The Best iPhone Apps for Graphic Designers

Best graphic designer i phone apps

Best iPhone Apps for Graphic Designers

Are you a graphic designer on the go? Do you grimace at long hours in a studio trying to find your creative edge? Or maybe you are just a hobbyist wanting to create some sensational or professional images for your own use? You can fire up ingenuity today with some of the best iPhone apps for graphic designers.

Your phone can be a great design tool in the studio and on the go. The iPhones make for great graphic design tools.

The intelligent design-friendly build is complemented by some of the best iPhone apps for graphic designers out there. Your iOS device will help you accomplish a lot more within a very tiny space and timeframe.

With professional iPhone graphic design software, your handy design tool can help you create some of the most sensational graphics from virtually anywhere, be it on a flight, on a train commute or in a quiet park somewhere.

Considerations When Selecting the Best iPhone Apps for Graphic Designers

The best iPhone apps for Graphic Designers pack a rock solid set of graphic design tools. They must also offer users more simplicity and ease of use.

They can be used by both amateur and professional graphic designers to tap into their fun and creative edge and create some of the most inspiring artwork, illustrations, and Instagram-worthy images.

Below is a review of some of the best iPhone apps for graphic designers. We have chosen these apps based on a number of performance and design factors such as the user-friendliness of the app, the toolset, and the intuitive usability. 

This combination of features allows all kinds of users to deploy these apps in creating some of the most outstanding illustrations and image touch-apps.

With a good learning curve and mastery, the result can be as good as anything out there created in a really professional “brick and mortar” studio.

Doodle Buddy

Doodle Buddy is one of the best iPhone apps for graphic designers and is also best suited for kids and hobbyist graphic designers that love to sketch, draw, paint or scribble.

The drawing app is not very robust but it is intuitively built and relatively easy to use. It is ideal for kids that love drawing or sketching and the best part is that it is free.

There are more than 44,000 colors in the app and also a variety of tools that you can use to create nice looking artwork. These include the glitter pen, text, the paintbrush, and chalk.

If you are looking for one of the best iPhone apps for graphic designers in stenciling or freehand drawings, this will be an ideal choice for you.


ArtStudio is a free but fairly robust multipurpose iOS app that you can use for various graphic design applications including photo editing, painting, and sketching.

It has a brilliant and intuitive interface and a robust graphics engine. These, along with the fact that it is a free app make it one of the most popular apps out there for sketching and painting applications. It also ranks it as one of the best iPhone apps for graphic designers.

ArtStudio is packed with lots of amazing goodies that are every graphic designer’s dream. These include 150 quality brushes to pick from, 16 painting and sketching tools as well as 40 filters. There is much more packed in here that will make this app worth the try.


Color Schemer is another free graphic design iPhone app that is worth your time. If you love playing around with colors, then you will definitely fall in love with the rich palette that you will find in the ColorSchemer iPhone graphic design app.

The app is powered by the COLOURlovers, a creative design community and comes packed with a lot of design elements that you can tap into for your inspiration.

There is a vast array of color tools that you can use to build your own color palette and customize your unique graphic design experience using the app.

The app is also built around a very enthusiastic design community that you can share your inspirations with. There is also the LiveSchemes tool that makes this an intuitive and easy to use app that can suit all levels of design proficiency.


Design Lab is an iOS app was formerly called PicLab. It is not a robust graphic design app. It’s more of a niche app for editing your photos on iPhones and applying all kinds of special effects for those Instagrammable shots.

Given our current selfie-mania, this photo editing app will come in handy in editing your photos to your preferences. The design interface is simple, easy to use and super-intuitive.

There isn’t too much learning curve required herein mastering the use of this app. You’ll get it going in a matter of minutes.

Apart from its simplicity and rich photo editing functionality that allow you limitless creations and effects, the app is also packed with rich typographic features thanks to its many font collections.

On top of the typography, you also have a vast array of photo effects options and quick effects that you can use to create social media image wonders with which to wow your little community of avid fans.

Whether you are looking for an iPhone graphic design app for extensive photo editing or something that you can simply use for quick looks, DesignLab is the perfect iPhone app for you. Best of all, it is freemium! You can upgrade to a Pro version for just $4.99 in-app.


As the name implies, TouchRetouch is simply an iPhone photo retouching app that you can use to retouch your photos into those Instagram-worthy shots straight out of a tropical paradise.

