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Competitiveness With Graphic Design: Top Tips!

Competitiveness With Graphic Design: Top Tips!

Competitiveness With Graphic Design: Top Tips!


With the fierce competition on the market today for graphic design, you need to get on the edge. Graphic design is just the right answer. Everything goes paperless so as you. Who has not have access to the internet these days?  It does not even matter whether you are an entrepreneur, an employee, or a student. You will still have to learn about graphic art for your presentation.

graphic design is everywhere

What is Graphic Design?

As everyone knows and defines, graphic design is the combination of communication and aesthetics. It uses different media as well as elements for certain message promotion. You might have given up on this due to your inability to draw on paper. However, technological innovations brought the necessary tools to help you overcome this. You have been exposed to the graphic designer job of professionals every single day. Stationery template, complicated ad campaign, and any other promotional materials start with a designer’s art as well as science application.

use of Adobe photoshop tool for graphic design

Necessary Graphic Design Tools

It is the graphic designer’s responsibility to arrange and use graphic design elements on different media types through graphics software programs. Among these design programs are:

  • Adobe Photoshop – This program has many specialty filters and editing tools for photos or also for other images.
  • Adobe Illustrator – This program supports scalable arts as well as high-level vector graphics. It is ideal for making icons, its associated pieces, and infographics.
  • Adobe InDesign – The frame-based program composing all the graphic design elements into one file.

Inkscape, Affinity Designer, or GIMP can be your alternatives if you cannot afford to get any of the tools above.

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Guidelines for Beginners

If you are new to graphic designing, learning some tips and tricks to become a successful artist would be perfect:

  1. Inspiration

Be inspired by those who have mastered the discipline. Add beautiful, creative, as well as unique design to your Pinterest account. Continue adding your recent pieces. Reveal your preferences for inspirational designs. Make your own style and ensure that your Pinterest board will disallow copying.

  1. Observance and Analysis

Observe your design collection. Check whether its illustration, icon, or infographics contain text, shapes, and others perfectly combined. Analyze different designs to realize the practice of the tips you learned. However, you’ll be guessing the tools used by master designers when you already developed better skills.

  1. Alignment Focus

You may have been wondering why an embellishment or line enhances the appeal of your design. This is because of the symmetry and the graphic design space. You should always make an alignment adjustment to ensure uniformity.

  1. Right Fonts

Clarity is considered as one among the focal aspects of design. Success would be achieved when the text is not readable for visual appeal. Avoid using diverse typefaces in one design. This will only be difficult for your viewers. Try to experiment and look for the best style that suits your project. There are many opportunities to explore so don’t stick to boring default fonts.

cohesion in graphic design colors

  1. Color Cohesion

As a beginner designer, try to use the skills you learned in a single design. You will eventually come up with creations full of shapes, fonts, colors, and so as all elements. Never settle for too much contrast in design. Choose colors subtly complementing each other. However, it is best to select colors grasping your aimed mood. Analyze the cohesiveness of your design so you will get the same impression. Select a nice design palette through the Adobe Color CC online graphic design software.

  1. Consistent Image Quality Throughout the Design

The graphics, images, diagrams, and so as illustrations add meaning to your project. Convey your message clearly and with great appeal. Ensure the consistency of your images’ quality in the overall design. The proportions, quality, lighting, style, as well as the framing of the elements, should be constant too.

  1. Feedbacks and Their Lessons

Loving your design is not just like that. You have to show it to the whole wide world. What if you are not that confident yet? Perhaps you may ask the guidance and also the honest opinion of an expert graphic designer. Knowing how others see or think about your work is critical. The importance of design learning is to create appealing projects.

Don’t be afraid of any feedback. Embrace criticism instead because it is a sure-fire approach to learning and also in becoming a strong designer. However, you can even have a positive advantage out of remarks. This can even make you a better designer when your attitude is right.

  1. Readable and Clear-cut Design

Leave your creation for a few hours then check it again for readability. It should have the right balance of contrast and brightness. See to it that its text is very easy to read and clear. All the other elements go along with this objective.

  1. Graphic Design and Hierarchy Rules

Learning the theoretical part of the profession is the key to become a successful graphic designer. Know the design rules to produce a suitable design.

Determine the most relevant element of your graphic design. Don’t overshadow it with a bright, colorful image if you want a distinctive textual message. Prioritize the elements then aim such priority through compositional placement, color, typography, and scale. Make certain that its important message remains dominant despite the elements used.

As a graphic designer, you have to love what you're doing

  1. Your Passion

In every undertaking you may have, it is best to work on it with enthusiasm. Get projects you would like to be done with excellence. Free your mind and be creative when you are given a particular project to handle. Your passion for it will most likely lead you to create a great design.

  1. Patience

As they always say, success does not come as easy as it is. There are instances when you will encounter challenges that may give you the idea of quitting as a learner. Stay positive as much as possible and believe the importance of time in achieving improvements. Do something related to design on a daily basis. Work on something new if you do not have an existing project to get done.

  1. Harmony

The main objective of a graphic design is to achieve harmony. You can get this when all of your design elements work well together. Not a single element should be superfluous as a good design will just be enough. Don’t make anything too much as well. Make sure harmony is there before tagging it as complete.

practice not to be perfect but to constantly improve

  1. Constant Practice

Practice is the key to become an expert in a certain endeavor. Keep practicing on graphic design. Don’t just relent in skills improvement as a designer. Upgrade your design skills with the available tools online. Photoshop is a graphic design example tool that strengthens your creativity. Select a tool that can create something unique. Be sure to only use materials or tools beneficial to your design.

You need not be greedy in your learning. Take every tool one at a time and prevent any unwanted brushes and plugins that will only lessen computer memory. This will end up affecting the machine’s performance.

  1. Being Oneself

You can always follow the techniques of other professional designers. But never copy every detail of their work. You should have your own style as well as methods. It’s okay to be inspired, learn, and be motivated by how professionals were able to use tools for their respective projects. Never compromise your uniqueness and creativity.

  1. World Visualization With an Eye of a Designer

Treat everything around you so as a medium for a creative concept you can design. Anything you see around should give you the motivation to create something new and be creative out of them. However, don’t blame yourself if motivation is absent at times. It may take some time before your motivation is heated up. Just keep pressing on it until it will unleash naturally.

  1. Association or Engagement With Other Designers

Sit and converse with the experts to learn more about graphic design. Feel free to ask any question and go to forums focused on graphic designers. You will be amazed at the information you will find there.

  1. The Essence of Numbers

Put emphasis on the quality and not on the number of graphic design projects you can manage every week. Be mindful not to get easily fascinated by the projects that the expert designers can deal with in a day.

  1. Industry Trend

As a beginner, always think of following the bandwagon. This will ensure you’ll not be left behind the strenuous competition in the graphic design jobs market. Get acquainted with the recent trends to stay competitive. This will surely keep you relevant and become successful in the field. Believe in yourself and your capability as a graphic designer.


Being a professional graphic designer is not a requirement to get you interested in certain design. Your new skills can also make you attractive in the graphic design industry. Just stay so as creative as you can and aim for innovation. Results will soon become better when you keep on practicing. Yes, there are many graphic design theories or principles and rules to follow to make your graphic design stunning. The basics provided above will serve as your guide in entering the field. So be among the graphic design certificate recipients and mentors in the future.


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