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25 Best Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

Best Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

After spending a couple of hours staring on your new business card design, you realized that it’s missing the right font that will deliver perfection. Choosing a front from the hundreds available is an overwhelming process. To help you with the predicament, here are 25 best fonts that will transform your incomplete design.

1. Rockwell

Best Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

The Rockwell font is one of the most robust and adaptable of the slab serif family. It is characterized by unique Q-tail and flat-top A, as with common serifs font but with a unique style that made the font stands out from typical modern serif fonts. The variant within the font is ideal for making commanding titles and text copy that are ideal for both online and print media.

2. Enclave

Best Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

The defining style of Enclave was born out of the inspiration in a quest of seeking the right typeface for the tiger exhibit at the Bronx Zoo. It features characteristics of ancient Egyptian civilizations that stifled some of the distinct features of serif fonts. You’ll find this font ideal for brochures or other corporate designs.

3. Kondolar

Best Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

The Kondolar typeface was created from a simple structure of straight sides and soft horizontal curves. It features an alternate extended leg of “K” and “R” which may initially seem out of place on its own but works beautifully as a whole. It is one of the best fonts that works for both print and web design.

4. Gotham

Best Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

Gotham is a unique typeface that is derived from the architecture of New York. It was inspired by the classic lettering used in the city for more than a half century. It features an unusual blend of mood that reflects the persona of the city itself. It’s an excellent font for space-tight designs.

5. Modern No 20

Best Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

Edward Benguiat designed the Modern No 20 typeface for Bitstream, and it’s ideal for making headlines look classy. It is available in both standard and italic font and features a unique curve on the tail of some of the alphabets like ‘a’, ‘h’, and ‘t’. It was used for the logo of Pentagram, the world’s largest independent design studio.

6.Mrs Eaves

Best Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

This font was designed by Zuzana Licko in 1996 and is inspired by the life of Sarah Eaves, who would eventually marry John Baskerville, a renowned figure in the printing industry. The font hints subtle influence of Baskerville’s work and you may notice it being used in the WordPress logo. It’s one of the best fonts to have in your design.

7. Bodoni

Best Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

The Bodoni typeface has a deep history which stemmed from the 1700s and has undergone multiple interpretations by various design studio along the centuries. It is a favorite in logo design thanks to its even geometry and unbracketed serifs. This popular font has made its way to popular logos like Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, and Elizabeth Arden.

8. Gill Sans

Best Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

Gill Sans was designed by Eric Gill, a talented printmaker in 1928. Since then, it has been used in virtually any country and almost any applications in the creative industry. The font’s popularity was due to the distinctive design that makes it easier to be adopted in almost any media. In modern days, Gill Sans has been the typeface of BBC since the late 90s.

9. Freight Sans

Best Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

If you’re looking for the perfect font for modern branding purposes, you’ll find the Freight Sans highly adaptable for your design. It’s created by Joshua Darden and features modern characters that blend in with today’s branding requirements. The Freight Sans offers an alternative when you need a font that carries a friendlier style.

10. Garamond

Best Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

Garamond is a typeface that dated back to to the 1600s. It was based on the carvings of Claude Garamond, a popular French designer. Some of its unique features include a small eye of the ‘e’ and the outward extension of the leg of ‘R’. Various creative companies, including Adobe, have redeveloped this typeface. The font works wonderfully for logos, websites, and commercial designs.

11. Futura

Best Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

Futura is one of the best fonts if you’re working on space-sensitive designs. It was created by Paul Renner and later reinterpreted by the Bauer Type Foundry of Frankfurt. The characters are made of simple geometric shape that made the font to be highly readable when shrunk to smaller sizes. It’s an ideal font for creating short captions and quotes.

12. Sentinel

Best Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

One of the shortcomings of classic slab serif fonts like Clarendon is the absence of italics, as traditions strictly confine them. Sentinel challenges this limitation by offering a complete style that is adaptable for various media. The font made use of thick and thin texture perfectly while maintaining a contemporary impression.

