Best Portable Photo Printers [Top list of 2019]

Best Portable Photo Printers

Best Portable Photo Printers

It seems we have come to a realization that the best way to preserve our memorable moments is in the form of a physically framed photo. While old-school analog cameras are not making a comeback, polaroid photos are, in the form of some of the best portable photo printers that render nostalgic images on glossy papers.

With portable photo printers, you can easily grab the best photos from your digital camera or smartphone and turn it into something tangible. Unlike your regular home printers, you can bring these portable printers around with ease. And there’s no worry about tripping over lengthy cables.  Most of these will not produce business-quality custom printing so if that is what you need, give us a shout!

Choosing The Best Portable Photo Printers For Yourself

When both giant camera brands and aspiring startups scrambled for your attention, making a decision can be rather overwhelming. We get helpful tips from our designers to help you choose the best photo printers.

1. Quality

With different printers, the quality of the output may vary. The question is, does it meet your minimum requirement? Some portable printers are capable of producing high-resolution images while others have no problems in replicating photos from the classic ages. You’ll probably want to check out the quality of various printers before anything else.

2. Speed

Are you kind of impatient when it comes to getting a photo printed? Check out the printing speed of each printer to avoid getting frustrated with printing speed that goes below your expectation.

3. Ink

The convenience of printing on-the-go comes at a cost. You may need to spend more on the special ink cartridges used by certain models. Or you can opt for cartridgeless printers with the possibility of paying extra for the special photo papers.

4. Battery

Most of the best portable printers are powered by the internal battery. You’ll want to avoid one that needs constant recharging every 5 prints or so. The nature of your usage will ultimately determine the minimum battery duration of the printer.

5. Connectivity

Being portable is about going wireless. If you need to print from anywhere in your home, you’ll need to get one with WiFi capability, else a Bluetooth portable printer will work just as well.

6. Cost

In the end, the price tag on the printers can be a major decisive factor. Are you contented with basic printing functionalities at a low cost or do you need a full-featured high-quality portable printer that costs more than average?

Best Portable Photo Printers To Have In 2019

Choosing the right portable photo printer can be a tedious process. We save you the hassle of going through every spec sheets and reviews with this list of the best portable photo printers on the market.

1. HP Sprocket X7N07A

Best Portable Photo Printers 2018 - HP Sprocket
HP Sprocket X7N07A (Source: HP)

Probably one of the smallest printers around, the HP Sprocket is perfect for your next hiking trip. There’s no worry about ink refills with the HP Sprocket as it uses the Zink technology to thermally produce images from special photo papers coated with transparent dye.

The tiny printer allows you to easily preserve your favorite moment in a 2” x 3” photo. All that’s needed is installing a dedicated app from HP into your smartphone and connect to the printer via Bluetooth. You can probably check your email as you wait for the photo to prints, which takes about 1 minute.

Expect up to 30 prints before you need to charge the printer’s battery again. You would have enough decent photos to fill your scrapbooks by then. While the price is pretty affordable, the quality of the print may be below the expectations of professional designers who are used to sharper image prints.

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2. Canon Selphy CP1200

Best Portable Photo Printers 2018 - Canon Selphy CP1200
Canon Selphy CP1200 (Source: Canon)

Tired of buying postcards for during your travels? You can print your own from the Canon Selphy CP1200 easily. An upgrade from previous models, it employs dye-sublimation printing to thermally transfer the ink to your postcard paper in slightly less than 60 seconds.

This is not a compact sized printer that you can fit easily in your pocket, but it more than made up for the larger size with its superior print quality. Besides that, you can preview the images on the TFT before they are printed. The rechargeable battery also lasts significantly longer, with up to 50 prints before it empties out.

You can easily get your postcard printed while you’re sipping your latte, as long as you can connect both the printer and your smartphone to the WIFI. Also, ensure that the ink ribbon cassette is inserted into the printer and the paper placed correctly on the tray before you hit print.

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3. SereneLife Portable

Best Portable Photo Printers 2018 - SereneLife
SereneLife Portable (Source: Amazon)

This is one of the best portable photo printers that deserved a mention, even though it’s not from one of the major brands. In fact, this printer packs a punch of high-quality printing despite its lightweight exterior. If you’re all about convenience, then this SereneLife portable is the right fit for you.

While the underlying printing technology uses dye-sublimation, the ink cartridges and paper are confined in a cassette that you can easily replace after 10 prints. There’s no risk of inky fingers or smearing on your precious clothes.

Operating the printer requires the PICKIT app to be downloaded into your Android or IOS devices. With a single battery charge lasting up to 25 prints, they are ideal to capture a few precious moments at your best friend’s wedding.

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4. Polaroid Zip

Best Portable Photo Printers 2018 - Polaroid Zip
Polaroid Zip (Source: Polaroid)

From a world-renowned brand for instant photography, Polaroid mobile is compact, reasonably priced and produced rather acceptable quality images. It uses its proprietary Zink paper to turn your image files into printed photos. And yes, this means you won’t be replacing any ink cartridges.

The battery limits you to about 25 prints if you forgot to bring the charging cable along. You’ll still be able to print the images from your smartphone as long as you have the Zip app installed and Bluetooth or NFC enabled. You can have your favorite shot on a 2” x 3” sticky back photo, just like the good old days.

