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You’ll find the masters of the beachfront city of San Diego in the San Diego Reddit pages.

Uniquely, San Diego is known for beaches, palm trees, and scenic routes. Although expert San Diego residents know that as beautiful as the city is, there is always more to discover. Additionally, there are city hacks to learn vital news to be aware of.

For this reason, San Diego expert residents use San Diego Reddit. Mostly, these pages are used to figure out where the best happy hours are. Also, they post about the secret concerts. And, they post about how to find an apartment and avoid Craigslist. First, residents use these posts to answer all of their residential questions. Then, they search for updates on current events. Also, the job hunt for open job positions in the city.

Important to note, all of this information is in these San Diego Reddit pages.

America’s Finest City: San Diego

America’s Finest City: San Diego Reddit page encompasses almost every facet of San Diego life. Important to note, post topics include city updates, events, and random occurrences, such as the jets flying over Mirarmar. For this reason, the Reddit page has 50,485 readers with an average of 340 readers on the page at any given moment. Of course posts about upcoming events and happenings are welcome. But, spam is strictly prohibited.

Examples of posts found in America’s Finest City: San Diego:

Things to do this week in San Diego May 7th-14th, 2018
[AMA] I am Omar Passons, a former foster child turned lawyer and candidate for county supervisor-ask me anything
Is anyone at the beach? Is there bioluminescence at any of the beaches?
So, Uber plans to test food delivery by drone in San Diego
Scenes from Santee
Again, I have a ticket to Weird Al Yankovic to give away for tomorrow May 12
California becomes the first state to require solar panels on new homes
Report: SDUSD loses $65.9 million a year in funding due to charter schools
Laser tag in San Diego
So, any of you guys see what type of jets just took off from/past Miramar?

Rules of America’s Finest City: San Diego Reddit page:

Play nice. Harassment, trolling and racism is not tolerated and result in a ban from the Reddit page. Honest, civil discussions from varying perspectives are encouraged.
Posts should only talk about San Diego, not other California cities or related topics.
Accounts suspected of a shilling, acting as a customer of a product for promotional purposes, will be deleted from the Reddit page and reported to the Reddit Admins.
Advertising is restricted to specific threads. To avoid having a post deleted, post activities and events in the “Things to do” thread stacked at the top of the subscription page.
Before asking a question, check the sidebar and use the search function to see if the problem was recently answered.
For questions that have not been posted the page, ask moderators for permission before publishing.

America’s Finest City: San Diego page promotes useful links and Reddit pages such as:

Visiting The City?*
Thinking of moving to SD?
HERE for more links
Also, check the weekly “Things to Do” thread at the top of the sub.
Want something off the tourist trail/SD history?
Best of SD and Things to do in SD
Breweries in SD to visit.
Updated Craft Brewery Map of San Diego
SD area Burrito Review
SD area Burrito Rating System
Feeling Depressed? Help is here!

San Diego Jobs

If a resident is looking for work, there is a San Diego Jobs Reddit page dedicated to job hunting. The San Diego Jobs Reddit page is dedicated to helping residents find work opportunities. Also, it allows businesses fill open positions. For this reason, there are 3,174 readers on the page with an average of six users on at a time. Important to note, users, are allowed to post open jobs positions. Also, they can create a post if they are looking for work.

Example posts:

[FOR HIRE] QA Tester, Black Box, Mobile Devices, and Software
[FOR HIRE] Need a logo? Graphic Design? Illustration?
[FOR HIRE] USAF Contract specialist. DAWIA Level 1, GPC Program Experience, CON-IT Experience
[FOR HIRE] Freelance marketing manager to help any small to mid-sized business grow. Portfolio in the link!
Feminist Organization/Companies
PHP Programmer
[Hiring} PHP Engineer (Carlsbad)
[Hiring] Social service job
[Hiring] Banquet Server

The San Diego Jobs Reddit page also links to the job search websites listed below:

  • Indeed
  • Monster
  • Flip Gigs
  • USA Jobs
  • Craigslist
  • Glass Door
  • Career Builder
  • San Diego Nonprofit Jobs
  • San Diego Metro Career Center
  • County of San Diego Job Listings
  • San Diego Public Library Career and Employment Resources


San Diego Shows

In contrast to the job hunting Reddit page, there is The San Diego Shows Reddit page. Comparatively, it brings music lovers to live concerts in the city. Also, it promotes events like comedy shows. As expected, posts regarding upcoming shows are published multiple times a week. In addition to the useful event posts, there are 1,975 Music-Loving San Diegans in the group. With this in mind, this group is a great place to meet like-minded music friends. Important to note, those looking to post about concerts are asked to avoid using confusing phrasing like, “tonight’ or “next Wednesday.” Correctly, a date must be displayed to ensure users know when the concert takes place. In the hope that users see a post in time, the San Diego Reddit page’s moderators suggest posting 2-3 weeks before a show.


Example posts:

[Wed, May 16] [Midnight Track, Roman Watchdogs, Crucial Blend, Priveleged] @ Til Two Club
[Thrs, May 31] [The Dead Milkmen, The Bombpops] @ The Belly Up
[Mon, May 28] [Subhumans, Final Conflict, Karbonite, Records with Roger] @ The Casbah
[Thrs, Oct 4] [The Flatliners, Decent Criminal, Western Settings] @ Brick By Brick
[Wed, May 30] [9 Volt Murder, Two Man Advantage, Corporate Citizen, Punk Yacht Club] @ Navajo Live
[Sat, May 19] [Fallen Monuments Album Release Show] @ Kensington Club
[Wed, May 30] [Joe McMahon, Jay Northington, Yotam Ben Horin, Jared Stinson] @ Til Two Club
[Fri, May 4th] [The Lawrence Arms, Red City Radio, Sincere Engineer] @ The Casbah
[Sun, May 6] [Alive & Well, Mainsail, Dream Haze, Wild Wild Monsters] @ Blonde Bar
[Thrs, May 3] [From Parts Unknown, Martian Cult, Casa Wagner, Electric Healing Sound] @ The Bancroft Bar

Also, the San Diego Show’s page highlights all of the San Diego venues, categorized by size and popularity.

