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Starting up a graphic design business can be the pathway to flexible time, fulfilment and of course, an also decent amount of income if done right. All you need is a laptop, high-speed internet and a powerful suite of the best free graphic design software by all means.

The cost of premium graphic design software can be quite substantial though, and it’s understandable if you’ll want to avoid investing heavily in licenses before your business is generating stable revenue. If you’re diligent in searching for the right free software, you’ll find that they are more than sufficient to handle demanding graphic design works.


10 Of The Best Free Graphic Design Software

We know that time is precious for startup entrepreneurs. Instead of browsing all over the internet, we have compiled this list of 10 best free graphic design software to get you started.

1. Piktochart

The Best Free Graphic Design Software - Piktochart

Infographic is one of the most influential marketing strategies for today’s businesses. Piktochart is an online infographics design tool that enables you to create stunning infographics with minimum turnaround time. While Piktochart offers different pricing plan, you can sign up for free and create unlimited infographics.

Another key point You’ll get access to the full range of standard tools that allows you to add lines, shapes, icons, and photos on the infographic. The interface on this online application is simple and intuitive. The map builder and chart builders are definitely key features that are worth checking on.

If you like to organize your design into sections, Piktochart is pretty versatile as it allows you to work on different sections individually. You can move, edit or delete any sections easily.

Besides infographics, you’ll also find this tool handy for creating presentations and print media like Duratrans Printing. The free subscription plan allows you access to a handful of templates that may get you started quickly.


2. Snappa

The Best Free Graphic Design Software - Snappa

The demands for graphics that stand out on social media is testing graphic designers to the limit. Snappa helps you to turn ideas quickly into visuals that they can publish online instantly. You can start producing stunning graphics with a free account that limits you to 5 downloads a month.

Sourcing for high-quality photos is often troublesome when creative share-worthy images. Instead of spending a huge amount on stock-photos, Snappa has a collection of more than 500,000 high definition impressive photos to impress your customers. Besides photos, the software also allows to add text and apply effects with ease allowing for quick bumper sticker design.

The graphics editor will cut short your work in creating images for social media, website or blog post. It features a drag and drop interface that you’ll be able to use intuitive in no time. You’ll get to tweak the finer details in your graphics such as the text opacity from the editing panel.


3. Sumopaint

The Best Free Graphic Design Software - Sumopaint


Sumopaint is one of the best free graphic design software you can get if you’re intimidated by the price of Photoshop. Despite it being a powerful graphics software, you’ll find it easy to learn your way around to start editing images. You can choose to work on the online cloud software or download the desktop version.  This is great design software for producing your own product like custom boxes or Styrene printing.

Both features basic editing tools that you may find strikingly familiar with. Tools like smudge, clone, blur, line and a text tool allow you to edit images as you wanted. Editing pixels, a feature not commonly found in other free software, can be done in Sumopaint.

Besides saving on costly licenses, Sumopaint also has its own vibrant community of graphic designers. You can get feedback on your works from the community or broaden your network with other talented graphic designers.


4. Blender

The Best Free Graphic Design Software - Blender

Premium 3D modelling software can cause thousands of dollars and you’ll probably want to think twice about spending it when you’re starting a business. Installing Blender will help you to save cost and complete your animation project at the same time.

Blender is an open source 3D creation software that rivals some of the paid versions. You can render and model 3D visuals with the hundreds of plugins that are available. It’s definitely a great fit if you’re into video editing or game development.

Another key point of Blender is that it is an open source community project. And that means it is continuously enhanced with features and plugins without any costs to you. You’ll find features like Raytrace rendering useful in creating more natural lightings in your animations.  This is a great software for producing Foam Board Printing.


5. Krita

The Best Free Graphic Design Software - Krita

Graphic designers who are attempting to create mesmerizing comics will find the best free graphic design software in Krita. It is a painting program that not only provides graphic designers with access to basic editing tools but sets itself apart from other similar programs with superior painting and art workflow.

