25 Of The Best Photoshop Plugins

Best Photoshop Plugins

The latest Adobe Photoshop CC is arguably the best photo editing software for many professionals. While its default features are complete on its own, it doesn’t hurt to extend the capabilities of the suite with some of the best Photoshop plugins.

Here are our top picks that lift your photo editing experience to the next level.

1. Dream Suite Ultimate

Best Photoshop Plugins-Dreamsuite Ultimate

That may not be the cheapest plugins around, but it does wonder with a stunning collection of graphics effects.

It takes the visual of your design to an incredible level as the sophisticated effects blend into your digital image. Be prepared to part with a considerable sum of money for the beautiful results it offers.

2. Shutterstock

Best Photoshop Plugins- Shutterstock

Shutterstock is more than just a gigantic collection of royalty-free images on the internet. It also offers a free downloadable plugin for Photoshop users that allow access to Shutterstock collection from the photo editing software itself.

You can insert and license any of the royalty-free without the hassle of accessing Shutterstock from your browser.

3. CSS Hat 2

Best Photoshop Plugins- CSS Hat 2

If you’re working CSS codes on Photoshop and prefer not getting into the details of scripting, downloading the CSS Hat 2 plugin is a wise move.

A single click is all it takes to copy the CSS code of the elements on your design into the CSS Hat, a popup that displays the markup language.

4. Subtle Patterns

Best Photoshop Plugins-Subtle Patterns

Been using some of the templates from Subtle Patterns and hoping to access the templates from Photoshop seamlessly. A plugin is available to have the patterns directly applied from the Photoshop panel.

It’s a great time-saving feature when you’re figuring out the right background for custom flyers.

5. virtualPhotographer

Best Photoshop Plugins-VirtualPhotographer

VirtualPhotographer is one of the best Photoshop plugins for a novice who are just starting to learn their ropes in such a powerful photo editing software.

It allows users to style their image with a single click and to get impressive result fit for a professional.

6. Luminar 2018

Best Photoshop Plugins- Luminar

Perhaps the right question is why do you need another photo editor in an already comprehensive Adobe Photoshop?

With Luminar as a plugin, editing images become a simplified process as you’re not distracted by unnecessary tools and elements in Photoshop itself. With almost 40 filters and 70 filters, you can be confident that the image quality is equally exceptional.

7. PSD Cleaner

Best Photoshop Plugins-PSD Cleaner

Sorting out the messy layers in Photoshop is an unenviable task that no graphic designers would happily take on. PSD Cleaner scans and enables graphic designers to fix any problematic layers quickly in an organized manner.

Functions such as removing unnamed layers or detecting a canvas layer can be performed almost instantly with PSD Cleaner.

8. Texture Tools Industrial

Best Photoshop Plugins-TextureToolIndustrial

Does a metal-looking style go better with the banner that you’re creating?

The Texture Tools Industrial plugin can help you in enhancing your images with its broad range of metallic filters. It gives your pictures a realistic style as the filters you create are from the human-made source.

9. On1 Resize 2017

Best Photoshop Plugins-On1Resize

One of the best Photoshop plugins for image enlargements, the On1 Resize 2017 uses a unique Genuine Fractals technology to enlarge your image without compromising its quality effectively.

It will have little problem in increasing the size of your DSLR images to up to 1000% while retaining the sharpness and details.

10. Ink

Best Photoshop Plugins-Ink

Documentations are not only for coders. Ink, a free plugin, allows graphic designers to generate specifications of their design, by embedding details like layers, text formatting, layer styles and colors as metadata within the PSD file itself. It eliminates any guesswork when your fellow graphic designers are taking the project over from you.

11. Getty Images

Best Photoshop Plugins-GettyImage

Sometimes, the perfect ingredients for a brilliantly designed graphics are some of the videos, images, and vectors that host on Getty Images.

Instead of going through a tedious licensing process, the Getty Images plugin enables you to edit and license within the Photoshop software.

12. Fontself Maker.

Best Photoshop Plugins-FontselfMaker

When none of the existing fonts seems to suit the theme of your design, it pays to take matters into your hand.

Fontself Maker is a plugin that allows you to turn any lettering into OpenType font within an instant. You’ll have the flexibility in making any shapes and colors into your personalized fonts.

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13. Ultimate Retouch Panel

Best Photoshop Plugins-Ultimate Retouch Panel

Professional retouching tools are indispensable for today’s modern graphic designers. When you need a more profound retouching tool than the filters in Photoshop, the Ultimate Retouch Panel plugin may be one of the best Photoshop plugins ever.

