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Best Place To Find A Freelance Graphic Designer

Best Place To Find A Freelance Graphic Designer

Best Place To Find A Freelance Graphic Designer

Looking for the find a freelance graphic designer? Whether you’re running a full-blown graphic design agency or looking to create print media for your company, freelance graphic designers are essential to support your business needs. In fact, graphic designers are critical to almost any form of business in today where great visuals are essential for brand and marketing. There is no shortage of talents as long as you know what the best places to find a freelance graphic designer is.

Why Hire Freelance Graphic Designers?

Before you start engaging with freelance graphic designers, you’ll need to consider if they are a right fit to support your graphic design needs. In some cases, hiring graphic designers to join your team on a permanent basis is a better option.

Graphic designers who operate on a freelance basis may not dedicate all of their time to work on your project immediately. They may be juggling a few projects and will assign an agreed time slot to work on yours. However, hiring freelance graphic designers means you’ll have a lesser burden on your payroll, especially if you’re running a startup.

Engaging a graphic designer on a freelance basis means you’ll only need to hire when there are needs for designs to be done. You’ll also have the flexibility to hire freelancers who specialized in particular graphic design discipline for better results.

For instance, you’ll want to have graphic designers who are experienced in print media to work on your brochure, and a second designer specializing in digital design for website graphics. It’s a better option than training in-house designers to work in multiple disciplines.

Freelance graphic designers also made good support team for in-house designers. When you’re overwhelmed with projects, offloading some of the tasks to freelance graphic designers is often a better option. Avoid going through the process of interviewing and onboarding new in-house designers.

What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Freelance Graphic Designer

The last thing that you’ll want is to engage a freelance graphic designer and ended up with a dispute when the deliverables are not you expected. It helps to set the right expectation of what freelance graphic designers does and how to establish effective communication with them.

Similar to in-house graphic designers, they are responsible for providing impressive graphics for your business needs. However, you shouldn’t ask graphic designers to work on technical aspects of the projects like the backend coding for a website.

When hiring a freelance graphic designer, it’s important to acknowledge that the branding aspects of the design should originate from your company. A freelance graphic designer has no obligation to figure out the long-term effect of your branding effort in the plan.

It’s essential that you read through the portfolio of the particular freelance graphic designer thoroughly. There are various disciplines in graphic design, and you do not want to end up hiring a logo designer for creating large sized hanging banners.

You may also want to survey and compare the charges proposed by various graphic designers before making a hire. There are no standard rates as each freelancer commands a price based on their experience and skill. A highly talented may cost more than $100 per hour while beginners cost around $20 per hour.

Effective Communication With Your Freelance Graphic Designer

Best Place To Find A Freelance Graphic Designer - Communication

Most of the issues that arise between employers and freelance graphic designers are due to miscommunication. Conveying your design requirements right from the start is essential. It’s also important to note to agree on some of the technical jargon to ensure that the context of the conversation is clear.

Explain your design needs precisely to the graphic designers. This includes the type of plan that you need, size, colors and the style in the finished result. A new freelance graphic designer may struggle initially to grasp the concept of your brand, and that calls for a little patience.

The best way to get a freelance graphic designer started on your project is to provide similar samples as references. That will give the graphic designer a pretty rough idea of your requirements, and you’ll be able to work forward from there. Convey to the graphic designer who intended audience for the material are to produce better results.

Besides getting the design requirements right, you’ll also want to spell out the contractual terms of like lead time and payment terms. This will help you avoid an unnecessary dispute that may derail the project.

Where To Find A Freelance Graphic Designer

The hiring landscape has undergone significant changes for the past few years. You’ll stand a better chance to find a freelance graphic designer in these avenues.

1. Facebook

Facebook is still one of the most extensive social media networks. It has around more than 2 billion active monthly users in 2018. In recent years, it has turned from a mere social sharing site to have a more commercial presence. You can create a simple post highlighting your need for a freelance graphic designer. And share it on your circle of network or graphic design specifics group.

2. Job Sites

You have had overlook job sites in your quest to find a freelance graphic designer. Sites like Monster.com and Indeed.com may litter candidates seeking long-term employment. But job sites remain one of the most underrated options for hiring freelance graphic designers. Create a compelling job post with detailed requirements to attract the right candidates.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has grown from a mere professional networking site to a talent acquisition platform. This is used by some of the largest companies. Instead of browsing through resumes, you’ll find the credentials of the candidates in their pages. It is one of the more effective ways to find a freelance graphic designer.

4. Upwork

Instead of waiting for freelancers to get in touch with you, head over the where they usually converge, freelancing sites. Regarding freelancing sites, Upwork is arguably the largest out there. You can create a job post or invite qualified freelancers for an interview. The profiles of freelancers also show their job history and what other clients thought of their service.

5. 99Design

99design is a portal that’s exclusive to graphic designers of various disciplines. Instead of hiring on an individual basis, it allows you to post a project and have multiple designers working on the design. You’ll have the option to compare each of the output and only pay for the model that you chose. It reduces the risk of funding for the poor design.

6. Your Business Website

Best Place To Find A Freelance Graphic Designer - Hiring

Instead of hunting all over the internet to find a graphic designer, most business owners overlooked the significance of using their website for hiring purpose. Create a page that highlight the vacancy for freelance graphic designers and you’ll be able to gradually build a list of candidates that will be useful in the future.

7. Professional Referrals

Chances are, there are other professionals or business owners within your network who have engaged proficient freelance graphic designers. All you need is to make a courtesy call, and you may end up with names of proven talents. The chances of making a bad hire are also lower with recommendations from your peers.

8. Online Forums

Online forums are far from being obsolete. At least, that’s the case where Reddit is concerned. There are specific subreddits where you can create a post to hire freelance graphic designers. This subreddit allows hiring and has more than 80,000 subscribed users. The response rate is usually pretty good on Reddit.

9. Behance

Nothing is more convincing than browsing through the galleries of graphic designers. Behance is a vast portfolio that allows you to do that, whether you’re looking for a logo designer or modern signage. It also features a job board where you can post your job advertisement to the massive community of graphic designers at Behance.

10. Graphic Design Events And Conference

There are graphic sign conference, events, and workshop that will attract local graphic designers. You may want to spend some time at these events, connecting with some of the best graphic designers and getting the heads up in the latest graphic design trends. The pleasant exchange of name cards can lead to fruitful working relationships in the future.

11. Recruitment Agency

This is probably not the cheapest option to find a freelance graphic designer, but it frees you from conducting multiple interviews before shortlisting the candidate. Besides that, professional recruiters may already have the right candidate in their database, and that means you can almost get started immediately with a freelance designer.

12. Google

A somewhat unconventional method but somehow useful is by merely searching freelance graphic designer in Google. This will bring up the most popular freelancing or job sites. And also promoted local places where you can find a freelance graphic designer. Some of the sites may seem unfamiliar to you. But may be packed with talented but unrecognized freelance graphic designers.

We hope that this article has been helpful in finding the right freelance graphic designer for your team. Share with us if you have another source of hiring platforms for freelance graphic designers.


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