13. Black Sabbath

Best Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

The Black Sabbath is a typeface that makes a bold statement on the headline, literally. Created by Stefan Kjartansson, it is one of the boldest fonts around and features geometric characters that deliver a stylish outcome. It is derived from the OpenType format with clever innovations along the way. It has since captured the attention of leading design firms.

14. Rooney

Best Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

Rooney is one of the best fonts to go about when you need a hint of modern touches on an old-serif typeface. A combination of a soft curve on classic serious letterform projects a warm feeling to the design. It has a Pro version with all the variants that help serious designers in any typography works.

15. Bembo

Best Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

Bembo is another excellent revival of a classic serif font which was first created in 1496. If you’re working on a book, Bembo will be a perfect typeface that delivers stylish yet classical impression. This interesting font was later released under the Monotype label in 1929.

16. Univers

Best Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

Univers is a unique font that encompasses uniformity in its design. Adrian Frutiger designed it in 1957 where each element are given strict considerations that result in a versatile font. Modern designers prefer the font for its simplicity, and it can be easily used in creating websites, posters, and signage.

17. Open Sans

Best Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

Open Sans is a relatively new typeface that was designed Steve Matteson and became the second highest used typeface on Google Fonts. Its friendly and straightforward outlook make it an attractive option for websites and print media alike. There is a huge range of variants available with an italic version accompanying different weights of the typeface.

18. Caslon

Best Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

Caslon was created in the 18th century by William Caslon. Throughout the centuries, it has been widely used as a font that symbolizes romance and warmth. It is a versatile font that can be applied in various media format. In recent years, Adobe has refined the font for modern graphic designers.

19. Linotype Didot

Best Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

Using Didot in your design brings the reader back to the historical period of Enlightenment in France. Created by Firmin Didot, this typeface carries the artistic characteristics of France during the 18th and 19th century. It is the perfect font to add an elegant touch to classic-themed designs that you’re working on.

20. Otto

Best Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

Otto is one of the best fonts that you could use for creating stunning logos. Created by Non Format Studio, this stunning font has been used by major brands like Nike, Uniqlo, and Orange. The perfect combination of thin lines and blocks projects a balanced dual personality when used in large format.

21. Cumulus And Foam

Best Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

If you’re working for a brand that requires fun and bubbly touch, the Cumulus and Foam typeface is the right fit. This artistic font was designed by Stefan Kjartansso and creates a dreamlike impression with its cloud-shaped characters. Its refined version strikes a balance between readability and preserving the essence of art.

22. F37 Bella

Best Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

Both New York and Paris are beautiful cities in their own right, and the F37 Bella font is created with the best of both cities. Based on the work of John Pistilli, Herb Lubalin and Jan Tschichold, this font has proven to be favorite amongst designers and has bagged the DC Tokyo 2012 award. It is perfect to create headlines with a vintage feel.

23. Lora

Best Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

Olga Karpushina designed Lora in 2011. This typeface was inspired by calligraphy which is reflected by the curves in the characters. It works best when used in the body text of books or other similar publications. With its impression of a modern essay, you could also use it in building beautiful websites.

24. Libre Baskerville

Best Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

Libre Baskerville is one of the best fonts to work with web media. It is an open-source project initiated that was based on American Type Founder’s Baskerville from 1941. This evolved version has a taller ‘x’ and lesser contrast besides spotting wider counters. The characters are optimized to be read easily on screen.

25. Anurati

Best Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own

Need a font that’s designed for the future? Get Anurati. Emmeran Richard designed it while he was working on his website. The letters are unconventional as some lines are ‘missing’ from the typeface. They are designed to be easily readable. Anurati is free for download and modified in your work.

Which of the above fonts appeal to you? Did we miss out an awesome font? Share your thoughts in the comment below.

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