Best Movie Logos Of All Time

Best Movie Logos Of All Time

What are the Best Movie Logos Of All Time?

Some of our graphic designers are avid movie-goers. They wouldn’t miss out a blockbuster for anything in the world, and we made sure that sure they happily indulged in their favorite popcorns at the movie. Often, they returned inspired not only by the plot but by some of the best movie logos ever designed.

The best movie logos often share common characteristics that etch them in the memory of moviegoers long after the movie ended. Instead of using complex design, the logos often featured simple typography and artwork that reflects the theme and mood of the film.

There are also more design constraints compared to typical business logo wall decals, as they need to look appealing on screens, prints and even on T-shirts or other promotional items. You should consider the demographics of the target audience for creating an impactful movie logo.

As fans of blockbusters ourselves, we have compiled a list of the best movie logos and why we think they are fantastic.

1. Star Wars

Best Movie Logos Star Wars

The first Star Wars movie decades ago bring vivid memories of clashing lightsabers to many. It would then lead to multiple installments spanning over the years with each proves to be a hit on its own. Star Wars proved to be one of the most successful movie franchise in recent history and its logo plays an important part in effective brand marketing.

Just as the storyline where significant characters traveled across multiple universes, the Star Wars logo has a futuristic style. The logo features a modified Helvetica black font that projects an intimidating impression, matching the towering Jedis in the movie.

2. Harry Potter

Best Movie Logos

Initially rejected by publishers, J.K. Rowling became one of the most recognizable best-selling authors with her Harry Potter series. The plot features warring wizards and a young Harry Potter playing an essential part in turning the tides of the conflict. The movie adaptation immortalized the characters in the heart of both young and adult fans alike.

The familiar Harry Potter logo seen in the movies adapts from the printed version on the best-seller. The typeface and alignment of the font create an interesting mythical effect, such as those you would find inscribed on an ancient spell book. The “P” is also accentuated by a lighting shape, which injected the right personality to the logo.

3. Hunger Games

Best Movie Logos

The Hunger Games is arguably one of the best dystopian masterpieces of recent history. The movie is an enthralling adaptation of Suzanne Collin novel published in 2008. Millions of moviegoers find themselves impressed by the character of Katniss Everdeen, who fought relentlessly against a ruthless Capitol.

The iconic Hunger Games logo is arguably one of the best movie logos of all time. The logo features a golden Mockingjay that is the symbolic representation of the leading character Katniss, and the traits of courage, determination, and hope, as she ignited a revolution that eventually overturned the oppressive government.

4. The Godfather

Best Movie Logos

A legendary classic with an intriguing storyline of the workings of the underworld, The Godfather, remains a highly great title. Besides, it gained rave reviews from movie critics and became the highest grossing blockbuster in 1972. Today, the mention of The Godfather still invoke awe in fans of this classic.

The famous Godfather logo features a single hand pulling strings that are attached to the letters “father”. Indeed, it symbolized the power and manipulation, both evident in the successful plot of the film.

5. Home Alone

Best Movie Logos

If you grew up in the 90s, you might remember the hilarious antics of Kevin McCallister, the boy in the movie who was mistakenly left at home as his parent flew abroad for a vacation. His mischievous tricks soon proved useful as he fends off a couple of burglars successfully.

The logo of the Home Alone comedy is a perfect reflection of the mischievous character. The small letter “e” at the end only accentuates the fact of the unexpected. It also cleverly squeezes the house icon between the two words, with a small window lighted on.

6. Jurassic Park

Best Movie Logos

Jurassic Park is the first installment in the successful prehistoric creatures meets modern world franchise. It was premiered in 1993 and brought clear visuals to children of how a T-rex would look like in real life. Fans of Jurassic Park continues to indulge with smarter and more vicious dinosaurs in later installments.

While the logo has undergone several revisions, it never strays too far away from the one designed for the first Jurassic Park film. The logo features the ferocious T-rex encircled in a circle, highlighting its predatory instinct that terrorizes minor species of its kind.

7. James Bond

Best Movie Logos

A fictional British secret service agent created in 1953, James Bond has enjoyed enormous fame on the screen for decades. The movie franchise has boasted some of the best actors taking up the role of James Bond and action-packed story plots that will leave you hanging till the end.

James Bond was famous for his code number, 007, which adapts to its logo, along with the iconic gun barrel. Throughout multiple installments, the logo undergoes slight revision but with the focus of the gun and code number intact. Such simplicity makes the James Bond brand almost impossible to forget.

8. Batman

Best Movie Logos

Batman has evolved from a cartoonish superhero into a villain busting character with dark emotions over the years. The vulnerability occasionally displayed by nature increases the number of Batman fans over the world. The martial art prowess and seemingly unlimited wealth of Batman made the character one of the most feared superheroes of all time.

The Batman logo has evolved over the years, just as the character does. But the core of this legendary logo is the dark silhouette of the bat, depicted in various form. The bat symbol has all the quality of the batman, imposing, menacing and would not hesitate to strike at any dangerous foes.

9. Ghostbusters

Best Movie Logos

The Ghostbusters is a classic paranormal comedy that features parapsychologists equipping themselves with sophisticated equipment to take on shapeshifters and other sorts of demonic existence. Also, the ghost-busting adventures associate itself with the photon beam fired to capture and trap the vengeful spirits.

Ghostbusters logo is one of the best movie logos that feature in the movie. Besides. It is also the official logo of the ghost-busting business sets up by the characters in the film. Moreover, a pure caricature of a surprised ghost trapped in an anti-sign appeal to viewers across ages.

10. Back To The Future

Best Movie Logos

Back to the Future is a movie that challenges your logical thinking, especially in the realm of space and time. It features a time-traveling sedan that takes the characters across the time spectrum and alters historical events. The first episode was a remarkable success and follows two installments that continue the storyline.

The logo uses an arrow to highlight the concept of time-traveling and the mishaps that can happen with it. Also, its slanted orientation provides the idea of space and movement that reflects the theme of the movie.

11. Aliens

Best Movie Logos

Watching Aliens will convince that your suspicion that there is other existence in the limitless universe, and they are not civil. A science fiction at its best, the film was later nominated for several awards and managed to won some.

The logo featured in the Aliens movie is one of the best movie logos that successfully project its message with minimum elements. Also, the glowing “I” emanates a foreboding feeling that suggests the impending threat from above. It sets a new standard for how to design a science fiction logo.

12. Blade Runner

Best Movie Logos

The Blade Runner has initially been a dystopian themed movie released in 1982. It has a slow start during initial screenings but eventually become an influential film that inspires many others science fiction movies. The only sequel to this classic, Blade Runner 2049, was released in 2017.

Minimalist designs are the characteristics of futuristic films. Furthermore, the Blade Runner logo denotes fast, focused and dynamic by slicing off the title vertically. The choice of red colored text also gives the logo a sense of urgency.

13. V For Vendetta

Best Movie Logos


A political thriller sets in a dystopian world, the movie pits an anarchist freedom fighter against a supremacist regime in the UK. It was released in 2005 and garnered mostly positive reviews. The film strikes a familiar chord among those who are against oppressive rules.

The simple yet emotionally charging V symbol is one of the best movie logos that represents anger. Besides, the letter “V” placed in a circle with what perceived as dripping drops of blood, is a bold statement of the message carried by the movie.

The next time you set yourself for a movie date, be sure to check out the logo that appears on the screen. In fact, it may just inspire you for your next design. If you want your own custom poster, consider looking at our foam board printing or duratrans printing if you need them backlit.  What’s your favorite movie logo of all time? Share your thoughts in the comment below.


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