Color Palettes for your Brand and How to Use Them

Color Palettes for your Brand

Making a brand that is successful and memorable at the same time is quite a task. Right from the edgy brand name to the typeface and very importantly the colors that represent the brand is quite vital and crucial for the branding and marketing departments of the firm.

The color palette needs to be selected complementing the nature and features of the product or service offerings along with the core values and objectives of the firm. Brand colors become the identity of the brand and the company as a whole.

Let us take you through the different Color Palettes for your Brand and How to use them:

Brand Color Palettes

1. The combination of richness and adventure

There are certain brands that offer the products that are for the adventure sports and the main target audience is the people who are always high on life and wear it on the sleeves.

But another aspect of the brand is that the products are high on the realms of quality and class and colors need to justify the same.

If this is your case, go ahead and select the above-mentioned color palette to grab the instant attention of your target audience and display the strong attributes of quality and class at the same time.

2. Tones of Blue

Targeting the geeks all around the world offering the solutions related to IT, coding, and software?

Or your company deals with something related to marines and hydro-related products and are looking for the perfect brand colors? Don’t you worry at all, the tones of blue will be your best friends and your target audience will love it, for sure.

Just a creative tip, geeks don’t like too much of elements and definitions. Keep it clean and simple with the blues doing all the talking.


3. Tropics, anyone

If you are into the industry of hospitality such as resorts, island hotels, bars, beach hotels or vibrant cafe’s by the beach, the hues of tropical shades such as orange, yellow, and purple will suit your brand architecture.

The amalgam of all these shades work as a perfect combination of warmth and welcome at the same time making an instant place in the hearts of your customers.

4. The touch of vintage

Of all the modern and vibrant colors that are ruling the roost in the market, women just love hints and hues of vintage shades that are showcased above in the image.

And that’s the reason they connect more with the female gender. And if your brand is into spas, salons, cosmetic treatments, and other well-being techniques and facilities, you know what shades to pick and choose from to make your clientele attract.

5. The woody effect

The colors that are displayed in the above-mentioned image are not for each and everyone, mind you, my friend.

If your target audience is males who fancy for sophisticated products such as accessories for their suits, wood fragrant perfumes, and all the things and elements that define class and luxury; here is your color palette.

They masculine effect with the edge of the class can make your brand do wonders on the creative front.  

6. The Blend of Green and Gold

Both the color shades starting with the alphabet G that are green and gold are one of the most liked colors by the marketers and customers alike.

Green signifies the nature of beauty and gold signifies the high standards of the brand adding the tinge of luxury to it. If you are a brand that is more into natural and high-end health care products, both these shades will work well for you and your brand.

But one doesn’t overpower the other. Also, gold can be made into quite many variants by the authentic printers. So, we pass on the G baton to you now.

7. The hues of aqua

Blue is one of the favorite color shades of one and all in the industry of creativity and designing. And why not, the color comes in so many myriad hues and can be blended and contrasted with so many other colors.

The hues of aqua are so very subtle, classy, and give such as feel-good vibe to the brand. And if you are a brand into the packaged drinking water or beverages, you have got your pick. Take a cue from the above shade card.

8. Select the warm color tones

There are certain brands such as an upholstery one, home furnishing, and, interior designers have to stick to the colors tones and palettes that are warm in nature without looking over the top or too much attractive in their overall look and feel.

And yes of course, as we want to homes to look lively, warm, and welcoming after a long day at work. Hence, these shades work perfectly for the above-mentioned industry domains.


9. The standards of Gold

If you are a luxury and a high-end brand selling products such as expensive liquor, designer jewelry ornaments, luxury real estate, or anything that defines magnificence and class; you have to stick to the standards and various hues of gold.

The gold color has a specialty that it can be curated in the myriad of special shades as per our need and requirement plus one it is printed on a textured or a special paper; the results are just marvelous and mind-blowing. Contrast it with white, royal blue, or black; it is absolutely eye-arresting.

10. Yellow is a good fellow

If you are a brand that wants to attract a lot of attention from the target audience owing to the tough and a competitive market, we suggest selecting bright or a sunny side up yellow.

Yellow is majorly used by the cafes and eating joints targeting young crowd who have the ever-evolving tastes and choices. Take a cue from the above-mentioned image, the cafe has used the color so very well and oh boy! It does attract a lot of attention.

Another clue is our favorite brand McDonalds. Alarms ringing remembering its famous logo…?

11. Orange is the New Black

Yeah, that the latest trend and fashion in the industry of fashion and designing.

And what if we blend both these colors orange and black for our brand palette and the entire architecture? It will sheer magic, my dear friend.

