Branded Decals and Stickers for HOHM

Branded Decals and Stickers for HOHM

Working with companies with a plan to create a better world makes us enjoy our work a whole lot more than normal. When a company comes to us for assistance in the creation of their own unique and innovative vision like HOHM, we jump on board without hesitation. HOHM have a unique vision, and they are building an empire from the ground up. They came to us in the fledgling stages of their start-up top help them create unique branding for their business.

Spreading the word of a great brand is vital to its success, and when the product already speaks for itself, the brand image needs to stand strong to back it up. HOHM created a unique pod that allows anyone to be able to sleep anywhere there is a free pod available. It’s a concept that is taking America by storm, offering sleeping pods for airports, events, corporate, universities and other public spaces.

Branded Decals and Stickers for HOHM 1

To build the brand name around the concept, we helped to create the branding attached to each pod in the form of vinyl stickers. The branded stickers needed to be long-lasting, hard-wearing professional and easy to attach, and our custom printed vinyl stickers were the perfect solution. The image below is of the HOHM sleep pod, which we produced the branding sticker for. Read more about this great company and their branded decals and stickers.

Who or What is HOHM?

HOHM sleeping pods are a 45 SQ. FT insulated pod set to bring sleep to places never seen before. These unique pods feature a comfortable twin-sized bed, are highly soundproofed units, have charging stations (iPhone/Android) and custom lighting. Using the HOHM app, users can locate their closest HOHM unit and book them for a specific time. Whether for a few hours before a flight, or while studying late in the library. Also, HOHM bookings can be as little as 30 minutes or up to 4 hours, depending on how much time you need.

HOHM is a custom-engineered, sound-blocking snooze pod, designed to deliver people with privacy, comfort, and a quick escape from their hectic environment. The HOHM goal is to produce a network of sleeping units across the US, that is bookable via the mobile app. The team recently closed a partnership with Tempur-Sealy and received backing from serial entrepreneur Mike Alfred. HOHM was chosen as one of the 20 start-ups (out of 500) to present at SXSW and recently launched the product into the marketplace at full pace.

Branded Decals and Stickers

Nothing looks better than cleverly branded decals and stickers. Vinyl decals and stickers aren’t just eye-catching, once you apply it to where it needs to go, it becomes part of it. We can create colorful Branded Decals and Stickers and simple, clear vinyl stickers. Our custom transparent wall decals and stickers are perfect for a wide range of uses. From adding brand images to products to advertising sales in retail outlets, wall stickers and decals are a simple and imaginative way to make a bold brand statement.

Branded Wall Decals

Branded wall decals can use a variety of colors and designs and create a perfect solution for your business. Our clear vinyl wall decals are simple to install and remove and will make a bold impression. They can be created in full color or in a single color on clear backing. They don’t leave sticky residue behind which makes them a great temporary option for sales or short-term use.

Branded Decals and Stickers for HOHM 2

If you have blank wall space, within your business, or like HOHM. On your products, then customized stickers or decals are the perfect solutions. They are not only ideal for business use but also have many uses around the home. Our decals are printable in a single piece, which makes it easy to apply, align, and smooth. When it comes to branding, you need to ensure the business image is portrayed professionally. And using our vinyl stickers for your logo, slogan or your brand name is the ultimate solution.

Not only are vinyl stickers easy to use and customizable. But they are also very cost-effective. When you need to create multiple branding solutions for a range of products like the pods from HOHM. Our decals or stickers are the simplest solutions. If you rent or lease office space, then you can invest wisely in clear vinyl stickers. You can modify and brand your area using custom-made wall decals. No permanent changes are needed when you use custom clear wall decals. If you are ready to purchase customized vinyl decals or stickers for your business. You can use the live chat option on the website, call us at 1-800-205-9005 or email us.


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