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Business Rewards That Work

business rewards

Verizon’s Business Rewards – a new form of advertising that consumers enjoy.

I know it happens to you. It certainly happens to me too, especially when I am faced with advertising or offers I’m not really interested in. And sometimes even when the offer is something I might really need. I guess it comes from being bombarded with so much advertising that we just can’t distinguish the bad from the good anymore.

There I am hard at work sitting at my computer or tablet when my inbox chimes or my mail is dropped onto my desk and it sits SHOUTING at me. It is well thought out and has a well-studied call to action, even a very creative design layout. I hold it for a minute, analyzing the colors, the design, and the offer. After all, it is what we as graphic designers do. Even so, it is just  another “can’t live without the offer.” And though I am a part of this world, there are just so many offers that I can take the time to read, to analyze and consider.

How can I possibly take the time to really think about the offer that could really be that great deal, or determine whether this is just something I can live without? Especially if it is a product that I wasn’t even looking for.

Think I’m alone? We all know I’m not. Practically everyone I know, that has or works in the small business environment, gets one GREAT offer or another several time a day.

But now there is one of those offers that I and everyone else should talk about. And that is Verizon’s business rewards. Of course, reward programs are not as interesting work topics as “who’s dating who or who changed jobs or had a great idea or project. But that doesn’t make them uninteresting all the time, especially not now that I have the Verizon rewards. This is actually a great program, and an offer you shouldn’t let pass by.

Great Coverage. Great Rewards and More

If there’s one thing Verizon is known for, whether, for business or personal use, it is their reliable, national phone and data plan coverage.

Remember the  “Can you hear me now?” campaign.

It was the perfect branding campaign for the way cell phone communication used to be. Verizon became the standard others cell services were measured against.  And now they’re upping the game by rewarding you even more with continuing excellent service but added valuable rewards through the new Verizon’s business rewards program.

A Rewarding Program

There are two things my pals and I totally agreed on. Verizon’s business rewards are rewarding. And they are smart. They offer you discounts on goods, services and products and additional points and other benefits for autopay and paperless billing. Your rewards can add up fast. No surprise there! That’s because we all live on our cell phones 24/7. Anyway, Verizon’s Smart Rewards can earn you a lot and all you have to do is use your phone.


Why Is It Smart?

What makes Verizon’s business rewards program so smart and so valuable is that it lets you profit from what you are doing anyway, which is using your cell. All you have to do is sign up for Verizon’s Smart Rewards program, and it only takes a few seconds to do.  Once you become a member you can reap rewards with no effort at all.

Let Me Tell You Why

The rewards are not only smart, Verizon is smart to offer them. Of course, we all accept that it’s not altruism that is moving them, it’s business after all.  And their goal is to increase business and users as much as the can. But what they’re after goes far beyond building their customer base. It’s about building their databank with the information you might want at a future date. By getting to know you they can specify and send offers that may very well interest you. Data is the coin of the realm, the most valuable asset a company can have. The more that is known about you the more they can tweak their product and services to offer you more value.

verizon's business rewards
verizon’s business rewards Really Work

It Is All About Customer Retention

Why did the company come up with Verizon’s business rewards? Are they creating a new way to create labels? Yes! That’s pretty simple, it’s basic business 101. A well-known business principle teaches us that it costs much less to retain a customer than it does to create one. It is a saving that goes right to their bottom line.

So keeping you happy and engaged. Ensuring that you use their service is well worth it for Verizon, and ultimately well worth it for you.  Win-win as they like to say across the conference tables. Something they give for something they get, without any cost to you.



Gifts. Discounts And Bargains

Verizon’s business rewards Program works a little differently than some other reward programs I’ve signed up for and it is a program that is a lot more useful than my unused random airline miles, my almost free car wash and my two clicks away from a free doughnut have turned out to be.

What I like so much about Verizon’s business rewards is that I can earn gift cards and rewards to places I already visit, eat at and shop at like Staples and TGI Friday’s among others. That’s money back in my pocket and I like that a lot. I have no problem admitting it, I like to get $5 off or $10 off on things I need and places I like. And those rewards pile up fast. Here’s a perfect example.

Smart Rewards that Work for Me

I was shopping for a couple of cool items for my office and home and “Boom,” there they were on the Smart Rewards list. Best of all they were offered at a sizeable discount. Wow, the exact espresso maker I was looking for at 40% off. That’s something worth calling and telling my friends about.

Without boring you with too many details, the program works like this. Each $300 you spend earns you credits. A quick scan of your cell phone usage bills can show you how fast that can add up to a lot of rewards. I know it did on mine.

Since I work in a city I use Uber a lot so 20% off on Uber rides really starts to add up.

  • 3 free months of HBO, not bad since I devour Game of Thrones.
  • $25.00 off a $75 purchase at Boxed.com. Fantastic since I shop there anyway.
  • $5.00 off my Starbucks order. Perfect, make it a Grande.
  • And one free GB of bonus data? That works out for me.

OK, So I’m An Advertising Target

So what. Aren’t we all? That’s the world and reality of marketing today. And in a way that’s not a problem for me, it’s actually an advantage. If I am going to be the target of messages, I’d rather them be about products and services I care about than things I don’t.

If I’m shopping for a mattress I’d rather look at different brands and mattresses retailers than being told about hair gel or tires. And since I’m in the communications business, I’m okay with being communicated to.

As a courtesy to their reward members, Verizon even asks which ads you prefer to keep things relevant and useful to you. If you’re going to message, you might as well get messages that are meaningful and those you can use.


Verizon’s Business Rewards Got Our Thumbs Up

So what do we at NonStop Signs think of Verizon’s Business Rewards program? We went around the table and every one of us did the Coliseum thing and voted thumbs up or down. The thumbs up outnumbered the thumbs down, 3 to one. We all laughed when we asked the “no-go” member of our troop if she would walk past a five dollar bill laying on the ground. And of course, she gave us a resounding,” no.” The look on her face was priceless when someone asked her….

‘Then why wouldn’t you claim your Starbucks gift card or get 20% off your Uber?”

She stopped for a minute and suddenly her thumb went from down to up. We all smiled and went back to the meeting at hand.

Later, we decided to go to the Starbucks next door for a latte or two.  Three of us pulled out our Gift Cards and took a table in the sun, while the fourth, not yet a member of Verizon Smart Rewards opened her pocketbook and pulled out a $5 dollar bill. You can bet what she did when she got back to her desk. She went to the website and signed up for Verizon’s business rewards program.


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