Coils And Oil Round Stickers Say It All

Coils and Oil Round Sticker

There is nothing more challenging to small businesses than launching a brand that grabs attention. Every industry is so crowded that it doesn’t matter how great your product, service or idea is… if you can’t get people to take you up on it, then ultimately, you will fail. We don’t want you to fail! We love to see our clients succeed and push from strength to strength. One of the most popular ways for small businesses to put themselves out there is with round stickers.

The reason they make a great promotional and branding tool is that they’re affordable. It really doesn’t matter how small your marketing budget is, you will find round stickers that you can afford. It’s up to you how you use them, but they have many uses. A lot of people sell them, some include them in online orders, while others hand them out as a promotional tool. The choices are yours and ultimately, it may depend on the design you choose.

Coils & Oil

Coils & Oil is an ABC Direct Auto Parts affiliate. The latter has been in operation for well over 30 years and Coils & Oil carries that same commitment through their efforts. While ABC offers a variety of high-performance auto parts, Coils & Oils specializes in spark plugs, ignition wires, as well as other specialty items. ABC has been in the business for three generations, and it shows.

What makes Coils & Oils so special is the team itself. They understand that the only way to grow their business is to offer support, service, and a buying experience that their competitors just can’t match. As a result, their customers can take advantage of the greatest prices and buying experience available online. They take a lot of pride in offering their customer’s seriously high-quality products at affordable prices.

We were delighted to work with Coils & Oils to produce round stickers to support their business. The design was simple and straightforward. But it’s the exact type of style that their customers will happily affix to car windows. They don’t just leave it at their brand name, they also include the web address to ensure people can easily find them!

Coils and Oil Round Stickers Say It all

Round Stickers

In addition to using round stickers as a promotional or branding tool, you may want to consider using them as a product label. While we can offer you a range of product labels, you may be more drawn to the glossy finish of round stickers. They come in a wide variety of sizes as well, so you can take it as small as a gold start or as large as a giant bumper sticker.

We don’t put restrictions on the order number. Even if you want a single sticker, we are happy to accommodate you. We know how frustrating it can be for small businesses to create a design that works. So, you can create multiple designs and have one created for each. This will let you seek feedback from your customers or try them out and see which one is more noticeable. We don’t want you to invest your budget in hundreds of one design only to find it really doesn’t work for you.

Round Stickers Feature A White Background

Typically, our round stickers feature a white background. However, you can opt for a clear background or an alternative color as well. There really aren’t a whole lot of restrictions on the customization offers that you have. It’s important to note, though, that there needs to be bleed space between your design and the edge of the sticker.

So, if you want a specific size your design will need to leave the room. Or, you can simply send us your artwork and allow us to adjust the size accordingly. We work really hard to not just meet your needs but exceed them. So, we’re always prepared to listen to your suggestions when it comes to design and style. We’re also willing to point you in the right direction. We direct you if we don’t think your idea is possible in the exact way you’ve imagined it.

We stock a wide range of printed products and promotional items. If you want to brand, promote or advertise your business, then take a look at the rest of our website before you get in touch. You might be surprised by what we can help you with. We’re also always happy to offer advice and guidance if you aren’t sure what type of sticker, sign or material is right for you. Don’t be afraid to ask!

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