Best Stand Up Desks For Graphic Designers

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Best Stand Up Desks For Graphic Designers

According to health experts, sitting long hours impacts your health negatively. If the concerns of damaging vital organs and posture problem do not sound any alarm bells, perhaps the growing waistline due to lack of movements will. For a change, you may want to consider adding one of the best stands up desks on your working table.

You may have to go without the comfort of an executive chair, but working on a stand-up desk does wonder to your mind and body. The flexibility to stand and move around increases blood circulation and energy. Indirectly, you’ll be at your sharpest when dealing with creative works.

Top Considerations When Choosing A Stand-Up Desk

Stand up desks are a growing trend for modern professionals, including graphic designers. While price can be a decisive factor when choosing a stand-up desk, there are other considerations that you’ll need to take into account.

Size (and Capacity)

Before ordering a stand-up desk, you’ll need to be exact with the size of the table that you’re using. Besides that, each standing desk has a maximum limit of the weight it can hold that you’ll need to be aware.


Some stand up desk or converter operates on a servo motor, but others need manual adjustment to alter their height. Either way, adjusting the height of a stand-up desk should be reasonably straightforward.


The best stand up desks is not a cheap investment. You’ll want to ensure they are long-lasting. Most strong stand-up desks are made of sturdy wood and feature stable designs. Also, ensure that the surface is non-slip and spill resistance.


Fancy an LCD stand for better viewing? Or a multiple shelves for printer and keyboard? Pick your best choice from the variety offered by stand up desk manufacturers.

Complete Desk vs. Converter

One of the common dilemmas is to decide between an entire standing desk or a converter. Both have their own merits and disadvantages. A converter allows you to retain your current working desk while a complete standing desk has more options for ergonomic benefits.

Best Stand Up Desks For Graphic Designers

With possibly thousands of stand up desk converters offered by manufacturers, it will be a painstaking process to browse through each of them. We’ve brought together a list of the best stand up desks and converters favored by our graphic designers.

1. VIVO Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

Best Stand Up Desks For Graphic Designers

The VIVO Standing Desk is one of the best stand up desk converters if you’re trying to get healthier when working on your projects. A brilliant height locking mechanism allows you to shift the desk to your preferred level with a simple touch. The steel frame that forms the desk can withstand up to 3.75 lbs of load.

You’ll have ample of space for your displays and computer with the two-tier design. The top surface is large enough to hold two monitors while the bottom level is a good fit for your keyboard and mouse.

You can also make use of the additional storage tray fitted on the top surface for stationeries.

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2. FlexiSpot M3B Standing Desk

Best Stand Up Desks For Graphic Designers

This standing desk converter gives you a spacious 47” wide platform to place two 27” displays side by side and with some space to spare for your laptop. You can fit or remove an additional keyboard tray to the structure thanks to its unique quick release mechanism smoothly.  

You’ll have no problem placing all your working gadgets on the standing desk, as long as they don’t exceed the 35 lbs weight limit. Thoughtful design from the manufacturer ensures that you can adjust the standing desk even at its maximum load.

The desk is for stability and space saving. Unlike some competing counters, it doesn’t extend outward and take up precious workspaces.

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3. DeskDoc Premium Standing Desk Converter

Best Stand Up Desks For Graphic Designers

Sometimes, standing up can inspire you to complete the banner design that you’re working. This standing desk converter by DeskDoc is built to be lifted up quickly, thanks to its spring-operated mechanism. You can lift the desk converter up to 17” to suit your viewing height.

Measuring 32” x 20” on the surface, it has all the room needed for a laptop, display and the accompanying accessories. It will be an excellent fit for most graphic designer’s working station. Besides increasing productivity, you’ll also save time from fitting the standing desk converter as it was pre-assembled.

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4. Standing Desk By The House Of Trade

Best Stand Up Desks For Graphic Designers

With this standing desk, you’ll have no excuse for not turning out your best design or keeping belly fat away. It can be adjusted from 6.5” to 16.5” vertically using hand levers, making it perfect for any graphic designers up to 6’ 5” tall.

