Is Your Business Cryptocurrency Friendly? You May Be Missing Out

Is Your Business Cryptocurrency Friendly?

Is Your Business Cryptocurrency Friendly?

Is your business Cryptocurrency friendly?  Businesses all over are jumping into the cryptocurrency craze with both feet. Is yours one of them? Large companies everywhere are now accepting forms of cryptocurrency as payment. Every day companies like, Expedia, and also even sandwich magnate Subway are signing on to accept bitcoin. Even tech leader Microsoft has jumped on the bandwagon and received payment in Bitcoin. That doesn’t even cover the countless small businesses and services that have also elected to open up to block-chain technology. In fact, there are so many that a website and app called CoinMap has trouble keeping up with them all!

If you’d like to ride the wave of the future, you’ll need to tell your customer base proudly. Consider these ideas for cryptocurrency collateral customized to your business or service. Better still, our elite printing services can help you with all of these items and more!

Custom Cryptocurrency Vinyl Sticker Collateral

This type of cryptocurrency collateral is provided through our printing services.

One of the most obvious ways you’ll need to advertise your new acceptance of crypto is to notify your customers. You will need to post at the register which versions of crypto you accept. To do this,  you can have multiple stickers printed off. When you order with our printing services, we can provide a no-minimum order of Vinyl Stickers. We provide fadeproof, waterproof and easy-to-apply vinyl stickers. Shop our vinyl sticker options here, and when you find what you’re looking for reach out to our sales department!

Our vinyl stickers don’t just belong at the register either. You can order clear front-adhesive stickers and decals to place in the window of your physical location. Will alert passerby of their expanded payment options in your store or restaurant. Better yet, our sales team can work with you to customize any decal or sticker you need. It’s up to you to decide how big or small you’d like to advertise this payment detail!

Advertise Your Crypto-Friendly Payments with Our Printing Services

Does your business have a website that you’ve enabled cryptocurrency payments? Due to the somewhat different nature that coins are exchanged through block-chain technology, having your business’ merchant wallet address available for transfers is good practice. Thankfully, Nonstop Signs can help with printing custom crypto wallet cards for your business. These can include the logo of the coin you accept, your business name, wallet address and the QR-code. While a standard business card could suffice here, you can get more durable plastic cards for repeat customers. Take a look at both of our offerings in each category!

These cards are beneficial to hand out in a pinch to vendors who accept bitcoin and also cryptocurrency, as well. After all, there are plenty of suppliers and vendors behind businesses that have also jumped on the crypto train! You’ll want to keep quite a few on hand to connect with customers as well as suppliers alike with your expanded payment options. Are you curious to learn more about how to enable cryptocurrency payments on your website? Check out Coinbase Commerce or another cryptoprocessor. Similarly, these sites will instruct you on your best options to begin linking your merchant wallet to your website! Further, they have a lot of customizable options. They also have options to tailor to your specific needs in making and accepting payments.

Celebrate Your Switch to Cryptocurrency with a Promo

Mainly if you run a retail store or restaurant that is now taking crypto, you may want to advertise it. You can advertise this fact with a little celebration or additional marketing. However, our printing services can provide a wide variety of options for promoting this. Here are a few ideas to catch attention and drive more crypto use. Also, this may attract a new customer base into your business.

  • Have your staff wear specially printed t-shirts. Nonstop Signs can provide specially screen-printed t-shirts to advertise that your company now takes cryptocurrency. Wearing these regularly for a few weeks will begin to circulate the word and open new avenues for payment in your store.
  • Create rack cards or menu inserts. Our team can produce quality rack cards or menu inserts explaining your updated payment system and new flexibility with blockchain users. Tucking this collateral into a menu or in the center of the table of a restaurant or a cafe, or setting displays around your retail space and register will help get the word out when you make the transition.
  • Invest in a banner. Want to catch your customer’s attention quickly? Pass on the message with a custom banner to hang inside or outside your business. The extensive visual will draw in new and existing customers interested in crypto options for your goods and services.

Cryptocurrency is a wave of the future. This doesn’t seem to be receding anytime soon. We recommend you explore the option of making your business crypto friendly. And also sourcing the collateral to make the transition seamless. Happy mining!


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