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Best Freelance Graphic Design Tips from 10 Industry Experts

Best Freelance Graphic Design Tips from 10 Industry Experts

Freelance Graphic Design Tips from 10 Industry Experts

Freelance graphic design can be a great way for all designers to make extra money on nights and weekends.  We reached out to a handful of freelance graphic designers to get a better idea of how they find new freelance clients.  We hope you enjoy the advice and happy graphic design freelancing!



Lindsey Deschamps1.  “Build an audience through social media and writing. It sounds weird, but writing is the best way to attract clients. Write on a blog, and share everything you know about design. It shows your an expert in your craft, and the power of building an audience cannot be underestimated.”



Tyler Horvath

2.  “Create a free wireframe, design or mockup for potential clients and you will be surprised at how many people you can convert just from giving them some free value.”



Brieona Cornelius

3.  “You can find a lot of graphic design freelance gigs from word of mouth or by creating an account on Upwork.”




4.  “I’ve found all of my freelance design gigs through word of mouth.”Haylee Georgiou

  • Haylee Colon, Digital Designer at isArray.





Abel Delgado

5.  “I recommend using online and social media as the main tool for finding freelance design gigs.”




Marissa Haase

6.  “I think a good way is to find freelance design jobs is to network with people on LinkedIn”

  • Marissa Haase, Graphic Design student.





There you have it.  Do you have any graphic design freelance tips that we missed?  Let us know!

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