Best Free Alternative To Adobe Illustrator 2019

Best Free Alternative To Adobe Illustrator

Best Free Alternative To Adobe Illustrator

Looking for the best free alternative to Adobe Illustrator?  When it comes to vector graphics software, Adobe Illustrator is arguably the leading software in the industry. Scalable vector graphics editing is essential in various fields of graphic designs. However, the monthly subscription can turn up to be rather expensive for freelancers or startups. This is why many graphic designers are searching for the best free alternative to Adobe Illustrator.

10 of the Best Free Alternatives To Adobe Illustrator

To save you costly license fee, we have put together a list of free alternative to Adobe Illustrator.

1. SVG-Edit

Best Free Alternative To Adobe Illustrator - SVG Edit

You can skip all the tedious downloads and installations with SVG-edit. It’s a web-based SVG editor that you can access for free to easily make changes to SVG files. HTML5, Javascript, and CSS all support the editor. This means that it doesn’t have any server processing latency.

The vector editing tools line the side panel, making the user interface extremely organized. You can easily create standard shapes using lines, circles, and polygon or make use of paths and gradients. When you’re happy the graphics, the editor allows you to save it into various formats, including PNG, JPG, and BMP.

Being an open-source SVG-editor, it undergoes continuous enhancement from the effort of a community of programmers. From its initial release in 2009, it has grown to support all modern browsers including Chrome, Mozilla, and Firefox. These make the SVG-Edit program a great free alternative to Adobe Illustrator.


2. Gravit Designer

Best Free Alternative To Adobe Illustrator - Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer is arguably the best free alternative to Adobe Illustrator that works on all major computing platforms. Initially available on popular browsers, you can now download and install the software on various operating systems like Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

You can find basic vector graphics editing tools like pen, line, slice and the Bezigon from the editor. Tools like rectangle, polygon, and ellipse make shapes creation easy. Besides enhancing the vector graphics with live-filters, you’ll also find decent typographic support in the editor interface.

When starting with a new design, Gravit Designer allows you to choose from a blank template or modify from existing design submitted by other users. You can save your works online in the Gravit Cloud when you registered for an account. This allows you the flexibility of working on the design on different devices.


3. LibreOffice Draw

Best Free Alternative To Adobe Illustrator - LibreOffice Draw

If you’re already using LibreOffice, you may be staring at a decent free alternative to Adobe Illustrator without realizing it. LibreOffice draw, a component within the office suite allows viewing, editing and creating SVG files. You can download for free and have the software installed on MacOS, Windows or Linux.

LibreOffice Draw aids technical drawings with flowcharts and diagrams. It has an advanced text feature that lets you annotate the drawings that you’re working on. You can also enhance your drawings with the font work tool, that allows you to create 3D visuals in the drawing.

This is probably not what you’ll imagine an alternative to Adobe Illustrator will be like, but it does pull its worth in supporting the requirement of SVG editing in technical drawings. If simple SVG editing is all you need, the LibreOffice draw is the answer.


4.  Draw SVG

Best Free Alternative To Adobe Illustrator - Draw SVG

Another feature packed web-based SVG editor that deserved a mention is Draw SVG. Chrome and Firefox run Draw SVG  best. The program supports pure HTML5 and CSS. The tool is great for graphic designers and content publishers who are looking forward to creating impressive vector graphics with ease.

Draw SVG features a vast array of design tools, all arranged systematically. You’ll find basic editing elements such as line and bezier curves to get started with the design. Draw SVG also provides a handy tool for modifying any objects in the design. You can easily change the order of the objects or shift the geometry control points of a shape.

This online SVG editor also boasts a broad range of rendering tool to enhance your graphics. You’ll have the options of choosing the different fill styles, stroke styles, and text styles to enhance the graphics for printing on foam core. Besides saving into the SVG format, the editor also provides a converter to export the design to PNG file.


5. Calligra Karbon

Best Free Alternative To Adobe Illustrator - Calligra Karbon

Whether you’re a beginner seeking a free alternative to Adobe Illustrator or a seasoned artist seeking for the right platform for mesmerizing artwork, Calligra Karbon is a worthy option for Linux users. It has a user-friendly interface that is both customizable and extensible.

