Best Free Alternative To Adobe Photoshop in 2019

Best Free Alternative To Adobe Photoshop

Best Free Alternative To Adobe Photoshop

Looking for the Best Free Alternative To Adobe Photoshop?  Adobe Photoshop is synonymous with the best photo editing software in the industry. , In addition to Graphic designers can easily harvest the power of Adobe Photoshop to turn ordinary photos into masterpieces. However, the premium price tags can send graphic designers looking for the best free alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

The internet is littered with free photo editing software but not all of them are well-suited for graphic design purposes. To stand a chance of replacing Adobe Photoshop, these software programs need to substantially powerful and offer advanced features such as layer management and a rich array of photo editing tools.


Top 10 Best Free Alternative To Adobe Photoshop

We scoured the internet to seek the best free alternative to Adobe Photoshop so that you can start your photo editing tasks without breaking the bank.

1. Krita

Best Free Alternative To Adobe Photoshop - Krita

The open-source Krita is not only one of the best free alternative to Adobe Photoshop, but it is also compatible with Windows, iOS and Linux platform. Specifically, this open-source platform is ideal for graphic designers who are looking for great and free solutions for creating stunning art illustrations.

You’ll find that Krita interface is highly customizable and easy to use. It features 9 brush engines that are customizable to suit your design needs. The pop-up palette and Krita’s tagging system allow you to quickly swap brush and apply brilliant touches of color on the canvas.

A notable feature on Krita is the wrap-around mode, where you can toggle the viewing mode to have multiple references to the image repeating itself along the horizontal and vertical axis. Any changes made to one of the images will be automatically updated in all the references.

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

Best Free Alternative To Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Photoshop Express
Adobe Photoshop Express

The full-blown version of Adobe Photoshop may be quite expensive for some graphic designers, but the Adobe Photoshop Express is definitely a decent alternative. This lightweight version of the image editing tool from Adobe is available for Windows, iOS, and Android platforms.

You’ll be able to start tweaking your images with photo editing tools like red-eye and blemish removal. Adjustment for contrast and exposure can also be done easily with the intuitive interface. The free image editing software allows you to work on raw image file formats which are great for custom presenation folders and table tents.

The editor allows you to safely revert to the original image as all the edits are done in a non-destructive manner. For graphic designers who love sharing their works on social media, Adobe Photoshop Express allows quick sharing on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.

3. Paint.NET

Best Free Alternative To Adobe Photoshop - Paint.NET

Paint.NET may resemble an advanced version of Microsoft Paint, but it is definitely a serious contender as one of the best free alternatives to Adobe Photoshop. What started as a college project has grown into a comprehensive photo editing software that doesn’t cost anything to download.

You’ll find powerful features that are similar to those in Adobe Photoshop. For instance, the layers feature allows you to overlap different layers of different images for your design. You can also easily tweak the properties of an image like contrast, hue, and brightness with

Graphic designers who crave more advanced image editing features can tap into the extensive plugins developed by the community. You’ll have more functions and filters fine-tune the visuals of your design. It’s a well-balanced image editor in terms of functionality and user interface.  This will not work for larger projects such as elevator wraps or building wraps.


Best Free Alternative To Adobe Photoshop - GIMP

GIMP is arguably the best free alternative to Adobe Photoshop. Not only that, the interface that you’ll get when you launch this open source editor looks strikingly familiar to Photoshop too. If you’re looking to create an image from scratch or applying some final touch-ups, GIMP doesn’t disappoint.

You’ll get access to image editing features like layers, filters, and brushes to help you retouch your images. GIMP also boast cool advanced features like bezier curves and animation packages for experienced graphic designers. If that’s not enough, you could turn to the active GIMP community for more useful plugins.

As an open source software, its development is fueled by a collaborative effort of developers. The user interface can be less intuitive than Adobe Photoshop. However, GIMP more than made up for this with the comprehensive collections of video tutorials for beginners and professional graphic designers alike.

