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Best Gifts for a Graphic Designer

Best Gifts for a Graphic Designer

Best Gifts for a Graphic Designer

Looking for the best gifts for a Graphic Designer?  The choice of the best gifts varies from one person to another. As much as it sounds like a simple thing, it can get as complex as when you first attended the first Chemistry class. Most people think giving gifts is all about fancy clothes, expensive gadgets or electronics. Well, we all fancy all that, but sometimes we have to go out of the ordinary. The little things we do to others might as well mean the most to them. However, when we keep giving the same gifts it becomes a cliché and seems as if you are not making an effort—which beats the whole purpose of giving it in the first place.

Graphic Designer

When you support what someone loves and is passionate about, chances are, they will adore and rank you highly. This is because it encourages them to keep keeping on and always be at their best. They always strive to put in more work so as not to disappoint you. A graphic designer is no exception. While their passion and drive come from within, surely, they will not mind some motivation. Most graphic designers are artists and can you think of better people who get attached to their work but them? That can be really annoying if all they get to talk and think about is work, but will be very helpful in coming up with the best gifts for them. They don’t have to be graphic designs tools, go out of your way to give unique and thoughtful gifts.

Just like a wise chess player who yearns to improve his witty moves on the chessboard; or that programmer who dreams about designing and developing the best app ever, a graphics designer also has the zeal to perfect his passion. And in this sense, he wouldn’t need a car for as much as he could do with a better one. Here are some of the most creative and best gifts that will not only make you a graphic designer’s hero but also make them a better person.


A Workshop

Best Gifts

Having a great working environment has a huge impact on the flow of creativity and proficiency. It is one of the best gifts you can give to them. Don’t worry; it doesn’t have to be as expensive as it sounds. You can use the same space that’s already available, like their garage or a storage room. Empty the room and turn it into a workshop. Even better, make it sound proof. This will majorly work on a spouse, although it isn’t the only way to go round it. They will love you to the moon and back, thank me later.








Perfect Coffee Mug

Image result for a graphic designers coffee mug

No man is perfect but everyone is running in the direction of impeccability. Chances are that we are all prone to errors. And when someone scolds you it makes you feel a little stupid. It lowers your decorum. But a little motivation at the office would get one on the right track. To keep a graphics designer on toes, he needs the same. For a witty boss or coworker, he would strive to keep his employee or coworker creative. A simple Mug with a motivational message encrypted on it would do. Every time he sips that coffee from it, he reads the message and never wants to let you down. It’s a win-win situation; your employees are happy and your work gets well done.










A Sketch Kit

Did you know that ‘A clean desk is a sign of a sick mind?’ A witty person’s space is never empty. A graphics designer is an artist and wherever he is something pushes him to sketch. Ideas come at any time of the day and if not well utilized they vanish quickly. Therefore, a Sketch Kit is the perfect gift for a graphics warrior. It’s a traditional way of sketching but never lost its charm. It gives him freedom and space to sketch whatever is in his mind and wherever he is; the freedom to design from the bosom of his heart with no worry. With your weapon in the wild, what would stop you from hunting down your dreams?


Simple Piece Of Art

Image result for simple art images

So you’re broke and have nothing as a gift to your graphics friend, sibling or spouse? Well, worry not; it doesn’t take millions to bring a smile to someone’s lips. There’s a way of changing their lives with the little you have. An inexpensive cool vinyl wall print or a simple piece of art will get your graphics designer digging the cool design. By looking at it, it can relieve their stress, tiredness and sometimes that’s what we all need. It’s the best way to make someone’s day colorful, effortlessly. Besides, it could be one of the best gifts they have ever received.








Micron Pens

A soldier’s worst fear is running out of bullets when he nears the adversaries. A warrior would be disappointed when he seeks for arrows but find none or blunt when a prey is in sight. Similarly, an artist’s worst fear can be losing their work due to a fainting dye. This is because sketches get personal and like everyone else, they would like to see their progress over time. Therefore, their past sketches and drawings don’t have to be a faint and distant memory anymore. Looking for a gift? Find him micron pens. They give clear sketches and the most reliable permanent ink on the market. It’s the best weapon for our warrior here.

Digital Art Frame

Graphic designers are hugely artistic. They like to be surrounded by creativity because it makes them happy by providing inspiration for their work. That’s why digital art frame will make a perfect gift. Additionally, the art you can easily display is changeable by just using an app. One frame can display a lot of art.  It feels magical and outlandish. Furthermore, it’s a good way of making the person digitize if they are not already there. And it only gets better, the art display can move while in the frame, making their walls come to life. Any graphic designer would be thrilled about this. Further, still, another great aspect of digital art frame is its affordability.

Electronic Cutting Machine

The profession does not always end at work. You could definitely love working privately at home. A good sportsman turns his home into a gym and a graphics designer would love doing the same. The best gift to match his wants would be an Electronic Cutting Machine Set that allows them to work at home. It connects via Universal Bus Drive or the Flash disk to a computer or laptop. It cuts fabric and materials to exact specifications. If charity begins at home and extends to the outer world, perfection imitates.

Invest In A Tag Frame

We all love sharing our experiences with others at the end of the day. A graphics designer needs to connect with the outside life and shout out his joy, let the world yearn to be like him. A Tag Frame is one of the best gifts because it gives them this luxury to share their joy with the whole world. Do you know how it feels playing with what you love? Or doing what you love most? You are always happy to do it and would love to share your joy with others ’cause you do it best. It’s also an affordable gift because it’s worth the price.

Customized Clock And Calendar

An artistic genius is made up of time management and needs to always be on time. Therefore, why not give them a customized calendar and clock. Get something that is functional and has a bit of their personality too. For instance, a calendar that has a great graphic design in the background would be fantastic. The same applies to the watch. They might be simple gifts but the graphics touch will not go unnoticed. Sometimes it’s the little things that become the best gifts.

Digital Diary

Another preferable gift for a graphic guru is a digital diary. It is a profoundly intellectual property and a good way of embracing technology. It is a digital organizer that can keep all your contacts, memo and schedule records. Additionally, it’s flexible and designed to be responsive—in that, they can choose the platform that’s right for them like a tablet or phone. Therefore, he can easily keep track of all his important stuff especially when he’s working on a project. It can be the perfect gift, especially for a person struggling with their work management.


Invest In A Handheld Scanner

When it comes to storage, it is never enough and we could all do with a bit of help. Storage also drives the functionality of a system. A graphic designer needs storage for his work. A Handheld scanner can help him store scribbles, pictures, notes and other arts in a digital format. He can finally store files in a variety of colors and formats with no fear of space. It can also automatically transform scanned documents and drawings into digital files that you can store, email or edit.

The lists of gifts you can give them are endless; just remember to make it as personal to them as possible. The gifts can also vary from simple printed T-Shirts to Rainbow Chopsticks. Or the Lap desk, bulletin board, Abstract pencil stand, you mention them.

Lastly, it only takes looking keenly at little things for you to realize their impact on the lives of others. A wise man only needs the motivation to do what others deem difficult. The gifts we offer can serve this purpose. With the above tips, you can now give your special graphic designer one of the best gifts they have had in a long time.


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