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10 Best Graphic Design Companies Changing the World

10 Best Graphic Design Companies Changing the World-compressed

Best Graphic Design Companies Changing the World

Graphic design companies – what can you get from them besides a service?


As a designer, one of the best ways to find inspiration is to admire the work of other successful designers. It is here that inspiration and creativity grow.

Watching the ever-changing world of graphic design is like standing on a beach watching the waves roll in. Every company is different, exciting and loaded with explosive creative energy. Yet, there are those special companies that make a lasting and unique impact on the world. They inspire us to do better and to become more successful. So as we continue on our path in this everchanging industry, we often ask; “Who is making waves in the graphic arts industry?” That is the question we want to answer today by taking a look at 10 of the most outstanding graphic design companies in the world.

Universal Everything

When in Australia, you should look up Universal Everything. This is a company in Sheffield, England that was first established as a digital art practice. But Matt Pyke soon began to expand into the graphic design world and now the company works with top brands such as AOL, Channel, Intel, and other big name brands.

Before founding Universal Everything, Matt’s exciting career took him from the world of technical and botanical illustration to an 8-year stint at the Designers Universal Republic. During this time, he used cutting-edge technologies like touch screens, motion-capture, large format videos, and sound design to create stunning designs. Today, he incorporated figurative form, modernism, and landscape in unique, arresting and clever ways to create advertising for some of the biggest brands in the world.

His revolutionary work on the Sydney Opera House is so as an icon for both graphic designers and artists alike. It is also here that he demonstrates his talent and shows how exciting and arresting digital art can be. This is one of those graphic design companies to look to for inspiration.

Vallée Duhamel

“It’s not art or design, it’s advertising. But in today’s context,” Duhamel says, “advertising may be art.” Right or wrong? Only time will tell. Even so, this is one of the guiding principles driving Vallee Duhamel and her experimental design firm. The work is seductive and strives to entice and excite the viewer. All while never losing focus on the real intention which is the sale. This is a team that believes in the persuasive power of arresting images. Duhamel’s many clients include Reebok, MTV, Coke, Hermes and the Sunday New York Times magazine.


What moves Rob Gonzalez of London based Sawdust? It’s the Yin and Yang, the ups and downs, the wave-like hills and valleys of life itself. The question he always seems to be asking is: “Does life imitate art, or does art imitate life?” I love the thought, the passion and the force that flows through the designers at Sawdust.

His biggest achievement was participating in a limited-run book called “Kiss the Past Hello,” highlighting  Coca-Cola and the legendary bottle’s history. A shape designed to be recognized even in the darkness of a WW2 foxhole, a shape that helped propel Coca-Cola as one of the most recognized brands in the world.



I was once searching for “graphic design companies” and came across OK-RM. This company offers real works of art and design that should serve as an inspiration to all graphic designers.  In 2008, Oliver Knight and Rory McGrath joined forces. Their mission was to show the world that design is a non-verbal conversation. The aim is to engage clients and allow the visual design to communicate the message. This team takes what they believe is the static world of publishing and record labels and combines advances in technology to bring about an artistic reality that influences the economic world.

Their purpose is to give people a better understanding of the influence that books, magazines, and records play in the world. It is a collaborative practice where both partners work one-on-one with curators, interior designers, artists, and architects to advance graphic design as a stand-alone megaphone for non-verbal communications. Their recent works include an exhibition in the Met in New York.



Music and art, the past and present, the vintage and the strikingly modern, the serious and playful. All of these facets of design play a part in the Méthode process. Although seemingly disparate elements, they blend beautifully together in the work of this studio. The French firm headed by Peter Saville attaches the exuberance of pop culture to a colorful modern look which has propelled some of the most influential albums of the 80’s and 90’s to the top of the charts. Methode possesses a key element in the world of art and design –  and that is curiosity.

What is over the next hill? What is around the next bend? Inspired by the cutting-edge Italian design firm, The Memphis Group, Methode espouses the mantra that products, colors, and images should also be distinct and original. Keep your eye on the style of this company and you might see the next wave of creative trends rolling in.

Les Graphiquants

Shattering everyday common perceptions is the norm for Les Graphiquants. It is this cutting-edge style that has won this rebel-rousing design firm the European Design Agency of the year award. Meeting at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Depratifs in Paris, Maxine and Romain, founders of Les Graphiquants, employ the diversity of technology and creative design techniques to make what they call “the greatest playground in the world.”

They credit their success to their liberal education, stating that this “no bars held” method gave them a kind of teaching without limitations. It is an approach that helped them focus on human feelings within the world of design. They believe that all graphic design companies have a standing invitation to explore that they should take advantage of. Maxine says, “It is through creative exploration that we can invent and create new forms of expression.” Their use of style and depth, their poetic interpretation, brings an evolved style to everyday common experiences and graphic design perceptions. Les Graphiquants is the hallmark of creativity as well as bold design.

Studio Jimbo

Can one man, one artist, one vision, break through the clutter and truly stand out? Jimbo Barbu proves he can and he demonstrates this ability in spades. Barbu works in all phases of design, from initial creation to directing a piece through its final phases. He does the design, the illustration and everything in between. Today, his company sits high among the best graphic design companies out there.

One mind, one eye, one hand. It is all brought together with a unique asymmetry and sophistication that brings color, design, and drama together. It is all put forth through his bold, muscular approach. Moody and spirited, disturbing and thought-provoking, that is the stamp Jimbo uses for all his creations. He calls them the “real mood and spirit” of his studio work.  Check out their site, Studio Jimbo.

Deutsche and Japaner

Founded by four partners, the German design firm, Deutsche and Japaner blends each of the artist’s distinctive styles and approach into a seamless work of art. It is an engaging and holistic approach that encourages the graphic design team to explore forms and function of all kinds. The company approaches every assignment as a challenge. The aim is to try and develop as much freedom as possible while still fulfilling the client’s objectives.

Neo Neo

What’s in a name like Neo Neo? Everything when your name means NEW. It is a commitment that aims to create the new in everything the team takes on. Founded by Thuy-An Hoang and Xavier Erni in Geneva Switzerland, the partners espouse a withdrawal from the traditional Swiss Style and choose another alternative. Their work offers an asymmetrical look paired with a combination of international typographic styles. However, it is a new means of communication and creativity. Their aim is to “go like Star Trekies” where no one has gone before. Their idea is to create what they call, “lightness and absurdity,” that stays in the mind and eye of the viewer.



Unlike many designers, David McFarlane likes working within the constraints of the trade. However, he believes that this makes the graphic designer develop and grow. “Graphic design is constrained and works from certain principles, whereas art can be free to be anything.

He has worked with mega-celebrities like Beyonce and Kanye West. McFarlane was also a collaborator for Nate Brown when he explored the creative possibilities within the design constraints. David’s gift to the design world lies in his ability to be innovative as well as creative while working the restrictive standards of design.  It is a neat trick, requiring outstanding skills and also the ability to balance the design. Brown dives into every aspect of graphic design and his work are favored by big brands like DKNY.

graphic design companies

Bottom Line for Graphic Design Companies

I know. I know. None of us can afford to use any of these graphic design companies. But let’s face it we don’t always conduct a search for  “graphic design companies” to choose a good graphic designer. Sometimes, we just do that search to see what other designers are creating. Remember, studying the work of great graphic designers offers a great way to see what other designers are doing. It also offers a fantastic resource for ideas in your own graphic design work.


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