It offers users four types of photo editing: line removal, object removal, clone stamp, and quick repair. These generally will not be high enough quality for Canvas Prints or custom wall murals.

one of the best iphone apps for graphic designers
TouchRetouch App store preview

With the Object Removal feature, you will be able to edit out multiple objects from your photos. To do this, you simply brush over the target objects and tap on the “Go” button.

The Line Removal feature enables you to just swipe over straight elements to edit them out. The Quick Repair feature enables you to make small quick changes while the Clone Stamp makes it so easier to “clone” one part of the image into another.

However, the clone feature is similar to copy and paste only that it allows you to pick a part of the image as a source and subtly clone it or brush it over another part of the image to get the perfect match. TouchRetouch is a premium iPhone graphic design app that costs only $1.99.

Adobe Photoshop Express iPhone App

This is a bona fide Adobe app so at least there is no question about its quality and reliability. The Adobe Photoshop Express iPhone app has grown into the universal photo editing app for many iOS devices.

Millions of creatives from around the world use this iPhone graphic design app for easy, quick and robust photo editing on their iOS devices.

If you love memes, you will appreciate the different text styles in the app that enable you to create fun memes using vast and easy to use a palette of colors, fonts, and transparency.

Adobe Photoshop Express iPhone App store preview
Adobe Photoshop Express iPhone App store preview

As a creator or designer, the app gives you a good deal of flexibility along with control over the images that you are editing. You can play around with the zoom feature, border size, image resize, TIFF image support, watermarking, perspective correction, individual pan, and color to create your desired image.

For even more exciting fun, you can play around with various quick background styles or use the Style Transfer feature to create some studio-quality collages.

However, It also has a new Pop Color feature that you can use to come up with incredible collages. Whatever the look that you are after, you can pull it off with the Adobe Photoshop Express iPhone app.


Looking for an Adobe Photoshop alternative for your iPhone? Then try out the Pixelmator.

Just like Photoshop, it has a superb photo editing toolset that you will enjoy working with. The Pixelmator has an innovative repair tool for brushing over some of the “unwanted” elements or objects in your photos.

The app also has a clone stamp feature! You can brush over a source on the photo and clone it over another part of the image. It is a nifty app that makes it possible for you to do lots of little exciting things with your images.

The app goes for $4.99 on iOS.

Pixelmator – a superb photo editing toolset.

Logo Foundry

Want to make professional-grade logos on the go in a matter of minutes on your iPhone? Then you must try out the incredible iOS logo design app Logo Foundry.

The beauty of this app is its simplicity and intuitive design. Professional logo designers and amateur designers can use this app.

It is a very efficient app. You can also make professional and great looking “studio-quality” logos in a matter of minutes. The Logo Foundry is fully packed with some amazing design features.

You can use these to pull off the most complex and creative logos for your branding needs. These include over 3000 shapes, symbols, and icons, all of which have been conveniently categorized for ease of discovery.

There is a search function that you can use to find symbols, icons, and shapes that you might need. It also has text editing tools that allow you to create “brandable” typography for your logos.

Other cool features include professional and easy layer management, advanced text layouts such as circular and wavy text, the export function for both PNG and JPG files and the ability to save and reuse logo templates. The app is free.

Vectornator Pro

Vectornator Pro is a professional vector graphic design app. This one is right now the best in the market. You can use this premium app in creating mind-blowing graphics on your iPhone. The best part? You can do it from virtually anywhere even if you don’t have a graphics design experience. It has a nice set of tools and simplicity that makes it a joy to work with.

Vectornator Pro interface: this is one of the best vector graphic design apps for iOS devices
Vectornator Pro interface: this is one of the best vector graphic design apps for iOS devices

The app is so much user-friendly with a rich set of powerful graphics arts features. Examples are drag and drop, live blend modes and color profiles.

Further, it also offers a solid set of vector tools, custom fonts, blur elements, and split screen support. Sharing feature is available!

You can also instantly share your illustrations with the world through Facebook and Twitter with the click of a button. Vectornator Pro is a premium up that retails at $7.99.

Want to print your new images on acrylic prints or a big foam poster?  This is a great way to try out any of these best iPhone apps for graphic designers. Begin creating the most incredible images and illustrations while enjoying a professional-level design interface on the go.

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