You’ll find the layer docker handy in previewing images and grouping different shapes. The editor also features a broad range of drawing tools, including a calligraphy brush to create realistic illustrations. The variety of snapping tools allows you greater precision and control with the graphics.

You can also align text with on path outlines with the supporting tools on Karbon. The advanced path editing tools make it easy for you to refine the path shapes. The fact that the free SVG editor can be extended with plugins made it a viable choice for graphic designers who are trying to save on license fees.


6. Vectr

Best Free Alternative To Adobe Illustrator - Vectr

This is another highly acclaimed SVG editor that cost nothing to use. You can download the offline version or start creating SVG images on the web-editor. Beginners would love the intuitive interface that requires little time to pick up. The comprehensive tutorials provided will be useful as well.

Despite its ease of use, Vectr is a powerful SVG editor by itself. It has all the basic editing tools that you’ll need, such as lines, shapes, backgrounds, and border. They are more than enough for editing existing images or creating a new vector graphic. You can create designs like logos and icon with ease in the editor.

Vectr has a unique feature that allows your SVG files to be hosted on its server. This means you can easily embed the file hosted on Vectr servers to external mediums just by copying the URL. Where free SVG editor is concerned, Vectr definite shine with its modern outlook.

7. BoxySVG

Best Free Alternative To Adobe Illustrator - BoxySVG

BoxySVG is an SVG editor that utilizes Chrome-based rendering engine. This means that the scalable vectors are rendered similarly to popular web browsers. While the desktop versions command a small fee, the web-based editor is accessible for free. Any graphic designers can easily start creating vector graphics by launching the editor in the browser.

The web-based editor features a nice and clean interface where all the tools are arranged in an organized manner. The basic drawing tools like lines, text, and polygons are available next to the canvas. Advanced tools like shape manipulation and object management can be accessed from the drop-down menu at the left side of the editor.

To cut short the design time, you have access to more than 100 keyboard shortcuts that are customizable. Your final artwork can be saved in both SVG and SVGZ format and also imported to popular formats like JPG and PNG.


8. FatPaint

Best Free Alternative To Adobe Illustrator - FatPaint

What’s better than a free vector editor is one that is able to edit raster graphics as well. That’s what FatPaint is all about. It’s a free-to-use online graphics editor although there are a small group of professionals who contribute to the fund for sustainable development.

You can easily create logo or banner with the aid of the thousands of vector clip arts and fonts available in the editor. FatPaint also features an advanced 3D text manipulation capability that allows you to configure various options including extrusion depth and camera positions.

FatPaint currently supports all popular browsers and is arguably one of the easiest online SVG editors to use. As you start the web-based editor, a template manager appears allowing you to start with ready templates for various products. These are great for printing Trade Show Display Booths.


9. Vecteezy Editor

Best Free Alternative To Adobe Illustrator - Vecteezy Editor

Vecteezy is a great place to hunt for high-quality vector graphics and its accompanying Vecteezy Editor allows you to edit the vectors or create new ones from scratch. The editor has a clean layout that ensures a short learning curve for beginners.

The user-friendly tools allow you to easily make changes to any of the elements in the vector graphic. You can move the elements with ease or adjust the transparency on the toolbar. There is also a complete gallery of vector illustrations that you can insert into the design.

The editor allows you to save your work when you signed up for the account. Downloads of your finished design are available in SVG and PNG format. It may be a far shot from a powerful desktop SVG editor, but if you’re using Vecteezy’s vector graphics, this is the most economical way to make edits.


10. Inkscape

Best Free Alternative To Adobe Illustrator - Inkscape

Inkscape is the best free alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Enough said. It rivals the best-paid SVG editor software with all the features that you need to create stunning vector graphics. It also supports multiple platforms on the computer, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Besides the standard drawing tools, Inkscape has a rich set of filters and spiral tools that bring your graphics to life. It also includes an advanced text tool that’s lacking in some free editors. The color selector allows you to choose from multiple color spectrums and object manipulations is easily perform with the controls available.

This powerful editor supports a wide range of file format. Besides SVG, it also supports popular formats like PNG, DXF, PDF, and PostScripts. Both professionals and beginners will find it an adequate replacement for Adobe Illustrator.

Found what you need to get started with vector graphics editing for free? Share your choice with us in the comment section.


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