Krita allows you to easily bring comic characters to life with over 9 unique brushes to choose from. It also solves the problems of shaky hands with the built-in brush stabilizer. You can also use the unique brush blender to get the right tone for the characters.

Besides painting, Krita features a layer management system that enables you to group different drawings. It allows you to blend multiple layers or mask a portion of the drawings. Powerful features aside, graphic designers are provided with easy to use shortcuts on the keyboard to apply the tools effectively.


6. Pixlr

The Best Free Graphic Design Software - Pixlr

Need an awesome photo editing software doesn’t cost both money and your local storage? Try Pixlr. It’s an online photo editing tool that resides in the cloud ecosystem. If you’ve had a taste of Photoshop, you’ll find a similar menu on the Pixlr Editor.

There are a few options to import a photo to the Pixlr Editor. Besides uploading from your local drive, you can import from URLs or directly from your Facebook. You’ll find the various filters, brushes and photo editing tools more than capable for your projects.

Besides the full-featured Pixlr Editor, you can also start with Pixlr Express which has a much simpler interface for quickly touching up a photo with just a simple click. Unlike the Pixlr Editor, you don’t need to a be a pro with photo editors to work on photos.


7. Canva

The Best Free Graphic Design Software - Canva

Canva is arguably the best free graphic design software for designing high-quality graphics for businesses and marketers. This online design tool is easy to use and allows you to create a great variety of commonly used digital or print media.

It saves you time from designing from scratch with its huge collections of tools and design elements. Besides that, Canva features a broad range of templates that you can use for free. If you’re designing a business card, you can modify from one of the many professionally done templates.

The intuitive interface means you don’t need to go through lengthy tutorial videos just to start a design. You can drag and drop elements like grid and photo frames from the control panel. Configuring the finer aspects of design elements like opacity and the background color is easily done on the top panel.



The Best Free Graphic Design Software -

Sometimes, repurposing contents with infographics is one of the best moves for marketers. If you’re tasked with creating infographics and you do not want to spend hours or days working on them, is your best solution. It’s an online tool that allows you to create stunning infographics from thousands of templates.

Creating infographics doesn’t get any easier with intuitive drag and drop interface at One of the best features of is the layering tool. Stacking multiple objects on the infographics is possible without deep technical know-how.

Probably one of the best infographic design tools around, it allows you full control of modifying the provided templates. You customize the size of the infographics for the best viewing results on targeted devices. The ability to import your own images makes the infographics unique.



The Best Free Graphic Design Software - GIMP

It’s understandable if you’re feeling skeptical with free Photoshop alternatives. But you’ll change your mind once you have tried out GIMP for editing your artwork. It is the best free graphic design software that rivals Adobe Photoshop.

Expect a pack of powerful features like layers and brushes to transform your artwork. There are also a wide array of filters and plugins that let you take image enhancement to a new level without paying anything. You can also tweak the tone of the image with advanced effects tools like saturation and exposure controls.

The latest version of GIMP features an improved brush engine and a powerful layer management tool. You can easily group a few layers together for complex designs. The GIMP software is great for printing customized Dibond Signs.  GIMP is compatible on almost any operating systems and lets you save files in common standard formats.


10. Inkscape

The Best Free Graphic Design Software - Inkscape

Reality bites when you’re starting a graphic design business. When you can’t afford expensive vector graphic design software, Inkscape is your best option to create scalable logos or website visuals. While they are designing a car in the picture, you cannot create a car wrap or van wrap for a real car with this software. Despite its absence of a price tag, Inkscape is amazingly powerful amongst other Adobe Illustrator alternatives.

Thus you’ll find standard drawing and shape tools on Inkscape to get started with vector graphics design. and there are assorted powerful features like a spiral tool, filters and object manipulation options that let you take full control of vector graphic design.

Of course, the working area is nicely organized with customizable toolbars. You can find almost endless filters in Inkscape and a wide range of extensions to support your creative works and we hope some of these best free graphic design software programs are good enough to get your business to a good start especially if you’re operating on a tight budget.

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