Building San Diego Sign for Proper Media

Building San Diego Sign for Proper Media

Building San Diego Sign for Proper Media

Nonstop Signs doesn’t only make high-quality business printing and displays. Our company also produces professional, state-of-the-art signs for your business or office building. A building sign is your calling card before potential customers or partners walk in the door. After all, the sign is often visible from the street. Passing the sign daily will ingrain your business in the memory of frequent passerby. Therefore, Investing in a quality outdoor building sign from a company like ours is important. We can guarantee quality, superior design and a sign that will last for years! We recently crafted such a sign for prominent digital media company Proper Media. Learn more about our collaboration with this incredibly successful company below!  We chose to go with an overhead sign because a monument sign would not work because of sign laws in San Diego.  

Proper Media, the Proper Way to Advertise

San Diego company Proper Media advertises for large-scale publishing sites. With an enormous portfolio of websites and an average traffic of 100 million people a month, Proper Media has risen to the top of the industry with ease. Their portfolio includes large-scale publishing sites like,,, and more.
The company also recently purchased an ad-tech company called, and pride themselves on having kept all of its employees. When the purchase closed, Proper Media expanded its large team of ad-tech sales wizards. Each team member is committed to getting the best ad placements across the web for their clients. The company was founded by partner’s Chris Richmond and Drew Schoentrup, who are recognized as prominent entrepreneurs.

Chris Richmond, a San Diego Entrepreneur

Chris Richmond is the CEO and co-founder of Proper Media. This fascinating individual does a little bit of everything around the company, with a large emphasis on tech issues. When Chris was just 16, He attended the University of Las Vegas for three semesters. However after those three semesters ended, Chris dropped out. He had decided to follow in the footsteps of many true serial entrepreneurs to pursue the first of many projects. Chris is a self-taught programmer and specializes in developing successful websites. He launched the first of these websites in 2007, a large-scale site called The site was one of the first online distribution partners for now-giant streaming service HULU! When the project was just a week old, a viral article about it began to surface and brought 20,000 visitors to the sites, cementing its continued success. Just a few years later, the site was experiencing millions of monthly visitors streaming jaw-dropping hundreds of thousands of hours of television on the site.

Early Success for the Dynamic Duo

By 2014, Chris had a successful (and clearly lasting) business partnership with patent attorney Drew Schoentrup. When Drew came to the partnership, he brought with him a degree in Computer Engineering, a degree in Computer Programming and a successful law school graduation. He collected several years under his belt as a patent attorney at San Diego firm Fish & Richardson before founding Proper Media with Chris. When the pair acquired TV Tropes, the founding of Proper Media was set in motion. The pair acquired TV Tropes, which is a popular wiki geared towards fiction writers. It has been around for over 10 years and generates 80-100 million page views monthly. The pair launched a Kickstarter geared towards the site’s members to improve the projects and raised over $100,000 for donations. The takeover inspired the founding of Proper Media in 2015. The purpose was to take running large scale websites to new heights. Their first official client? The company grew exponentially from this point, managing ads for top-tier clients and making those ads visible to more than 100 million users each month. Fun fact? Proper Media now owns a 50% stake in To find out more about this incredible start-up, visit their website.

Creating a Sleek San Diego Building Sign for the Proper Media Office Space

Based on the prestige and breakout success of Proper Media, our team was excited to help provide an integral piece of advertising for their building. Our team custom fit the San Diego building sign to the mission-style office buildings’ frame. A vinyl white background allows the bold lettering of Proper Media’s signature logo to pop. It is visible from the street and sidewalk. This is important for businesses, as clearly visible signs become a landmark in the community. Subconsciously, passerby and visitors use businesses to navigate around the community. Therefore, a good sign cements a business as part of the neighborhood. If you’d like to find out more about how Nonstop Signs can help with a custom building sign in San Diego for your office, take a look at our catalog here. You can also reach out to a sales representative at any time. We’re happy to customize a project for your building to get you the very best return on your investment!  You can browse 100’s of outdoor signage ideas in our Signage Category.

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