The small San Diego Venues include:

  • Soda Bar (21+)
  • Bar Pink (21+)
  • 710 Beach Club
  • The Merrow
  • The Office (21+)
  • AC Lounge
  • 7 Grand (21+)
  • Kava Lounge
  • U31 (21+)
  • The Tiki House
  • Space Bar
  • Tin Can Alehouse
  • The Loft
  • The Irenic
  • Lestat’s
  • RT’s Longboard
  • Brick by Brick
  • Sunset Temple
  • The Yard
  • Blonde bar
  • Sycamore Den
  • Whistlestop

The large San Diego venues include:

  • Cricket Amphitheatre
  • Cox Arena
  • SDSU Open Air
  • Humphrey’s
  • Viejas Arena
  • Sports Arena (Valley View)

The popular San Diego venues include:

  • Music Box
  • Belly Up Tavern (21+)
  • The Casbah (21+)
  • Che Cafe
  • Soma (18+)
  • The Warehouse
  • Spreckels Theatre
  • Quartyard
  • North Park Observatory
  • House of Blues
  • The Lafayette Hotel

San Diego Classifieds

Comparatively, the San Diego Classifieds page brings Craigslist to Reddit. So, users are encouraged to post about random topics, questions, events or available housing. There are 2,250 readers in this San Diego Reddit page.

Example posts:

Do you smoke cigarettes? Join our study and be compensated up to $400?
Again, Hamilton tickets for sale!
Looking for 2/3 bedroom condo/single-family home to rent by the beach in North PB/Bird Rock/La Jolla
Looking for someone who can help us safely cut down a big eucalyptus tree in the backyard
Free maintenance and pruning
So, Condo for rent!
The Yardbirds @ BellyUp + meet/greet = $60
Two (2) little dicky tickets for tonight $60
Again, 4 Pack of Any-Day Sea World tickets
Looking for a July 1st Move-in within the city of San Diego
Mission Hills studio available September 2018

Ask San Diego

Together with America’s Finest City: San Diego Reddit page, Ask San Diego promotes questions about the city. For this reason, the Ask San Diego Reddit encourages San Diego residents to ask any question they have regarding the city. Secondly, they can ask about housing. Also, they can inquire about events or suggestions.

For this reason, there are 1,211 readers. Mostly, the page aims to connect residents with apartments for rent. Also, posts for requests for roommates to live with are accepted. Lastly, users will find information about events happening around the city.

Example posts:

Rock climbing buddy?
Looking to see if anyone wants to buddy up for some classes at Culture Shock?
San Diego sailboat charter recommendations? (1 day)
US Citizen-Moving to Tijuana and working in SD (not-so-short list of questions)
Four students looking for a house for rent
So, where to find organic grapes?
Moving the San Diego and looking for my first solo apartment, curious which neighborhoods provide the best value
Like, mid to high-end Mexican restaurant recommendation
Again, how do you get exercise?
Local gift bag ideas
So, advice about moving to San Diego?
So, staying at the Hyatt Mission Beach this coming weekend. A family of four with two toddlers. Looking for things to do and good food! And go.  Looking for a weekly evening Christian worship service
Australian potential exchange student with questions

San Diego Beer

San Diego Beer Reddit page is for beer lovers in the area. Important to note is that there are 1,651 passionate beer drinkers in the community. For this reason, the page offers suggestions on happy hour, news related to beer in the city, beer-related holidays and meet-ups. First, this San Diego Reddit page asks all users three questions to begin:

Which San Diego beer are you drinking?
Which San Diego beer do you wish you were drinking?
What’s your favorite brewery?

Second, a new feature of the Reddit page is the San Diego Beer Events calendar. Mostly, the beer events calendar keeps beer lovers informed about all beer related events happening in the city. For this reason, the moderators encourage users to send in suggestions for events as the page is open to creating their events.

Example posts:

Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 166-Porter Night in San Diego-Local Beer Podcast
VETogether at BNS tonight
What’s on draft?-Season 3Threeteaser trailer
So, are we boycotting Green Flash now for screwing over the founders of Alpine?
San Diego Reddit Entrepreneurs Meetup Tuesday 4/3/18 at Tiger! Tiger! In North Park at6 pm
#190 Beer Geek Brunch-Mikkeller
To go beers?
$20 bottomless beers at Little Miss Brewing on Friday nights
Happy Crowler Awareness Day!
Like, what’s on draft announces the S3 release date?
What are your favorite Belgian triples around San Diego?
Keeper/commemorative glasses
Again, Which brewery has your favorite happy hour?
So, Stone Brewing probably has a good case against MillerCoors and Keystone
Modern Times cans of 2017

Specifically, the experts of the beachfront city can be found at the golden intersection between Reddit and San Diego. So, expert San Diego residents use San Diego Reddit pages to know about what’s happening and where it is happening. For this reason, San Diego Reddit pages are popular among residents. Important to note is that these pages are open to the public. Fortunately, people moving to the city can get a head start on job hunting and finding weekend activities.

First, San Diegans use the San DiegoReddit pages to uncover open job. Then, they search for impromptu concerts. Also, they look for available apartments. Lastly, they hunt for secret knowledge in the city they call home. The answer to all of their questions, updates on new laws and available homes for rent are found on one of the most popular websites in the world.

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