26 Creative Packaging Designs you can use for your Business

Creative Packaging Designs

There are quite many elements and aspects of marketing and branding that needs to be taken care of by the marketing department and also the top management of the firm.

Right from coming up with out-of-the-box strategic ideas, promotional mediums, and very importantly coming up with the creative packaging ideas especially when the product is facing tough competition from the other contemporary brand products at the shelves of the supermarket and other stores.

Along with the play of colors to glaring fonts and outlandish materials; every intricate detail needs to be taken care of.  

Below mention, let’s highlight and discuss the innovative packaging designs that have been working wonders for many brands and an inspiration for one and all…

1. Bold, minimal, and classy

There is something very powerful and attention-grabbing about the packaging designs that are bold and minimalistic in nature.

The background has solid and classic shades and typeface on the foreground is quite straight and glaring leaving not much to the imagination of the customer.

But even though having classic creativity in nature and the overall approach, it has a class of its own and is quite pleasing to one’s eye. But such design themes always suit and complement the luxury product brands as their clientele is also niche.

The example of the fast food brands offering take away has played with the monochromatic shades of black and white with the fonts that are bold and glaring.

The opening of the box gives it a shape of a plate taking care of the functionality factor as well. It is bold, classy, minimal, and functional and the brand is winning the creative streak of its customers along with their taste buds as well.

2. Innovation in Printing

Many time, we as creative artists and designers give so much of attention to the aspects and factors of designing and its elements such as color shades, patterns, borders, and textures amongst others that we tend to forget that the aspect of printing plays a very crucial role in the overall packaging of the product as it can be felt in the tangible terms by the customers whilst selecting and shopping for your products amidst the tough competition from other brands.

With the modern technological advancements, printers have the techniques and high-end types of machinery that work on quite innovative and cutting-edge technologies.

Options such as digital printing, laser cutting, double pasting, using textured papers, coming up with the molds and shapes of the package complementing the shape and size of your product to picking up eco-friendly options as an initiative of going green.

An array of other elements can be combined with your product package as displayed in the example above.  


3. 3D Printing Techniques

In continuation of the above creative aspect of packaging that is printing, there are various companies that sell luxury items go for 3D printing techniques such as laser cutting, embossing, and texturing among others.

You can use the host of materials such as wood, bamboo, balsa, and other recyclable materials as well.

Printers have various techniques and methodologies to come up with unique packaging ideas and can also give a sneak peek of your product from outside through the process of laser cutting plus can also engrave your brand name and logo in a creative format. Just like the case of the above showcased example, many of the firms use cardboard as well to reduce the cost of their packaging.  

4. Show Functionality of your Product

When your product is facing a tough competition in the market from the other brands in the marketplace or your brand is relatively new in the business and your main agenda is to ingrain the high levels of trust and faith in the minds of your customers, it is quite mandatory to showcase the functionality attribute of your product through the creative streak of your product packaging.

It not only grabs a lot of eyeballs but also gets your brand registered in the minds of your customers and your product packaging becomes a sure point of discussion at the dinner table and they don’t mind trying your product for once.

Take an example of the above mentioned watch that has come up with a brilliant idea by selling the watch in a pack full of water showcasing their attribute of functionality plus the brand tagline complements it so very well. I am highly impressed, aren’t you?

5. Don’t mind going a bit more edgy

Why is it always necessary to play safe and continue with the run of a mill packaging ideas as a part of the brand and corporate ethics? In today’s dynamic and volatile environment, where brands are literally struggling to reach the objective of higher market share and to keep the cash registers ringing.

If your product has the required quality and is developed on the power of innovation and novelty, we suggest you try the same thing with your product packaging as well.

Just like the Fit Buns company has done. Buns are displayed as the six pack abs of a masculine man and the word protein is highlighted so very well. Right from the typeface to colors and all the other elements; oh so tasty and healthy…!

6. What is White Space?



Yes, that is the simple answer to the above-mentioned question. When you have the creative space in your product packaging, it is always harmless to exploit and utilize it as it enhance its creativity and make it look even classier.

But mind you, the design has to be upscale and not over the top or using the available white space just for the heck of it. You have to think, rethink, and think all over again before touching the available free space and then come up with the various creative ideas.

Check the above displayed example, the baby pink color on the outside and the floral print on the inside is sure to surprise the customer in the most delightful and graceful manner.

7. Did we just mention Vivid?  

Behance/Mitina Anastasia

The concept of minimalism and classy on the product packaging front doesn’t work for all the brands except the ones selling luxury items.

When you are selling chocolate, candies, and all the other types of fun goods especially targeting children’s, colors are your best friends as children get attracted to colors so easily and nobody on earth can stop them from buying your colorful pack of chocolates once they have an eye on the same.

A similar case applies to the above mentioned candy brand. Its products come in vivid and bright colors and so does its packaging. But make sure to leave a little white and breathing space for mandatory details such as disclaimers, packaging dates, etc.  

