stands out as it forms by the first letter in ‘Digital Cash.’ It gives the logo-name a unique identity that is true to what it represents. The Dash logo is arguably one of the best cryptocurrency logos in the industry.

8.  Monero

Best Cryptocurrency Logos - Monero

Monero is a highly secure cryptocurrency that has the 9th largest marketing capitalization in the industry. It uses a ‘ring signature’ to ensure the protection of individual identities from the public. That made it an attractive choice for users who are concerned about covering their tracks in the cryptocurrency transactions.

The logo stands out with two different colors separating the symbol. The ‘M’ in the symbol is white in color and has existed in opposite harmony to the word ‘Monero’ that is in the dark. The use of capitals instills a sense of trustworthiness psychologically.

9. Ethereum

Best Cryptocurrency Logos - Ethereum

On the trail of Bitcoin as a leading cryptocurrency is Ethereum. It is a powerful decentralized cryptocurrency platform that eliminates downtime and at the same time has no risks of third-party disruption. Besides, the flexibility of the Ethereum platform allows the introduction of private cryptocurrency using its standard coin API.

Ethereum opted for a minimalist design that includes a blend of different shades for its logo. Its shape bears similarity to diamond, indicating the preciousness of the cryptocurrency. A horizontal split in the shape points to the requirements for two parties to complete a transaction.

10. Cardano

Best Cryptocurrency Logos - Cardano

A global effort of an engineers and researchers results in Cardano, a decentralized blockchain and cryptocurrency platform that is research driven. Eventually, the platform will support financial applications that users are currently using in their daily life, only in a more secure and accountable environment.

Cardano’s simplistic logo design deserves mention in this list of the best cryptocurrency logos. Its symmetrical circular composition of dotted shapes is captivating and reflects the scientific approach that drives the cryptocurrency.

Does any of the logo inspire you?  When you buy that Lambo, don’t forget about our custom car wraps, trailer graphics, and boat wraps! Did we miss out a deserving entry in this list of the best cryptocurrency logos? Share your thoughts in the comment below.


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