It loads with features like HDR kit, shadow restorer, noise texture and more to breathe life into the images.

14. Filter Forge 7

Best Photoshop Plugins-Filter Forge

You can’t complain about the lack of effects for enhancing your Photoshop designs with Filter Forge 7. A paid plugin, it boasts over 12,000 filters that let you improve your images.

If you find the need to create your screen, the plugin allows you to do so with a visual node-based editor.

15. Machine Wash Deluxe

Best Photoshop Plugins-Machine Wash Deluxe

With Machine Wash Deluxe, you can create the aging effect without literally dumping your image into a washing machine.

It’s one of the best Photoshop plugins that is favored by professionals to add a depth of artistic mastery in their designs. There are over 3,500 presets that creates an endless possibility of transformation for your images.

16. Fractalius

Best Photoshop Plugins-Fractalius

Fractalius is anything but another typical plugin for Adobe Photoshop. It allows graphic designers to transform their images with by extracting the fractal patterns hidden within.

You can also use Fractalius to preview your art under different exotic lightings or add a masterful stroke of realistic pencil sketches.

17. FlatIcon

You can’t go wrong with another vast collection of vector-based icons. With the FlatIcon plugin, you get access to almost a million images of different formats.

The plugin allows you to search the right icon from FlatIcon within the Photoshop environment. It’s another excellent plugin to maximize work efficiency.

18. Perspective Mockups

Best Photoshop Plugins-Perspective Mockup

It’s always great to have a preview of any product designs in 3D before deeming yourself satisfied. The Perspective Mockups plugin is a great extension to turn your design into a 3D CSS3 transform.

It allows the flexibility of customization as you become a flat piece of design into an impressive presentation.

19. Renamy 4.0

Best Photoshop Plugins-Renamy

Unless you want to be haunted by a list of layers bearing same names, you’ll need Renamy 4.0 to prevent the painstaking task of manually naming individual layers.

The plugin lets you select multiple layers and rename instantly. Not only that, the plugin features an intelligent search tool for you to identify and rename specific layers.

20. Nik Collection

Best Photoshop Plugins-Nik Collection

Instead of a single plugin, installing Nik Collection offers a set of 7 transformative extensions in Adobe Photoshop. The Analog Efex Pro allows you to recreate the vintage style on existing images.

Color Efex Pro provides a complete range of filters while Silver Efex Pro takes black and white photography to the next level.

You may find the Viveza useful for tweaking colors and the HDR Efex Pro unleashing the limitless boundary of HDR photography.

The Sharpener Pro does exactly as the name implies, by providing the necessary tools to sharpen your images. DFINE rounds off this impressive plugins collection by enabling tailored noise reduction.

21. Eye Candy

Best Photoshop Plugins-Eye Candy

Photoshop may be one of the best photo editing software for graphic designers, but some visual effects may be impossible to pull off by the software itself.

Eye Candy has 32 effects and over 1000 of presets, allowing almost endless possibility of rendering your design.

22. PageCurl 2

Best Photoshop Plugins-PageCurl

When you’re working on an e-book cover, you may want to install the PageCurl plugin on the Photoshop. After all, nothing beats a realistic effect of a folding page.

The plugin allows you total control of the dynamics of arbitrary-shaped images like adjusting the angle, radius or the direction of the pages.

23. B&W Effects

Best Photoshop Plugins-BW Effects

There are occasions when you prefer a black-and-white theme over an image that is bursting with vibrant colors. This plugin brings back the old time by turning colored images into their vintage monochrome counterparts.

With the aid of hundreds of presets, making emotionally invoking black and white photos will only take seconds.

24. Fixel Contrastica 2

Best Photoshop Plugins-Fixel Constrastica

The Fixel Constrastica is one of the best photoshop plugins that lets you adjust both global and local contrasts in Photoshop quickly.

Instead of spending precious time meddling with Photoshop’s built-in tool, the plugin employes a proprietary engine to enhance your image contrast with acute precision.

25. ParticleShop

Best Photoshop Plugins-ParticleShop

Powered by Painter, ParticleShop offers superior brushes for Photoshop that turn ordinary images into stunning masterpieces.

You’ll have excellent control of the Particle brushes with a mouse or a tablet. There are 11 brushes to choose from that allows a broad dynamics of enhancement on the images.

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