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Best Photography Blogs

Where to find the best photography blogs

We love photography at Nonstop Signs & Graphics! Although everyone has a camera on their phone, not everyone has the skills to bring images to life. We take great pride in transferring the photographer’s vision onto whatever kind of material they desire. We’ve printed photographs on banners, posters, glass, prints, bags, t-shirts… even on cars!

Today we thought we’d share some of our favorite photography blogs with you. Maybe you’re a photographer looking for inspiration. Maybe you’re a business owner looking for a talented photographer. Regardless, we hope you enjoy these 20 best photography blogs the internet has to offer.

Best photography blogs #1: Feature Shoot

Feature Shoot is a blog that covers several aspects of photography. It covers everything for fine art and landscapes to still life and portraits. All of the images presented on the blog are from established photographers. One of the key focus points of the blog is the narrative that drives the store behind the image. The blog also features exhibition reviews and interviews with photographers.

Best photography blogs #2: Chase Jarvis

Rather than aggregating the work of other photographers, Chase Jarvis focuses on the man himself. Jarvis does not limit himself to still images, however. His blog also features motion pictures. If you are an aspiring photographer, you will also find tips on how to improve on his blog. In addition to these tips, you can also find interviews with the subjects Jarvis shoots.

Best photography blogs #3: Richard Bernabe

Many photographers are also full-time travelers. No wonder, as continually shooting the same environment can quickly become stale. Richard Bernabe is one of those photographers. Bernabe’s main drive is his lust for adventure, and this is reflected in his work. The same work has also seen him become featured in several news outlets and travel magazines. The blog also features opinions on the best photography equipment.

Best photography blogs #4: Joe McNally

Speaking of traveling photographers, there is perhaps few that can parallel Joe McNally. McNally has worked as a photographer in no less than 70 different countries. His worn-out passport has been put to good use. Visit his blog to find stories about his travels, as well as advice for photographers. There are no better people to learn from than the masters of their craft!

Best photography blogs #5: Davis duChemin

Davis duChemin is not only a well-versed photographer. He has also released several best-selling books and worked in digital publishing. Duchemin’s work mainly focuses on humanitarian causes. Naturally, many of his clients are organizations that work in this area. His blog showcases his work, spanning cultures, world events, people, and other things that inspire him.

Best photography blogs #6: Depositphotos Blog

A more comprehensive photography blog is Depositphotos Blog. Here you can find guides on photography techniques, graphic design, and online marketing. Their photography tutorials are particularly useful. As the name implies, Depositphotos Blog features loads of images you can peruse. They also feature interviews with well-known photographers who are experts in their field.

Best photography blogs #7: The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist is the brainchild of street fashion photographer Scott Schuman. The philosophy behind the blog is to build a bridge between the world of fashion and the real world. The two worlds can often seem very distant from each other. Through Schuman’s work, he has become an authority in the world of fashion. His blog features images of normal, everyday people, who explain their fashion choices.

Best photography blogs #8: Ken Kaminesky

Have you ever browsed stock photography websites? Then chances are you have seen the work of Ken Kaminesky. Why? Because he has been working for a number of these sites for fifteen years. With so much experience, he has a wealth of knowledge to share. Indeed, his blog features tutorials and how to guides on virtually everything in his field.

Best photography blogs #9: PixSylated

Syl Arena is a photographer who takes an artistic approach to his work. This is to be understood in the literal sense. His blog PixSylated explores the role of photography in the world of art. As a self-described color and shadow addict, you can expect much of that on the blog. In addition, the blog also features some tools and advice for photographers.

Best photography blogs #10: Kristen Kalp

Have you ever tried to start your own business? What can seem easy, to begin with quickly becomes rather complicated? The more you learn about the business world, the less you discover you know. Kristen Kalp has experienced the same in the world of photography when she started her business. Her blog features advice on how to run your own business and how to promote yourself.

Best photography blogs #11: Zack Arias

Rivaling Ken Kaminesky mentioned above, Zack Arias has over two decades of experience. If you ask him, he will say he is less of a photographer and more of a director. His subjects are often asked to display their personality in the images he shoots. His blog features all of his latest work, and stories to accompany the pieces.

Best photography blogs #12: The PhoBlographer

The team behind The PhoBlographer definitely takes the prize for the most creative name. Rather than focusing exclusively on their work, the blog features everything from tutorials to reviews to news stories. If you are looking for advice on what equipment to buy and what techniques to use, this blog is for you.

Best photography blogs #13: The LawTog

Rachel Brenke has created something interesting with her mix of life experiences. As someone who has dipped her toes in both the world of photography and that of legal matters, she brings something refreshing to the Internet. Her blog, The LawTog, will give you insight into the legal aspects of running a photography business.

Best photography blogs #14: PhotoFocus

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned photographer, PhotoFocus is a great resource. The team behind the blog is dedicated to helping their readers achieve the desired success in their field. Check out the blog for interviews with photographers, leaders on the business side of photography, and a host of training videos, tutorials, product reviews, and podcasts.

Best photography blogs #15: Skip Cohen University

More and more educational resources are now available online. Skip Cohen University is one of those institutions that have clocked on to this early on. Their blog offers readers all the tools needed for success. Whether you are looking for podcasts, webinars, tutorials, or any other educational resource for photography, this is a great place to start.

Best photography blogs #16: Creative Live

Having the tools to succeed in photography is not limited to equipment and subjects. As with any other business, marketing is an essential ingredient for success. Creative Live knows this, which is why their blog offers readers much-needed insight. Go here if you want to find out how to best promote your work online.

Best photography blogs #17: Lightroom Killer Tips

By now you will probably already be overwhelmed by the amount of educational material available online. Is there any way to cut some corners? Yes, there is. Lightroom Killer Tips provides you with concise tutorials on everything from start to finish. All the posts are created with your time in mind. Quick to read, and easy to digest.

Best photography blogs #18: Digital Photography School

Do you own a camera? Do you want to put it to good use? Then you are part of Darren Rowse’s target audience. Rowse launched Digital Photography School with the aim of helping photographers at all levels. In addition to educational tools, his blog also features news stories from the world of photography.

Best photography blogs #19: Click it Up a Notch

Maybe you are not aspiring to be the next big thing in photography. Maybe you just want photography as a hobby and need some down-to-earth advice. In this case, Click it Up a Notch is the blog for you. With a focus on family photography and DSLR cameras, the mother behind this blog shares some great tips.

Best photography blogs #20: The Modern Tog

Weddings are a great way to make money as a photographer. It is still a business, however, and business is not always easy. Jamie Swanson knows, and her blog will tell you the story of her wedding photography business. The Modern Tog will cover everything from taking photos, to how to price your work, to creating a stable business.

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