If you are an advertising agency or a fashion apparel brand targeting college students, the use of these colors will surely evoke confidence and vibrancy in their minds towards your brand. After all, we have to accept and embrace the change with open arms.

12. Blue + Yellow

Yes, we know and totally agree that both of them are quite vibrant and strong color shades to be used with each other.

But if you wish to be edgy and scream attention, why not give it a shot? Just like the example of the above-mentioned travel and tourism brand has adopted these color shades in the best possible and creative fashion. Yellow signifies bright sunny day and blue signifies water.

And let us all please agree, we love beaches more than the mountains.

13. The play of pastels

Pastels are a huge rage in the scene of fashion and style. And they are oh so soothing to the eyes and make us long for more in the classiest manner.

If you are a brand that is into fashion apparels or any other items for the female gender, play with the shades of pastels.

Take a cue from the above-mentioned example of a matchmaking brand, who would have ever thought that blue and pink can look so good in the hues of pastels.

14. Create a gradient effect

Whenever you are confused in selecting between the two color shades, take a midway route. Yes, blend both of them and create a gradient effect.

But always keep in mind to never go with your whims and fancies and the colors should go with the nature and values of your brand along with the attributes and features of your product or service offerings.

Take an example of the above-mentioned stationery of a digital agency, they want to convince their customers that they are creative, young, edgy, vibrant, and make things possible for them.

15. Convert bright into pastels

Yes, that’s quite a revelation and innovation on the front of creativity and the various aspect of design. You love pastels but you just cannot go with them owing to the nature, values, and aspirations of your brand.

What is the solution then? Curate subdued versions of the bright color shades and bingo, your work is done in the most innovative and outlandish fashion. Refer the image showcased above in case of any confusion.

16. Not one but many

Your brand is expanding on a large scale basis and there are too many features and attributes of your brand that you wish to showcase and not miss any of them.

What is the next possible option then? Use all the colors that aptly signify the features, values, and attributes of your brand and its offerings in the most magical and effective manner. What better example than Google itself?  

17. Go with the darker tones

If you don’t wish to go for a solid black as it quite powerful in nature, why not select the alternatives that are available. Options such as dark blue, gray, and charcoal black can do the trick.

Take a cue from the above-mentioned example of Uber. What a wonderful play and mix of colors. Classy, isn’t it?

18. Water Painting Effect

If you are a brand that is into planning weddings, quirky fashion outfits, designer stuff, and more, give your full attention here.

There are solid shades, there are gradients, and then there are the watercolor effects as showcased in the above-mentioned example.

It can be a play of single color or a melange of colors right from the darker ones to the pastels. It looks so very artistic and creative in nature. We love it…!  

19. White as your main color

If your brand that is more into the digital space such as a news website, online sales or dealing into more of official purpose, make white as your main and base color.

As the foreground color will keep on changing with the daily news and happenings every single day. And every color blends so very perfectly with the white base in the most seamless manner. Do refer the above example in case of any confusion.

20. Black as your base color

In the above-mentioned point, we discussed how white can your base color.

And here, let us discuss how black can be your base color. If your brand is quirky as the above example or into the sales of online cosmetics, it can work wonders for your brand attracting a lot of eyeballs.

We suggest using the dark and vivid contrasting colors within the background. This is our second favorite.  

Expert Psychology behind various colors  

Blue is used by quite many brands right from the IT companies to the interior brands. We can say that it is one of the most liked color shade of the design agencies and marketers.

It aptly represents the factors of trust, reliability, and stability. And brands wish to instill the same in the minds of their customers towards their offerings of products and services.

Yellow is one of the brightest shades that we have in our palettes. It evokes a sense of happiness, positivity, and joy along with being quite an eye catchy in nature. Take a cue from the road crossings or street signs. It gives the best of both the worlds most creatively and joyfully.  

Red is yet another powerful shade but is not used by quite many brands in the market. It signifies power, love, passion, danger, and is attention grabbing at the very same time. It does create an alarming effect on one’s mind with just one look at it.

Next color in the list is Green. It evokes a sense of well-being, rejuvenation, eco-friendly, and is associated with nature. It is used by pharmaceutical and health brands.  

Another color that signifies sheer luxury, class, sophistication, and monarchy is Purple. It is often used by the real estate brands offering luxury villas and apartments to the niche audience. It evokes quality, class, and wealth.

Orange is quite a warm and bright color and represents well-being and health. And that is the reason the brands offering fresh fruit juices use it.


Brands are quite often recognized with their colors, and marketers and designers know this trick and tactic and are quite successful in its implication.

Think of any brand and you will remember its colors quite instantly. Yes, that’s the power of the brand color and palettes.

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