Top 15 Best Graphic Designer Facebook Groups

Best Graphic Designer Facebook Groups

As a graphic designer, you need to be a member of some of the best graphic designer Facebook groups. There are just too many resources and advice to miss. Have a look at the fifteen groups we have included in this article.

1: Get Back to Design

Created two years ago, Get Back to Design is a small but close-knit group of 600 graphic designers. The group is formed by two designers who also have a corresponding podcast Facebook page with the same name.

The basic premise is to teach their listeners about everything related to graphic design. That includes the design process itself, but also the business side of things.

If you want to get a taste of what they have to offer regarding advice, then head over to their website and listen to the podcast. The Facebook group is where you get to ask them questions and receive feedback on your work.

As a bonus, you can also make use of their free online course. You cannot promote your commercial ventures on their page, as this is considered spam.

2: Elevate & Cultivate Design Collaborative

Also two years old, but bigger than Get Back to Design is Elevate & Cultivate Design Collaborative. With 1900 members, this Facebook group is even more active than the one described above. The group is a bit more selective about who it allows becoming members.

You will have to ask three questions about your occupation, and they will check your profile. If you have not listed graphic designer as occupation, you will not be let in.

As with getting Back to Design, Elevate & Cultivate Design Collaborative also has an accompanying Facebook page and a website.

While the group allows you to post open job roles, they do not want anything from Upwork or Fiverr. They also do not want you to promote yourself willy-nilly. Finally, you are welcome to post your work and request feedback.

3: Dribble Pro

Even more prominent and more active than the previous two groups is Dribble Pro. With a three year long history, Dribble Pro has almost 5000 members.

If you are aware of Pixaroma, then you will be delighted to discover that Dribble Pro affiliates with them.

In this Facebook group, you can share your work with others and get feedback. The group has only one rule, and that is members are only allowed to post Dribble links. Any other links will get you removed from the group — take care!

4: Behance Club

As with the Dribbble Pro group, the Behance Club focuses exclusively on Behance links. The group only has 1800 members, but this is because it was only created just under a year ago.

As with Dribble Pro, Behance Club is a great Facebook group for finding inspiration. As a member, you will be the first one to know about new designs.

5: Web Designer

The previous four Facebook groups no longer accept members, hence their smaller member count. Web Designer, on the other hand, is a public group.

That reflects in the member count, which is a staggering 60,000 web designers. The group’s admins encourage members to share any designs, ideas, resources, articles, and anything else that might be helpful. That does not mean that you can spam them with your promotions.

Although there are no official rules, this is a common one on Facebook groups. One of the advantages of public groups is the size.

With so many members, you will have access to a significant source of information and feedback. The downside is that whatever you contribute with can easily get lost in the stream of posts.

Best Graphic Designer Facebook Groups

6: Advanced WordPress

Advanced WordPress is a veteran Facebook group. It was created over seven years ago and has well over 30,000 members despite not being public.

As the name implies, it focuses on WordPress designers who are working on an advanced level. That means that you are expected to only post about WordPress.

The group admins ask all members to research the answers to their questions before asking the group.

7: Grow Your Web Design Business

As with every other creative skill, there is a business side to consider. Grow Your Web Design Business is the place for you to go if you are looking to make money from your designs.

That means that you can find loads of tips on how to find and convert clients, how to manage your business, and how to scale it.

Wednesdays are the one day every week where members can post links to their projects. If you choose to do so, you can receive some valuable feedback.

However, the group discourages spamming of any kind. The admins are from a company called Content Snare, so if you head over to their website, you can see what they offer.

8: Photoshop Users Group

If you are into graphic design, the chances are that you know a thing or two about Photoshop. But can you ever do enough Photoshop Users Group is a closed Facebook group with over 26,000 members.

It has been going for more than five decades and is very active when it comes to posting content. As opposed to the groups described above, the list of rules is quite extensive.

The rules are pretty straightforward and reasonable, however. Do not spam with work offers or request work. Do not download the work of anyone else without their explicit permission.

And bring some value to the group by contributing with information and advice.

9: Photoshop Love

Photoshop Love is another group by Pixaroma mentioned earlier. It has over 4,000 members but is not nearly as active as any of the other groups described.

As the name implies, the group prefers if you share content related to Photoshop. That means that any new tutorials you come across you should share with the group.

You are of course also free to ask questions and request feedback and advice.

10: Illustrator Love

Pixaroma has also created a separate group for Adobe Illustrator called Illustrator Love. As with the sister group, the primary focus of this group is to share content relevant to Illustrator.

As far as members go, it is slightly smaller with 3,200 Illustrator fans. Other than that, it is pretty similar to the Photoshop Love group.

11: Logo Design: Logo Designer Expert Team

For a closed group only started a few months ago, Logo Design: Logo Designer Expert Team is surprisingly accessible.

Over 13,000 members regularly share content related to graphic design, collaborations, resources, tutorials, and advice.

They encourage the new members to introduce and show their project and experience to other members. Even if you are not a graphic designer, but a business owner looking for a cool logo, then you are welcome to join the group.

12: Logo Geek Community

The Logo Geek Community Facebook group is similar to the one described above. But they only allow the logo designers. You have to show an example of your work to become a member.

They will consider a portfolio link along with a brief description of yours. The group counts almost 5,000 highly active members.

The owner of the group is a graphic designer by the name of Ian Paget. In addition to offering his services as a designer, he also hosts a podcast and writes articles on logo design. The group does not allow you to promote or sell your services, nor can you steal the work of others.

But they will allow you to share interesting articles and resources.

13: Logo Design Club

Another Facebook group set up by Pixaroma is the Logo Design Club.

With over 50,000 members, this group is an excellent resource for logo design. It is a public group, but there are still specific rules that apply.

According to these rule, members will not be able to post about work. The people will contact you via private messaging if they like your posted work.

They allow you to post your work.

14: Typography: Fonts – Lettering – Design

For those of you who are more into fonts and typography is Typography: Fonts – Lettering – Design. The group has been active for over five years with over 11,000 members.

As with the other groups, the primary focus here is to share your work and get feedback. You can find posts about design here, but most of them are about fonts.

15: What Font is This?

If you cannot get enough of fonts, then join 80,000 other fans in What Font Is This?

Created by Fontbundles, this Facebook group is an excellent resource for free fonts and discounts on deals. As the name implies, you are welcome to ask questions about fonts you come across.

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