Here are the Best Marketing Firms to Work for

Here are the Best Marketing Firms to Work for

The Best Marketing Firms to Work for

If you are about to finish a graphic design degree or internship, it is time to have a look at the best marketing firms to work for. Assuming you have a strong CV and impressive portfolio, you are ready to look at your next move up the career ladder. Depending on your skills, ambitions, and attitude, the thing that makes a company great to work for might differ. This article is here to help you out. We have collected a selection of the best marketing firms to work for, based on their success and employee perks. Have a look at their websites to find out more about how you can apply for a position there.

Best marketing firms to work for #1: Be Found Online

Be Found Online is a digital marketing agency with offices in Chicago, London, and Singapore. They cover all aspects of marketing, from SEO and analysis, to lead generation and sales funneling. There are good reasons for why they are one of the best marketing firms to work for. The company culture of Be Found Online is very positive. They take pride in being completely transparent with their employees and even share the company’s finance reports. The employees are used to nominate each other for the award of best employee of the month. Winners of this scheme have the chance to win holidays or cash prizes.

Best marketing firms to work for #2: Findr Group

Findr Group grew from humble beginnings to a network of several marketing agencies. They have offices in New York and Los Angeles but work with clients on a global scale. Being a group of agencies allows Findr Group to cover more ground than any single organization. Some of their many notable clients include the US Army and Ceasar’s Entertainment. The group consists of some of the best marketing firms to work for, so expect some nifty perks. They take all employees on annual holidays to unusual places like Mexico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic,

Best marketing firms to work for #3: DDB

The DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc., known as DDB for short, is a Canadian marketing and communications network. While they are in Canada, they have won a multitude of international awards for their work. Cannes awarded them Best Agency of the Year, and they have won Eurobest Network of the Year five years in a row. They have a monthly hot dog day, but that’s not what makes them one of the best marketing firms to work for. You will receive creative stipends in addition to your salary. These stipends come in the form of $250 that you can spend on fuel for your creative juices. That can be books, courses, conferences, or training.

best marketing firms to work for
Knowing your marketing terms is essential if you want to land a job with some of the best marketing firms to work for.

Best marketing firms to work for #4: Ironpaper

Ironpaper was founded in New York a decade ago and has gone from web design to all aspects of online marketing. The company helps online businesses and charities to build a long-term marketing strategy. In Ironpaper company even today they follow the startup culture as said by an employee. Employees feel like they are part of something bigger and enjoy a relaxed working environment. One of the perks you can get here is that seriously build your network. The departments tend to mix throughout the year, so you will get to know everyone in the company.

Best marketing firms to work for #5: Edenspiekermann

Edenspiekerman is an agency that lives up to the German ideal of great design and efficiency. The marketing firm has offices around the world, in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Singapore. Past and present clients include Mozilla (the company behind Firefox), The Economist, and Red Bull. Edenspiekerman has a company manifesto that will tell you much of what you need to know about the company culture. With an opening that reads “People tell us we have an attitude. We take that as a compliment; you know what to expect.

Best marketing firms to work for #6: Levatas

The name Levatas is a combination of the two words “levity” and “gravitas.” The marketing agency, which is in Palm Beach, FL, named it so to reflect the company values and culture. They take a light-hearted approach, but with a severe attitude. Both clients and staff alike think that Levatas is one of the best marketing firms to work for. Employees enjoy 40 hour work weeks to ensure a good work-life balance. This is an assurance of employees having the life outside the office and they are focused as well as productive.

Best marketing firms to work for #7: Intermarketing Agency

Intermarketing Agency is a creative agency in Leeds. Today, they have offices in London, Sydney, and Amsterdam. They brand themselves as a “creative integrated agency” that is “making it happen.” This attitude has made many regard them as one of the best marketing firms to work for. In 2016, the agency won the No.1 Elite Agency in The Drum’s Independent Agencies Census 2016. As an employee, expect to be fed cake every Wednesday and be invited to regular parties with your co-workers.

Best marketing firms to work for #8: Langoor

Geniuses have often described as a little eccentric, if not outright crazy. Langoor is a marketing firm that recognizes the importance of this trait. They believe that you need to be mad if you want to change the world. This attitude explains their name Langoor, which means “crazy” in Hindi, and also the name of an Indian species of monkey. The agency’s offices are also in the Indian cities of Bangalore, and Mumbai. They have since expanded to all corners of the world, opening offices in Hong Kong, Melbourne, and Dubay. Regardless of which office you work in, you can expect to be participating in table tennis tournaments.

best marketing firms to work for
The best marketing firms to work for will offer you some fantastic perks.

Best marketing firms to work for #9: 72 and Sunny

72 and Sunny is a marketing firm that does what it says on the can. It makes everything feel like a warm summer day. The agency does so from its offices in Sydney, Singapore, New York and Los Angeles. If you are lucky enough to secure a position with them, you will see why they are one of the best marketing firms to work for. You will get a personal life coach, there are barbecues every Friday, and performing artists also come regularly to provide entertainment. If you are in their LA office, you can also enjoy their art gallery.

Best marketing firms to work for #10: Ayima

Much like Google began as a search engine and eventually branched out into, well, everything, Ayima has grown similarly. In 2002, this company was known as an online search engine. Their background in online search makes them ideally suited to specialize in search marketing. You can join one of their offices whether you’re in Europe or North America. Ayima is easily one of the best marketing firms to work for, as beer and snacks are regularly in the office. They are also not shy to throw company socials. The Christmas and summer barbecue parties are notorious.

Best marketing firms to work for #11: Praytell Strategy

Praytell Strategy is a marketing and communications agency operating out of their office in Brooklyn, New York. The agency specializes in social media and more traditional advertisements strategies. Praytell is not only working on generating marketing campaigns with profit in mind. Their extensive list of clients includes worthy organizations like the MAD AIDS Fund and NYC Food Bank. If you want to work for an agency that does things a bit differently, then you might find that Praytell is one of the best marketing firms to work for. Their office isn’t wrong either — you will have a view of the Manhattan skyline.

Best marketing firms to work for #12: Forsman & Bodenfors

IKEA and ABBA are far from Sweden’s only claims to fame. Forsman & Bodenfors is an award-winning marketing firm that works with many notable clients. Some of these include Volvo, H&M, and perhaps more notably, Visit Sweden. Forsman & Bodenfors created a very talented marketing campaign for Airbnb. Swedish law dictates that everyone can freely camp outdoor without having to pay any fees. The agency came up with the idea of listing the entire countryside of Sweden on Airbnb to help Visit Sweden advertise this law.


Best marketing firms to work for #13: Ogilvy & Mather

Ogilvy & Mather is so prolific an agency that they have become a household name. Their clients include major corporations such as IBM and American Express. The offices are spread across the world to reflect the global culture of the company. Their culture focuses on celebrating diversity. That has led Ogilvy & Mather to launch Ogilvy Pride, which is an LGBT network of employees that support each other in their everyday lives. If you are looking for a company with a strong focus on diversity and social justice, then Ogilvy & Mather is one of the best marketing firms to work for.

Best marketing firms to work for #14: Wieden + Kennedy

Well-known publications like Forbes and Business Insider have recognized Wieden + Kennedy as one of the best marketing firms to work for. They have worked with Orange, Nurofen, Sainsbury’s, and even Nike. The agency is owned independently though it is very successful. The employees have also looked well after at Wieden + Kennedy. The many perks include extra bursaries to boost creativity, baking competitions between employees, courses in painting, and public speakers. Each employee in their New York office also gets a personalized action figure.

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