Best Monitors For Graphic Designers 2019

Best Monitors For Graphic Designers

Best Monitors For Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are continually facing the challenge to produce captivating high-resolution visuals. This made monitors indispensable part of a graphic designers shopping list to complement both computers or laptops alike. There are hundreds of models flooding the market, and that means some considerations is needed when choosing the best monitors for graphic designers.

How To Choose The Right Monitor For Graphic Designers

Best Monitors For Graphic Designers
The right monitor makes all the difference

You’ll find that common consumer grade monitors often fall short for graphic design purposes. They neither offer the color accuracy nor image quality required for professional graphic designers. To select the ideal monitors for your graphic design needs, here are some points to be considered.

1. Color Accuracy

It is critical for the monitor to have precise color representation as the graphics would look like in print. This will bring you to high-end monitors that feature the AH-IPS panel, which enable you to perform color calibration on a spectrum that covers 99% of Adobe RGB color space. You’ll have superior image quality on IPS panel as well as a higher price.

2. Resolution

You should accept that Full HD (1920 x 1080) is the minimum requirement that your monitor should have. However, higher resolution is preferred if your budget allows. Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 or more seems to be the preferred monitor amongst graphic designers. Some graphic designers would bust their bank for true 4K resolution of  4096 x 2160.

3. Size

Working on a larger size monitor allows you to view and edit the graphics comfortably on a pixel level. It’s common for graphic designers to work on 32” or larger screen. However, if your workstation is already pretty occupied, it’s wise to scale down the size of the monitor.

4. I/O Connections

Besides the HDMI port, you may want to equip your monitor with the Display 2:1 port. This port allows you to daisy-chain your monitor to have a more extensive virtual working space. It’s also important that the graphics cards streaming the visual is sturdy enough for multiple screens.

5. Ergonomics

Sometimes, how the screen is being viewed matter as much as how the visuals are displayed. Ergonomically designed monitors allow you to adjust the viewing angle comfortably and some will enable the screen to be rotated to portrait orientation. You’ll also want a design that ensures the display remains sturdy at all time.

6. Price

Ultimately, the price is a decisive factor that you need to consider when selecting the best monitors for graphic designers. Naturally, higher-end monitors would require you to pay more for your budget. If monitors commanding the highest spec is out of your range, other economic monitors may do the trick.

10 of The Best Monitors For Graphic Designers

Browsing for the right monitors from the various suppliers can take up your precious time. As such, we asked our graphic designers for their preferred monitor and compiled a list out of it.  These monitors are great for everything from video design to print design like reflective stickersfoam board printing and trade show displays.

Here are some of the best monitors for graphic designers that may fit your design needs.  If you think there is the best monitor for graphic design that we are missing on this list, please let us know asap, and we will add it!

1.  Asus ProArt PA329Q

Asus ProArt PA329Q - Best Monitors For Graphic Designers
Asus ProArt PA329Q

You’ll find that video and photo editing works are a pleasant affair with the Asus ProArt PA329Q. The 32” IPS panel guarantee a highly accurate color on the screen. ASUS claims that the monitor supports 100% Adobe RGB color spectrum and features a 16-bit look-up table for calibration purpose.

The monitor sports a super thin bezel and fits on a sturdy base. You’ll find the configuration buttons well placed on the reverse side of the bottom right corner of the screen. With three HDMI port and two DisplayPort inputs, you’ll have options to extend the screen in a seamless 60Hz refresh rate.

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2.  Philips Brilliance BDM4065UC

Philips Brilliance BDM4065UC - Best Monitors For Graphic Designers
Philips Brilliance BDM4065UC

The Philips Brilliance is one of the best monitors for graphic designers who are going after size. The screen measures a massive 40” diagonally and is capable of producing a 4K resolution of visuals. You can expect the screen to have a decent viewing angle and reasonably bright.

Connectivity is also available in abundance with two HDMI ports, DisplayPort and VGA connector. Menu configuration is on a small joystick at the back of the display. The monitor also enables each video source to be displayed at private quarters of the screen. You can lay out both brochure and name card design on top of each other.

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3. ASUS PA248Q

ASUS PA248Q - Best Monitors For Graphic Designers

The Asus PA248Q may not strike you as a graphic design worthy monitor with its rather typical outlook. However, it more than made up for its lack of style with high color accuracy at a decent price point. Underlying the 24” screen is an ISP panel that produces superior color quality.

It has a non-native 1920 x 1200 resolution and a full 100% sRGB color range. You have vast options to connect the monitor to your computer, with HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort and VGA connections at your disposal.  A rather large base ensure that the screen remains steady and robust when in use.

