Custom Ultraboard Signs for Injinji Performance Toesocks

Custom Ultraboard Signs for Injinji Performance Toesocks

Custom Ultraboard Signs

Injinji Performance Toesocks

Injinji, is the innovator of the “original performance toesock” for runners and active outdoor enthusiasts. Its pronunciation is (in-gin-gee), which means to reach one’s peak of performance, is dedicate to helping athletes attain their personal best through their innovative and patent toesocks.

Performing since 1999, they make premium performance toesocks to give athletes the best protective layer between foot and shoe. Injinji products fit the natural contours of the foot and are crucial for protection, comfort, recovery and overall a better performance in any shoe. Injinji contacted Nonstop Signs because they were creating a new showroom located at their headquarters in San Diego and wanted to install unique pictures of their products.

Ultraboard Signs

After discussing the showroom vision with our team, Injinji decided to print the pictures on a product called Ultraboard. Moreover, Ultraboard is a premium foam board brand that is used for long-term applications. Ultraboard signs have a plastic PVC face so they are durable on the outside while still foam on the inside which keeps the cost down compared to metal signs. Injinji decided to print custom size Ultraboard signs at 45″x30″, 32″x30″, 54″x30″, and 48″x30″. Also, we were able to group the signs on 4×8 sheets of Ultraboard to reduce the cost.  An Oce flatbed printer useful to print directly to the Ultraboard then machine cut for the perfect factory finish.

Thus Injinji chose to mount the Ultraboard prints using brushed aluminum standoffs. Our router cut custom holes in the Ultraboard prints for easy hanging.

Final Showroom Prints


Injinji Nonstop Signs


Injinji performance socks

The final showroom prints turned out great. Together we created unique images of each of their sock categories that showed a great visual when someone walks into the showroom.

Nonstop Signs and Injinji have now been working together since early 2016.  It is always fun to grow your own company while your clients grow at the same time.

We help them create custom point of purchase displays on foam board which shipped across the country to numerous retail locations. Also, we’ve helped them with custom vinyl banners and roll up displays as well. Can’t wait to see them grow more over the next few years!


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Want a pair of your own Injinji performance toesocks?

They can be purchased directly on their website by going to

Follow them on Instagram here! @injinji


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