Best Laminators For Businesses

Best Laminators For Businesses

If you’ve been struggling to laminate documents in the office, perhaps it’s time to replace your old laminator. As a printing company, we knew what it takes to choose the best laminators for businesses, and we’ve put up a guide you for you.

What To Consider When Choosing Laminators For Businesses

There are various factors to consider when getting a laminator that will fit for your business use. Here are some important criteria to consider, when shopping for one.

1. Thermal Or Cold Laminators

These two types of laminator use different types of laminating technology. Thermal laminators use heat while cold laminators applied high pressure for laminating the materials. Thermal laminators are available in various sizes while cold laminators are compatible with a broader range of materials.

2. Pouch Or Roll Laminators

Pouch laminators may be more affordable than roll laminators, but the pouches used in the lamination process can prove to be more costly in volume. Roll laminators may be a better option if you speed and quantity are a priority.

3. Width and Capacity

You’ll also need to consider the width and capacity of the laminator when choosing for one. Is regular legal document size sufficient or do you need laminator that supports extra wide format? Also, ensure that the capacity of the laminator is adequate for the thickness of the materials.

4. Special Features

To get the most out of your investment, you’ll also want to check out some of the unique features built in on the best laminators for businesses. Safety features like auto-shut off and anti-jamming capabilities are great features to have in a laminator.

Best Laminators For Businesses

Your ideal laminator may be different than ours, but we have listed some of the best laminators for businesses that may cut short your time comparing different products.

1. Swingline Inspire Plus Thermal Laminator

Best Laminators For Businesses

If you’re running a small design business, this thermal pouch laminator by Swingline is one of the best options. The laminator ships with a starter pack that consists of 5 letter size standard pouches. It supports both 3 mil and 5 mil lamination pouches that offers a balance between protection and flexibility.

While the lamination method is based on thermal technology, the Inspire Plus offers a ‘cold’ option where you can safely seal self-adhesive lamination pouches. The lamination is engineered to have an intelligent power mode that automatically adjusts to accommodate the thickness of the pouch.

It only takes 4 minutes to warm up and efficiently laminates at a rate of 9” per minute. You’ll have your newly designed business cards or documents within minutes. In the unfortunate event of pouches jamming, the jam release lever will quickly avert any significant issues.

2. Scotch Pro Thermal Laminator

Best Laminators For Businesses

The Scotch Pro thermal laminator definite shines as one of the best laminators for businesses where laminating speed is concerned. It boasts a laminating speed of 15” per minute making it an excellent choice for impatient business owners. Warming up is also a breeze affair with the laminator taking just 5 minutes to heat up.

The machine supports thermal pouches of 3 mils and 5 mils with the associated power setting for both. Its internal mechanism holds two rollers and has a design to prevent misfeeds with the Never Jam technology. The laminator is also smart enough to shut off automatically when idle.

This laminator is easy to carry around as one can hide the power cord neatly in a built-in storage space and a foldable tray. A carry handle on the laminator enhances its mobility.

3. AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator

Best Laminators For Businesses

This AmazonBasics thermal laminator may lack the aesthetic design of other competitors, but it gets the jobs done at an affordable price. It’s an ideal laminator that supports documents up to 9 inches, including business cards, photo, legal and letter sizes.

The laminator has an adjustable heat setting that ensures optimal quality for different thickness of pouches. Select the 3 mil setting when laminating photos or documents and 5 mils when you’re using thick pouches with thinner papers.

You can expect a reasonably quick startup time as the laminator only needs 4 minutes to warm up. An LED indicator lights up when it’s ready to work. The manufacturer also builds in a jam release lever to prevent the pouches jamming the laminator.

4. Blusmart OL288 Laminator

Best Laminators For Businesses

The Blusmart OL288 is one of the best laminators for businesses if you’re sourcing for one that is packed with useful features. Besides lamination, the machine also acts as a cutter, rotary trimmer, and a corner rounder. You have the options of straight, perforated and wave cutting with up to three A4 size papers stacked on.