5. SumoPaint

Best Free Alternative To Adobe Photoshop - SumoPaint

If you’re looking for the best free alternative to Adobe Photoshop that works on the cloud, SumoPaint is the ideal candidate. This online image editing application has a simple user interface that novice graphic designers can master with little effort. If you’re looking to add a fun factor to your work, you ought to check out SumoPaint.

Despite it being a free application, Sumopaint features the common image editing tools that you’ll find in Photoshop. Line tools, gradient fill, and blur are some of the basic tools that will aid you in your design. You’ll also get access to advanced features like symmetry, star and custom shape tools.

Signing up for SumoPaint not only gives you access to an amazing online image editor but also connecting you with over 4 million users allow the world. This is what made Sumopaint a unique platform in its own right.

6. Pixlr Editor

Best Free Alternative To Adobe Photoshop - Pixlr Editor
Pixlr Editor

Some graphic designers just prefer to do all their works on the browser. If you’re one who hate installing and desktop based image editing software, Pixlr Editor is the right fit for you. It’s almost like launching the Photoshop in browser mode.

Besides importing your picture from files, you can load images from URL or Facebook to save you precious time. Pixlr Editor boasts advanced image manipulation tools like layers and masks on top of the basic editing features. You’ll find easy access to the tools as they are neatly organized at the side panel.

You can edit photos without afraid of making irreversible mistakes. Pixlr Editor history tool allows you to easily trace back the changes that you’ve done and reverse them if necessary. If you’re used to on-the-spot photography, you’ll find the webcam feature in Pixlr Editor welcoming.

7. Photo Pos Pro

Best Free Alternative To Adobe Photoshop - Photo Pos Pro
Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro is another worthy alternative to Adobe Photoshop that is worth mentioning. To date, it has enjoyed more than 10 million downloads around the world. It is a free online image editor that both professional and beginners will love. You can opt for the novice interface if you’re overwhelmed by the expert mode.

You can make edits to RAW image files with Photo Pos Pro. The basic editing tools and the generous amount of filters are more than sufficient. You’ll also have features like auto correction and recovery brushes in the latest version of Photo Pos Pro.

This is the best free alternative to Adobe Photoshop that will help you to create mesmerizing graphics is business cards or website designs. You can also expand the functionality of Photo Pos Pro with the assorted extensions and plugins provided by the developer.

8. Design Wizard

Best Free Alternative To Adobe Photoshop - Design Wizard
Design Wizard

Design Wizard is a great online tool if you’re looking to create inspiring social media graphics for your clients. The free version allows access to all the necessary image editing tools needed for such design needs. If you’re not keen to start from scratch on every project, this image editing tool is for you.

You can choose from the various professionally made template to get started and make changes as you wished. Also, the huge collections of image gallery mean you don’t have to pay excessive royalty fees. It’s all about personalization with Design Wizard where you can add logos or captions to add uniqueness to your works.

Downloads of your final artwork are in high-quality web or print format. There’s also a Buffer integration tool that helps you schedule the publishing of your finished artwork on social media.

9. PhotoScape


The PhotoScape editor may not have the interface fitting for an image editing tool. But underneath the unusual layout is a powerful yet easy to use image editing software. It is littered with numerous useful features that have made it one of the most recommended free alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

For a start, it has a pretty decent viewer that meets the basic requirements. But the power lies in the editor where you have the power of basic and advanced image editing tools at your fingertips. The various filters and color adjustment tools will prove handy in tweaking your design.

Despite its powerful range of tools, you’ll find that navigating PhotoScape is relatively easy. A circular tool layout greets you when launching the application and you’ll get access to the various editing tool. Of course, you can easily switch to a more conventional layout to suit your preference.

10. Seashore

Best Free Alternative To Adobe Photoshop - Seashore

Seashore deservingly made it to our list of free image editors for graphic designers who are looking for more economical options for their works. It may lack the full power of Adobe Photoshop but definitely makes up with a complete set of image editing features.

You can enhance images with tools like gradients and layers with a simple user interface. It is not surprising that this simple yet substantially powerful software is a favorite among graphic designs experts.

Thus found what you need to create impressive artwork without paying anything? Or do you have an alternative image editing tool that has escaped our attention? Share your thoughts with us.

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