CPC Strategy Window Frosting & Wall Murals

CPC Strategy Window Frosting & Wall Murals
One of the most exciting jobs we can ask for is helping create an aesthetic in a business. We’re not interior designers, but tackling a project to create wall murals and window frosting is an exhilarating prospect. There are plenty of reasons why you may want to elevate the look of your office space. While it’s important that you impress clients who visit your office, it’s just as vital that you boost employee morale. You want to create a work environment that people are comfortable in and maintain their mood, thus their productivity. A swish office will definitely do that for you and you’ll feel amazing every morning as you walk into a well-decorated office. Do you want window frosting? What about a wall mural? All of this can improve the appearance of your office and aid your business. So, when you hear people talking about signage, you now know just how vast that title can be. Window Frosting wall murals

CPC Strategy

San Diego based CPC Strategy is a digital marketing agency. They’re leading the digital retail revolution. Why? They understand how online shopping has evolved and it’s being driven by personalization and convenience. Therefore, you will find them implementing tools for shopping channels that will directly impact the bottom line. They have built a strong team who always act in the best interests of clients. It’s all about moving forward the prospect of online commerce. Some of their clients include Sperry, Jerome’s, Spanx, Clarks, and Omaha Steaks. Their channels of focus include Amazon Sales Acceleration Program, Paid Search Management, as well as Google Shopping Management. We offer advanced reporting, access to premium technology, highly-skilled pay per click architects, and more. If you want to take your online business to the next level, then CPC Strategy is the team to help you do it right. After they moved into a new office space, they were in need of some graphics to brand their conference rooms and walls. They came to us to execute the signage. We created both their wall signs and mural, as well as the window frosting. The window frosting served two purposes – the first was to continue the branding throughout the office. However, they also chose to create window frosting with the phrase We Talk Browers Into Buyers. Which is an incredibly succinct way to sum up their business in a short sentence?

Window Frosting & Beyond

Window frosting is often something you see within the office building. However, you can also frost your storefront windows. Window frosting is a high-end finish, so, you are more likely to spot it in law office windows, ad agencies, banks, and other similar businesses. If you cater to high-end clients or offer premium services, window frosting might be the right move for you. Again, you can include the name of the business, but do consider a tagline that sums you up effectively. This is a bold option and helps you solidify your brand. What about wall murals? It helps create a mood within your offices. There are a variety of ways you can execute these stylings. A stunning skyline is a bold decorative option. A beach shot might be perfect for a company that deals in vacation destinations. Of course, it might just be a stunning picture that you want to expand and share with everyone. Wall murals look amazing in training rooms, offices, and receptions. To be honest, they look great wherever you decide to put them! CPC Strategy

Wall Murals

Finally, wall murals and wall decals are one of the more basic signage solutions every business should consider. It really doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. If you have an office space, you need to brand it. Whether you are in an office space that stands alone or you share a building with a dozen other businesses. How will you ensure your clients and customers can find you easily? Moreover, how will anyone else know who you are and what you do if you don’t embrace signage? It starts outside and if you operate in a shared space, you will need to be creative with your signs. It doesn’t end there, though, you need to continue it through to your offices. How you choose to execute your signage solutions is up to you, but take a look at our website to see the variety of signage options that we can provide you with. We can also offer you branding and promotional tools to help you get the word out about your business. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, we probably have it!

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