The hassle-free printing it offered comes at a price though. While the quality of the printout isn’t too bad, they are nowhere close to inkjet or dye-sublimation. If fun, compact and no-hassle printing is for you, then the Polaroid Zip is worth checking out.

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5. Photobee Portable Photo Printer

Best Portable Photo Printers 2018 - Photobee
Photobee Mobile Printer (Source: Amazon)

Nothing matches your cute scrapbook than an equally cute portable photo printer. The sleek designed Photobee portable photo printer belies its small size by printing high-quality images. You can truly capture the essence of nature for scrapbooking purposes.

You’ll find that it has considerably short charging time as the battery fills up in around 2 hours. The printer can then produce up to 30 photos before the battery is fully drained. Not only the printer is cartridgeless, the photo paper is waterproof. No worries of raindrop smudging the colors on the photos.

Getting started with Photobee is rather easy as it came with its own printing app. You’ll just need to connect both the printer and your smartphone to the WiFi and you can start printing 2” x 3” Polaroid photos. Sharing is also caring as a few of your friends can queue their images on the printer simultaneously.

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6. Kodak PD-450 Photo Printer Dock

Best Portable Photo Printers 2018 - Kodak PD450
Kodak PD450 (Source: Kodak)

One touch is literally all it takes to print your image files on Kodak Photo Printer Dock. Best known for its image quality, Kodak definitely didn’t disappoint on this portable printer. Besides printing image files over WIFI connections, you’re able to dock your smartphone on the printer and instantly, it became the console of the printer.

The coolest appeal of arguably one of the best portable photo printers is that you’re able to print any images currently viewable on your smartphone just by hitting a single button. But before that, you’ll have to ensure the single cartridge is in place and the 4” x 6” fingerprint-proof printing papers are loaded in the dock.

While Kodak does lives up to its name with superior image printing quality, the printing speed isn’t something to shout about. It takes around 2 minutes to get to print an image from your smartphone.

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7. Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2

Best Portable Photo Printers 2018 - Fujifilm Instax Share Sp-2
Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 (Source: Fujifilm)

If you’re not a fan of constant recharging, you may want to check Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 out. It takes at least 100 prints before the battery requires a recharge. That’s arguably the longest lasting battery you’ll have in one of the best portable photo printers.

An upgrade from its predecessor SP-1, the latest version of Instax Share boasts a higher printing resolution, which naturally means finer details in the photos. Unlike other photo printers, it uses self-developing film where it takes up to two minutes after printing for the image to be fully developed. Of course, this also means a shorter printing time of around 15 seconds per photo.

The beauty of printing with this printer lies in the Instax app. Besides basic editing, it allows you to create your own template to print the photos along with. It’s a great way to grab your best photos on social media and print it along with the number of likes.

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8. LG Pocket Photo 2

Best Portable Photo Printers 2018 - LG Pocket Photo 2
LG Pocket Photo 2 (Source: LG)

The LG Pocket Photo 2 is a tough looking portable printer that makes printing on-the-go looks so simple. You have both the options of using NFC or Bluetooth to send your photo over and it will be nicely printed in 60 seconds.

Using the inkless ZINK photo papers, you won’t have troubles with ink leakages or smudges over the photo. With the 2” x 3” paper size, it solves your problem of forgetting your business card, as you can print a decent copy on the spot.

It’ll be a tough order for printing hundreds of invitation cards though, as the battery needs a recharge after every 30 copies. While it’s nowhere near professional grade, the quality of the photos is as good as you can get among the best portable photo printers.

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9. Lifeprint Portable Photo Printer

Best Portable Photo Printers 2018 - Lifeprint
Lifeprint Portable Photo Printer (Source: Amazon)

The Lifeprint is not just your regular portable photo printer. It has a fascinating Hyperphoto feature that allows you to print a screenshot from 15 seconds or less video. In a brilliant twist of AR technology, focusing your camera on the Hyperphoto printout with the app turned on will launch the associated video.

Besides being a cool marketing gimmick, the app also allows you to share the photos you’re printing automatically in your social network. These fancy features are not making up for any shortfalls. In fact, the Lifeprint prints out very decent photo within the limits of ZINK thermal printing.

If you basically thrive on sharing photos, and privacy isn’t a big deal, then Lifeprint will be an ideal gift for yourself. Or you can also get this photo printer to impress your kids with the cool AR Hyperphoto.

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10. Kodak PM210 Mini Printer

Best Portable Photo Printers 2018 - Kodak PM210 Mini
Kodak PM210 Mini (Source: Kodak)

Imaging giant Kodak is serious about capitalizing on the instant photo printing trend with this mini printer. Designed elegantly, and about the size of your smartphone, it uses Kodak’s proprietary dye transfer technology to provide higher quality printing at a lower cost.

You don’t have to worry about handling messy ink though, as the cartridge and photo papers are enclosed in a single cassette. Changing the cassette is as simple as tugging the old cassette out and fitting the new one in.

In a pure minimalist design, it has only one power button with the majority of the controls within the Companion app. You’ll have to be slightly patient for the photo to be printed out and you’ll not be disappointed with the outcome. The printers carefully print 4 layers of color in sequential passes to deliver clearer images.

Do you want to print your photos a bit larger?  Check out our Photos on Glass or our Foamboard printing page!  We hope this list has been useful for you in selecting from the best portable photo printers for your requirements. If you feel a different model deserves a mention, do leave us a comment below.

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