8. Outlandish, anyone?

The Dieline/Ahhaproject

At times, in order to come up with the packaging that breaks the mold and grabs the attention of the customers at the very first glance, the product needs to be thought from the reverse perspective.

It is not a cup of coffee for many but if you want to brand to shatter the glass ceiling, you have to think of all the outlandish ideas that are creative and functional in nature at the very same time.

Just like the case of above displayed soap brand. The product has milk as its main element so the team came up with the idea to mold the product as well it’s packaging in an ice cream shape that also has milk as one of the vital ingredients. Kudos to such outlandish thoughts and approach of the brand.

9. Peek-a-Boo

Peek-a-Boo or let’s put it this way, tease your customers in the most creative and aesthetic manner and it is one of the surest ways to win their heart with them taking out their wallets to spend on your product.

This marketing and promotional trick and tactic especially work in the food industry where the customer really wants to see what’s inside the package before buying it. And put yourself in the shoes of your customer, you will just love this small but an effective move by your favorite food brand.

Similar to the above mentioned theory, this brand example that sells high quality biscuits for pets follow the same rule and their logo too on the package is quite informative.  

10. Don’t forget to be simple

via Trending Packaging

Amidst all the rush of breaking the clutter away and doing something very unique and out-of-the-box, many a time, we forget the most primitive and easy package design tool that is being simple.

And yes, being simple nowadays is breaking the clutter and it is oh so pleasing to the eye and straight on your face in the most aesthetic and amazing manner.

Let us all take a minute to appreciate and take a bow at the creative packaging ideas that Apple comes up with.

They are simple, sleek, minimal, and classy to the core so much like their range of products. Isn’t just awesome to embrace simplicity with the fine touch of class and charisma just like the way Apple does?  


11. Play with the colors that are sharp:

You know, there are various expert theories behind each of the color palette and there are so many brands out there in the market following the same.

For instance, green is for the environment, black is for power and luxury, and pink signifies all the fun and casual elements amongst all the many theories behind each of the color shade.

Having a brand color is very vital for every brand and its entire brand architecture. And if the brand sells various products of various types, different colors come into the picture.

For example, this brand that sells freshly preserved berries follows the theme of purple in the packaging with the sharp and sleek design elements that are quite clean and crisp.

And but of course, purple is one sharp and attention seeking color.  

12. Showcase the Product

Quite many times for the retail brands, it becomes a mandate to display a lot of information on the package leaving a little space for creative elements.

And this case usually applies to the grooming products and if the package is small in case, the chances of showcasing the creativity become quite bleak.

What’s the option then? Make your biggest demerit as your most workable and fantastic merit.

Yes, do as the above showcased men’s grooming product brand has done, they have used the transparent package bottles and jars that display the product inside instilling a bit more amount of confidence and faith in the minds of the customers. What a brilliant way to work on the minuses, we say.  

13. Represent Quality, at every step

The actual and authentic cynosures of quality and class will actually understand that the facet of quality finds its own way of revealing itself.

If you are selling a high quality product plus are providing the best-in-class and high quality service as well, then why not showcase the same in your product package design as well and let the fundament of quality becomes the synonym of your brand.

Use the best packaging material, hire the best graphic designer, and use the best of printing techniques; and let quality find its way just like the above case mentioned in the form of the picture.

Every pixel of the picture spells sheer quality. And that’s such a wonderful way to cater to the niche audience.   

14. Touch their sense of smell

Being dedicated in your marketing efforts just not enough, you need to be smart to come up with packaging tools and techniques that are able to play with the senses of the customers in the highly aesthetic and creative fashion.

Take this example of a chocolate brand, we all just love the smell of chocolates and if the product package evokes the same smell, the brand wins a few more brownie points.

It can get a tad bit more expensive, but the enhanced brand value and the fame literally compensate for all the expenditure incurred, isn’t it?   

15. Play with your product features

As discussed above in the article, most of us solely focus on the design aspects of the product packaging as we are pretty sure and confident about our product as it is high on the realms of quality and has the features and attributes that are best of the lot.

But anyways you are spending quite an amount on the packaging and its design, so why not think a little further and blend the design with the best features of your product.

Trust me, it will be the best case scenario and will definitely give a competitive edge amongst your customers.

Take a cue from this fitness brand shopping bag; they have amalgamated their product attributes with the design so very well.

Yet another instance of the same package idea is this Nike Air Max shoe package that has come up with the most outlandish and amazing packaging idea of packing the shoes in an airbag staying astute to the product name and its attributes and features.

We all know that Nike is one of the top sports and athlete brands in the world and always come up with the most awesome and innovative range of products for all the fitness enthusiasts.

The shoes are as light as air and feather and its packaging stands as a sheer testimony to the same.  

16. Have the storage capacity in an appealing manner

For many of the products, it is very important to have storage space inside the box and it is largely applicable to the liquor brands.

Apart from the package having a good enough storage space and capacity, the packaging material has to be sturdy enough to hold the product along with taking care of the durability aspects of the product packaging.