The desk features a surface area of 23” x 32” where you can fit a display and a laptop easily on it. An ergonomically design keyboard tray that remains flat makes typing a comfortable process. The keyboard tray can be adjusted to fit individual preference.

This standing desk is durable and supports up to 50 lbs of load without wobbling. It is fully set up before shipping, and that means you can use it right away.

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5. Spark by Ergodriven

Best Stand Up Desks For Graphic Designers

Spark is one of the best stand up desks that take creativity to the next level. The last thing on your mind will be a standing desk made of origami styled cardboard. It cost a fraction of the typical standing desk and is incredibly sturdy.

While you can’t adjust the height of the desk, Ergodriven offers three different sizes of Spark to suit individuals of different built. A smart two-level design allows you to place a laptop and a keyboard or a large all-in-one computer on the standing desk.

You’ll have nothing to worry about the desk breaking apart, as the Spark has been tested to hold up to 100 lbs of load reliably.

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6. Techni Mobili Adjustable Height Laptop Cart

Best Stand Up Desks For Graphic Designers

When all you need is to get your working laptop to your standing height, this laptop cart by Techni Mobili is the best option. Rather than having a broad surface area, this standing desk has a limited surface that fits a single laptop.

It has a storage shelf at the bottom of the desk that can hold other office inventories. This laptop cart allows you to work anywhere in a room. The four caster wheels attached to the cart will enable you to move it around. Two of the wheels can be locked to secure the desk.

Made with sturdy metal frame and premium moisture resistant wood, you’ll have a long-lasting stand-up desk in your office.

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7. DEVAISE Adjustable Height Standing Desk

Best Stand Up Desks For Graphic Designers

If you are a minimalist, you’ll find the simple design of this standing desk attractive. It has a single smooth surface with a generous amount of space to fit a typical computer, a couple of monitors and your favorite mug.

A crank handle makes it easy to adjust the height between 29” to 45” from the floor. A single turn will increase or decrease the height of the desk by 0.2”.  Most individuals will find the perfect height that makes working on the feet a pleasant experience.

This standing desk may lack the usual ergonomic and stylish design, but it is incredibly sturdy and holds up to 100 lbs of loads safely.

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8. Mobile Ergonomic Stand Up Desk by The Stand Up Store

Best Stand Up Desks For Graphic Designers

That is one of the best stand-up desks for graphic designers looking to reduce back pains when working on their projects. Its evenly distributed weight ensure the desk is stable while occupied with monitors and laptops.

The standing desk has a two-tiered shelf that can be lowered or raised 1” at a time. It can support an up to 154 lbs of load without compromising its stability. To prolong the lifespan of the desk, the manufacturer applied a layer of powder coated paint for additional protection.

When you need a change of environment, move the standing desk around to another room. The furniture wheel makes movement simple and can be locked to secure the desk.

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9. Adjustable Standing Tabletop by Best Choice Products

Best Stand Up Desks For Graphic Designers

This standing tabletop will deliver the much-needed productivity and shrug off idleness as it lifts your workstation off a regular working desk. It has a hydraulic mechanism that allows choosing from an option of 8 different height configurations.

The desk is reasonably spacious for you to move a laptop and a monitor to its top surface. A lower tier keyboard shelf at the right height for you to type comfortably. As it’s made of high-quality metal and plastic, it will be a while before any signs of wear and tear appear.

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10. Ergonomic Stand Up Desk Converter by Deskool

Best Stand Up Desks For Graphic Designers

Making its way into this list of the best stand up desks and converters is this product by Deskool. When placed on your existing table, it gives you all the area needed to work. It easily holds up to a couple of 21” monitors with ample spaces left.

You’re bound to find an optimum height with the stand-up desk converter as it has a flexible height adjustment mechanism. It allows you to lift the converter up to 16” above the table. That stand up desk converter is also safe from any act of clumsiness. It is like to survive accidental falls thanks to its sturdy design.

We hope you’ve discovered mobility in work and improved health through this list of the best stand up desks and converters. Share with us if it has increased your productivity.

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