But what’s more important is the primary function of a laminator. The Blusmart OL288 supports both hot and cold lamination. This provides flexibility when you’re using heat-sensitive materials. The laminator only needs up to 5 minutes to be in ready condition. If you’re laminating in cold mode, ensure that you’re using self-adhesive pouches.

With its handful of features, the laminating speed is not compromised. It clocks approximately 9” per minute in laminating speed. A jam release button quickly resolves any jamming issues.

5. Fellowes Saturn 3i Laminator

Best Laminators For Businesses

It doesn’t take more than 60 seconds for the Fellowes Saturn 3i to start laminating after power up. That’s how fast it takes to heat up, making it a great time saver for busy professionals. The machine also shuts off automatically after a duration of idleness.

The laminator features a 12.5” opening that fits a wide range of document sizes. Besides thermal lamination, it also supports cold lamination where self-adhesives pouches are used. Toggling between the modes is a simple matter of touching a button.

Supported thickness for thermal lamination is 3 mils and 5 mils. The superior technology ensures consistent, high-quality results that satisfy professionals and business owners.

6. Purple Cows Hot and Cold Laminator

Best Laminators For Businesses

This laminator by Purple Cows is one of the best laminators for businesses that supports both hot and cold lamination. You don’t need to invest in two different machines when one can do the jobs. It is made to support pouches ranging from 3 mils to 5 mils.

If your business is a proponent of a sustainable environment, you’ll be grateful for the environmentally friendly feature of this laminator that saves up to 50% compared to conventional models.

Despite that the machines use less energy, it heats up in 3-5 minutes, matching other regular laminators. With simple controls and a handly anti-blocking feature, it’s an ideal laminator for offices.

7. GBC Ultima 35 Thermal Roll Laminator

Best Laminators For Businesses

If your business laminates in bulk, speed and reliability are critical for the bottom line. This is where you’ll want to consider getting a thermal roll laminator, such as this unit offered by GBC. It only takes 1 minute to warm up and laminates at an astounding speed of 39” per minute.

Instead of using pouches, the laminator uses EZload roll film that supports a range of 1.7 to 5 mil of thickness. Loading the film is aided by the EZLoad technology that prevents technicians from making mistakes.

It is designed with an internal trimmer that saves you the time of cutting off the laminated paper manually. A smart energy saving feature also shuts off the laminator after 60 minutes of non-activity.

8. Apache AL9 Thermal Laminator

Best Laminators For Businesses

There are times where you need to carry a laminator to an event or on a business trip. In such cases, the Apache AL9 thermal laminator is genuinely your best companion. It is only 1.5” thick, sporting a sleek and compact design.

Despite its space-saving design, the laminator is equipped with premium motor and heating element that produces consistent quality. It can support up to 9” wide documents with 3 mil or 5 mil pouches.

After powering up the laminator, you can start laminating in less than 1 minute as the machine warms up at an astounding speed. It’s a great laminator that lets you laminate on the go.

9. Zoomyo Z9-5 Hot and Cold Laminator

Best Laminators For Businesses

Here’s another laminator that made it into our list of the best laminators for businesses. It operates in both hot and cold laminating mode and saves up to 75 percent of energy, thanks to its innovative Eco-PTC technology.

The laminator supports a wide range of pouches up to 9” width and produces professional results with 3 mil and 5 mil pouches. You don’t need to manually switch the settings when alternating between 3 mil and 5 mil pouches.

You can expect smoothly laminated documents thanks to the distributed heat on the silicone rollers. The manufacturer also includes a well-designed anti-jamming feature that release stuck pouches with ease.

10. Bonsaii L307-A Thermal Laminator

Best Laminators For Businesses

The Bonsaii L307-A is a versatile thermal laminator that fits businesses of various nature. It is capable of laminating documents up to 13” wide, and that’s encompassing common business requirements. The laminator only requires up to 5 minutes to be adequately heated up.

In the case of laminating heat-sensitive materials, you can turn on the cold lamination mode. A quick release button is built in on the laminator to remove any jammed pouches easily. The laminator has a reasonably fast laminating speed of 9.8” per minute and supports both 3 mil and 5 mil pouches.

We hope this list has been useful in aiding you with the choice of the best laminator for your business.

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