Many of the luxury liquor brands come up with the wooden boxes that are intricately carved and designed.

Have a look at the above example of the liquor brand; the package is so neat, classy, functional, and appealing to the core.  

17. Add a tinge of beauty and splendor

We all just love and adore beautiful things and elements. And understanding this simple and innate fact of life, why not apply the same to our product package designs as well.

Consider this example of the tea bag brand, with its outer package design so very beautifully designed with the play of subtle and pastel shades but the main surprise lies when you open the package.

Rather than the regular tea bags, the brand has used origami that mimics flying birds and it is such a treat to the eyes.

We suggest using these tea bags in clear transparent cups and impressing your guests at home and office. This yet another drool worthy and eye pleasing package design.  

18. The caveat that is creative and daunting

Many product packaging demands disclaimers to be written in a clear and glaring format adhering to the norms and compliances from the industry authorities.

And this above showcased cigarette brand went an extra mile to display the regular caveat of Smoking is Injurious to Health with their packaging design.

It’s creative, daunting, and haunting at the very same time by selling their products in the miniature coffin boxes. Will you dare to take a puff again after seeing this package? I am giving second thoughts, by the way…!   

19. Did we say Bold, No we just saw it

When your brand is facing tough competition from the contemporary brands in the market, what will you do?

Your product is marvelous and so is your customer service, but you really need to get that edge and go all out and about stating that you the best of the lot in the market.

And what is a better example than our favorite fast food brand McDonald’s, each of their product package right from fries, burger, meal, and more have bold fonts and colors.

Even their store interiors have the same colors and the mannequin of Ronald is also too bold and attention grabbing still giving other brands a run for their money.   

20. Funk it up

Yes, you read the above line right and you will have to apply the same in your package design if your target audience is the young generation.

But mind you, don’t go overboard otherwise your product and the other creative features of the package will take a downhill.

Take a cue from the brand selling raw pasta, the package gives a sneak peek to the product like other food brands but in a funky and edgy manner.

The brand surely manages to grab a lot of eyeballs at the supermarket. Such creative packaging designs make us understand the importance of the thought process and novel thinking in the overall design process and brand building strategies.   

21. Take help of natural elements

Quite many time, in the process of trying out all the modern and contemporary packaging and designing elements, we tend to forget what nature has in store for us.

And the answer is that nature has a galore of options and alternatives to pick and choose from product packaging and that too without hurting the budgets too much.

Just like this above displayed perfume brand has done by using the actual wood for their perfume bottle along with the use of glass to showcase the product inside as well.

The perfume boasts of a woody fragrance and the packaging connotes the same in its packaging. Hence, we always suggest that whenever you run out of ideas and fresh concepts, turn to nature and you will be sorted for life.

22. Blend quality with the tinge of luxury

Luxury brands in the market have a lot of onus on their creative minds as they need to carve a niche for themselves in the market with each of their product offering in the most luxurious and classiest manner.

Plus the factor of displaying the product attribute and the feature is also the key element to always consider.

Hence, take a signal from Hershey’s chocolate packaging displayed above as how well the brand plays with luxury displaying the chocolate flavor. The fruits look so real and fresh in character and blend quite seamlessly with the background.  

23. Go back to the roots in a surreal way

If your product has the traditional and old age attributes then we always advise you to stick to your roots with your packaging design.

As taking this route, you will attract the audience in the clutter where the brands are trying all the modern designs. Take an example of this herbal tea brand, right from the colors, surreal design elements to the mascot of the man or a saint offering the tea to the customers tells a story in itself.

24. Stick to and display your best product attribute

You know your best product attributes and no one apart from you will be able to strategize and think on how to harp on the same in your packaging design as well.

Just like the famous packaged mineral water brand Evian does. The brand’s bottle is crystal clear and even the word pure is written in a subtle way to let the product quality do all the talking.

The bottle shape is customized and its quality is top class in nature and its overall look and feel.  

25. Play with varied molds and shapes

To give the required edge and quirk to your package, rather than harping on the product quality and its features you have to showcase the elements in which your product will be used.

Isn’t it an interesting take and thought on the product packaging design? Take the case of this detergent brand, rather than going for the regular boxes, the brand has packaged the product in a washing machine miniature box. Let’s take a bow again…!  

26. Give them the feels

To get a bit more eccentric and edgy, you have to play with their sense of touch as well to give them all the feel of your product and its attributes. Just like this juice brand has done with its product packaging.

No designs, no play of fonts, just nothing at all, except the packaging of the juice wrapped in the customized material of the each and every flavor. A bit bizarre but what an amazing work whoever is the think tank of the brand?   


As we conclude this interesting article on the creative packaging designs, we all have understood the fact that the packaging of the product plays a very significant and a crucial role to attain your objectives of a creative design edge, higher market share, increased sales, and enhanced brand value.

The above-mentioned example showcases the brands going an extra mile and attaining the pinnacle of success. So, now it’s your turn to try out new and novel packaging ideas and get displayed in our next post.

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