Best Sites For Freelance Digital Marketing

Best Sites For Freelance Digital Marketing

Best Sites For Freelance Digital Marketing

No matter what the reason may be, chances are that you can use a little extra income. Whether it is to pay your bills, professional development or even to simply have the freedom that comes when you are a freelancer, more and more people are discovering some of the benefits that come with freelancing digital marketing. While there is no shortage of websites that offer the opportunity for you to find more freelance digital marketing opportunities, these sites are not all created equal.

Different Types of Freelance Digital Marketing

While there are many different types of guides that will assist you in trying to get out there on your own, it can be very difficult to get your freelance career up and running at first. While it sounds easy, it can actually be difficult to get any high paying freelance gigs. It takes more than signing up on some of the popular freelance platforms

Before getting started on any freelance digital marketing platform, you must first figure out what type of digital marketing you are going to be doing. Some of the different types of digital marketing freelancers specialize in:


Social Media

When it comes to digital marketing, more often than not the easiest jobs are usually some of the most time-consuming. Nothing can be truer in regards to social media. It is very time to consume to monitor and respond to people on the multiple social media channels available today. And in today’s instant gratification society, people want answers and responses as quickly as possible.  This is especially true when it comes to customer service. With social media operating 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, there is always a need for this type of digital marketing.


Copywriting is what will help make your sales. It will draw in prospective customers and convert them into buyers from the Internet, as well as print marketing. In the beginning, a business may opt to do their own copywriting, as nobody wants to take the time to do it or knows how to do it correctly. This is why copywriting is one of the digital marketing jobs that are always available. If a business owner has ever done their own copywriting before, they will be more than happy to outsource it.  This is due to it being very time to consume and hard to get right.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are more than likely what you think of when you think of digital marketing. A graphic designer can design your logo, business cards, letterhead, website, just about any type of marketing material you can think of. This includes the sign you use for your business, as well as anything else you can think of. A graphic designer is essentially tasked with helping create a business’s brand identity.

Content Providers

If a business has ever wanted to rank organically on search engines, then the content is what they need. If you are a content provider, you are able to educate potential clients and customers.  On top of that, you will also help rank the businesses websites organically. This type of digital marketing can be responsible for emails, newsletter, marketing blogs, etc.

SEO Expert

For many business owners, SEO is like speaking a foreign language that they don’t know. With the always-changing algorithms of Google, it is almost impossible to stay ranked for certain keywords. This is exactly why an SEO expert is one of the perfect types of digital marketing. Now factor in that every business is trying to always increase their SEO rankings and you have yourself an evergreen digital marketing job.


Video Creator

YouTube is the second largest search engine online and owned by Google. This makes video creation one of the most popular forms of digital marketing.  Businesses can use video marketing to boost SEO rankings and advertise to customers. However, they can’t just put out a poorly made video that says come to my business. They need a custom-made video that tailors to their specific niche. That is why video creations is also a large part of digital marketing.

To become a successful freelancer in digital marketing, you will need to branch out and come up with an amazing portfolio. Your portfolio should stand out and include samples of past work. You may even want to offer to do some test jobs or lower paying jobs to get some positive traction going for yourself. And if you really want to stand out, adding past client testimonials will definitely push your resume over the top. But once you get yourself established, you should have no problem finding yourself freelance work on some different freelancer sites online.

Best Sites For Freelance Digital Marketing

While there is no shortage of websites you can look to find digital marketing jobs, not all sites are created equal. Some sites try to copy other, more popular sites but instead only waste your time creating accounts and ads. Other sites are so unorganized it’s hard to figure out what is going on with them altogether.

But fear not. Here is a list of some of the best sites for freelance digital marketing that you can use to find various digital marketing jobs. Now keep in mind that a lot of these freelance digital marketing jobs are going to be one-time gigs, many of them are going to be for recurring digital marketing work. In fact, if you do a well enough job, many times the one time gigs will grow into recurring work as well. Just remember to always over deliver and you will have no problem getting freelance digital marketing work for yourself. Here are the best sites for freelance digital marketing.


Upwork is a freelancer site that has just about every category of digital marketing freelance on it. Whether you’re looking for content and video creation, all the way to ranking websites, SEO, or anything else digital marketing, Upwork is your one-stop shop. Upwork is a great freelancer website and you can find some really good work there, as well as post your profile and have people search for you.


Fiverr is a great site to find people who need every type of digital marketing you can think of. While the whole idea of Fiverr started with every service costing only five dollars, they have updated their platform and freelancers are now able to charge whatever you would like for your services. Similar to Upwork, Fiverr allows you to create a profile showcasing your digital marketing talents, as well as search jobs posted by people looking for your skill set.


Freelancer is another great site if you’re looking for freelance digital marketing jobs. With the ability to search jobs posted by potential employers, you can easily find a gig.  On top of that,  you can also create a profile with your portfolio.  This will allow potential employers to find you.

Freelancer is a great way to build your digital marketing portfolio and find work. What does make Freelancer stand out from other freelance websites is that they offer tests that you can take to prove your worth. The more tests you take, the higher your profile will rank and the more visible you will become for potential work.

99 Designs

With 99 Designs, it works a little differently than the other mentioned sites. With this one, it’s more of an auction style site. Potential employers will come up with a budget for their project and then you (and other freelancers) will bid on the project to win their business.


PeoplePerHour is a freelance site that is best known for digital marketing jobs that can be done in about an hour or so. You will post your profile and what type of digital marketing work you are looking to do, and then potential employers will search the listings and contact you if they want to work with you. While they do offer other categories than digital marketing, digital marketing is one of its biggest and most popular categories.


AIGA is not necessarily for you if you are just starting out with freelance digital marketing.  This site is where people can go to search for you by your name, area of practice or location.  Since potential employers are searching for you by much more specific criteria, this is a better website. Also, if you are already more established in the freelance digital marketing category then this is the solution.

When you are a freelancer it can be hard to find digital marketing work. But by utilizing the best sites for digital marketing, it can make this task of finding work much, much easier. Just remember to always be upfront with potential new employers. Let them know exactly what you are able to provide, as well as the price you can provide it for. And remember, if you are just starting out in the digital marketing freelance category, it may take a while before you are able to find any work. Do your best to stay consistent and continue to search for the best sites for freelance digital marketing listed above.


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