Best Places To Find Graphic Designer Jobs Online

Best Places To Find Graphic Designer Jobs Online

Best Places To Find Graphic Designer Jobs Online

Being a freelance graphic designer definitely has its perks. Besides the ability to set your own working time and choose your clients, you’ll get to work wherever you are. However, most freelancers are concerned about keeping a stream of jobs in the pipeline. A list of the best places to find graphic designer jobs online will definitely be handy.

How To Kickstart Online Freelance Graphic Designer Career

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that starting your freelance graphic design career online is relatively simple. Most newbie freelancers hold the same thought until they began to frustrate themselves as none of their applications or bids are successful. Doubts would later creep in and some talented designers quit the freelance lifestyle.

Before you start sending out your first proposal on any of the sites that we recommended, it’s important to have a realistic expectation and know the right step to launch your freelance career. Here are what you need to do:

1. Upload A Decent Professional Profile Photo

Most of the sites that offer free accounts sign up require you to upload a profile photo. Ensure that you’re uploading the best professional version of your headshot. Rather than an empty frame, a professional profile photo helps you to build trust with new clients.

2. Complete Your Profile In Detail

Most freelancing sites have an internal parameter filter that allows clients to seek the designers that match their requirements. It pays to spend some of your time to list out your educations, employment history and breaking down your creative skill sets in an orderly manner.

3. Add Screenshots Of Your Work

Rather than a lengthy explanation of your capability, a screenshot of your best work is a thousand times better. Most creative marketplace or freelance sites allow you to upload a number of screenshots. Make full use of the virtual gallery that is provided to you.

4. Bid Consistently And Realistically

If you’re an unknown in the online marketplace, it is highly unlikely that you’re able to land the highest paid project in your first few attempts. Instead of bidding senselessly for premium projects, take on simpler projects that you’re confident to deliver with exceptional quality.

5. Get Positive Feedbacks

To build your reputation in the online marketplace, it is important to invite your clients to review or rate your service once the project is accomplished successfully. Some freelance sites have review systems that can work in your favor when you’ve accumulated a series of positive feedbacks.

The Best Places To Find Graphic Designer Jobs Online

To kick-start your freelance career, here are some of the best places to find graphic designer jobs online.

1. Krop

Freelance graphic designers need to build their portfolio early on and Krop is the right place to do so. Besides having your proudest work on display, Krop allows you to search for the hundreds of vacancies posted on their job board. You’ll find the jobs are mostly posted by clients from the US and Canada. At times, you may be contacted by top employers as they browse through the hundreds of thousands of portfolio within the database.


2. Coroflot

Coroflot was started in 1997 and is now one of the oldest websites the graphic designers can connect to. To date, it has hosted over 2 million images from graphic designers from all over the world. When you publish your projects on Coroflot, you’re immediately being exposed to potential employers looking for the right fit for their team. You can also start applying the job board once you’re registered with Coroflot.


3. Upwork

One of the best places to find graphic designer jobs online is Upwork, especially if you’re starting with a blank sheet of track record. While Upwork caters to freelancers from various fields, there are ample opportunities for graphic designers. You can build your portfolio by starting with simple jobs and build your reputation by accumulating positive reviews along the way. It’s free to sign up for an account and apply for any jobs that are posted.


4. Simply Hired

Job search engine is one of the best places to find graphic designer jobs and Simply Hired is such a platform that you can use for free. A search of “freelance graphic designer” will bring up all the listings that are related to the search term. You can also narrow down the geographic location of the employer by specifying the location in the search. It also features a Salary Estimator to help you remain competitive in your application.


5. 99Designs

Best Places To Find Graphic Designer Jobs Online - 99designs

99Designs is a popular online marketplace amongst designers. You’ll get to create your profile for free and join a vibrant community of graphic designers. There are endless opportunities for work as clients seek graphic designers of various specialties like web design, business cards, and T-shirt design. Unlike other freelance sites, 99Designs allow newbie graphic designers to shine in contests, as the client gets to choose from submitted works that best fits their requirements.


6. Design Observer

Besides serving as an extensive collection of journals and resources for a graphics designer, Design Observer also has an active job board filled with creative opportunities. It allows you to search for job posting by location and also the type of employment that you seek. Unlike freelancing sites, you don’t need to register for an account because each of the job postings will allow you to apply directly to the hiring employer.


7. Toptal

If you’re just starting out as a graphic designer, you may want to skip registering yourself at Toptal. It claims to enlist only the top 3% of freelancers. This involves a stringent screening process that not only evaluates your technical skill, but also communications and personality. But if you’re proven to be the best in your industry, Toptal is one of the best places to find graphic designer jobs offered by the elite brands in the world.


8. Outsourcely

Outsourcely brought together employers who are looking to beef up their team with remote talents. As such, you may find long-term jobs that offer a form of security as you kick off your career as a freelance graphics designer. You will go to paid directly by your employers. Because Outsourcely does not take any cut of your fee as a commission.


9. Behance

Behance is another great portfolio site for graphic designers to showcase their best works. It allows potential clients to browse creative works in various discipline. It has a vibrant job board that you can narrow down to the location and specialization of your skills. The social aspect of the Behance community allows better interaction between clients and graphic designers.


10. DesignCrowd

Best Places To Find Graphic Designer Jobs Online - Design crowd

To be a successful freelance graphic designer, you need to have the hunger compete and outdo your competitors. DesignCrowd is a creative online marketplace that thrives on this concept. After setting up an account with DesignCrowd, you’ll get access to various projects where multiple designers submit their proposed design for a client. The selected freelancer gets the opportunity to complete the project with the client.


11. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking platform professional from various industries. It works differently than other social media network that you used to share your daily thoughts. LinkedIn features a job search engine but you’ll need to ensure that your profile is set up in a professional manner. Use only professional images in your profile photo. You can increase the chances of hiring on LinkedIn by elaborating on your credentials.


12. Dribble Jobs

In 2009, Dribble launched. It has established itself as one of the largest online community for creative professionals. It helps creative designers to promote their works and allows them to gain exposure. Dribble job boards provide you the opportunity of working with top clients remotely or at the geographic location of your choice. You can also list your own creative team on Dribble and take on projects on a larger scale.


13. Guru

The creative online marketplace can be rather competitive as graphic designers from all range of experience converged. If you’re looking for a site with lesser competition, Guru is a great place to try. While it lists jobs that are geared to software developments, there are a decent amount of design jobs that you can apply. Depending on the project, you can choose to bill hourly or accept payment by milestones.


14. PeoplePerHourly

Projects with a diverse range of value are littered by many freelancing sites. Once you’ve established your reputation as a freelance graphic designer, you may want to try out PeoplePerHourly. The project values are generally above average. However, there is a requirement for new freelancers to accomplished a number of projects. And also acquire positive feedback within a stipulated time. This is how PeoplePerHourly maintains the high quality of jobs and freelancers.


15. Indeed

One of the best places to find graphic designer jobs is by heading to the world’s number one job search engine. Indeed adding 10 jobs per second along with boasting more than 200 million visitors a month. It allows you to create an online resume to make a job application an easier process. Alternatively, you can upload your professional resume to the application pop-up.

We hope that this article helps you in landing more clients in your freelance career.


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