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4. Dell UltraSharp UP2716D

Dell UltraSharp UP2716D - Best Monitors For Graphic Designers
Dell UltraSharp UP2716D

Arguably one of the best monitors for graphic designers working on video production, the Dell Ultrasharp offers new color spaces of 100% REC 709 and 98% DCI-P3 on top of the standard 100% Adobe RGB and sRGB. You can expect nothing but the exceptional color depth and accuracy with this monitor.

The 27” 2560 x 1440 monitor has a significantly wide viewing angle. The monitor features an ergonomic design and also allows flexible adjustment. It has two HDMI, ergonomic and a mini DisplayPort for you to stream the visual from the computer. It’s not the cheapest monitor around but definitely worth the price it carries.

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NEC PA-322UHD-BK-SV - Best Monitors For Graphic Designers

The NEC PA is a decent monitor if you’re looking for a reasonably large screen size with Full HD resolution. Powering the 32” screen is an IPS panel that provides the range of 99.2% of Adobe RGB color space. The result is high quality, and nice visuals fit for photography or video editing work.

A vast range of connectivity slots is available on the monitor with 4 HDMI, 2 DisplayPort, and 2 DVI-D inputs. The stand allows you to mount the monitor sturdily on your desktop. The monitor also boasts flexible adjustability, including the ability to rate the screen to portrait mode.

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6. Iiyama B2888UHSU

Iiyama B2888UHSU - Best Monitors For Graphic Designers
Iiyama B2888UHSU

It is the dream of graphic designers to own the highest range of monitors. However, the high price point associated with the top model made you wish for a more affordable model. This monitor by Iiyama is a decent option if you’re trying to be economical with your choices.

Instead of IPS, it uses a TN panel which produces slightly inferior color quality but still sufficient for most design works. The screen measures 28” diagonally and has a full 4K resolution. You can also accommodate the individual video inputs at every quarter of the screen.

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7. Samsung UD970

Samsung UD970 - Best Monitors For Graphic Designers
Samsung UD970

The Samsung UD70 is definitely one of the best monitors for graphic designers by Samsung. You’ll enjoy superior image quality and color accuracy when working with this professional grade monitor. The screen size stands at 32,” and the resolution equals 3840 x 2160 or Full HD.

The monitor complies with both 100% sRGB and 99.5% Adobe RGB color space. It also features a dual color mode, where you’re able to compare two different color modes on the screen. It has a single HDMI port and two DisplayPort input to project the graphics on the screen.

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8. Eizo ColorEdge CG318-4K

Eizo ColorEdge CG318-4K - Best Monitors For Graphic Designers
Eizo ColorEdge CG318-4K

If you crave for a beast in the form of a monitor and doesn’t mind paying for it, the Eizo ColorEdge CG318-4K is a perfect choice. Eizo is a recognizable brand amongst professional photographers, and this monitor indeed doesn’t disappoint. It boasts a 4K resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels on a 31.1″ screen. 4K monitors seem to be the most popular monitors this year.

The color accuracy by the monitor is also unrivaled amongst its competitors with 100% sRGB and 99% Adobe RGB color spectrum. There is also a self-adjusting sensor that allows the monitor to tune to the ideal settings for your work intelligently.

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9. Dell UP3017

Dell UP3017 Best Monitors For Graphic Designers
Dell UP3017

Affordable and yet impressive, the Dell UP3017 deserved mention in this list of the best monitors for graphic designers. This 30”, 2560 x 1600 monitor is built on an IPS panel that allows broad color coverage of up to 99% on the sRGB and Adobe RGB spectrum.

You can easily daisy chain the monitor with the vast option of connectivities (2x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort, 1x Mini DisplayPort) available to extend your screen on dual displays.  The monitor has versatile adjustability, and you can set it to portrait orientation when you’re working on a custom banner.

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10. ASUS PB279Q

ASUS PB279Q - Best Monitors For Graphic Designers

The ASUS PB279Q is a decent 4K monitor that commands a reasonable price tag. 4k monitors have been all the talk recently from designers looking for the best monitors for graphic design.  Driven by the IPS panel, it delivers 100% 10-bit sRGb color range to provide fantastic image quality and color precision on a 27” screen. The pixels density is just right that you don’t have to squint really hard to view the more beautiful details.

What sets this monitor apart from the competitors is its vast option of connectivities. It has as many as 4 HDMI ports, a single DisplayPort, and Mini Displayport. The ergonomics of the monitor is well-taken care off. You can easily tilt, swivel and pivot the monitor to suit your viewing preference.

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Found the ideal monitor from the list above? Or have we missed out a monitor that deserve a spot? Share your thoughts with us.

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